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About Potholders

Just like you buy different kitchen towels for spill cleaning, dishwashing, and handwashing, potholders are also one of them. These items let you hold hot cookwares without creating any mishap in the kitchen. So, they are no less than essential items you should be buying right now. Despite, if you think any kitchen towel would work the same way, we would say yes, but it’s a lot of work. Folding two towels multiple times, and you have to place the cookware quickly because heat can transfer real quick within these kitchen towels. Thus, it is much better to invest in the right product, especially when you are working with heat.

A typical potholder comprises of square-shaped pocket with rounded corners and a loop for hanging. Some products do not even have a pocket and are folded around the pot to grasp and lift. They come in various styles and designs. However, if you love baking and work around high temperature, this basic potholder won’t work. You need something that is high heat resistance and gives your hand full coverage. For that matter, you need to research more about the designs, features, and brands that are compatible with your needs.

Kitchen potholders versus over mitts

When you look for a certain item online, you confront other similar products as well. Similarly, potholders and oven mitts perform the same duties in the kitchen and buying one is a personal preference. Oven mitts, as the name says, are in the shape of hand gloves. Plus, they are thick which is uncomfortable for many of you unless high temperatures are the concern. On the other hand, conventional potholders design covers only the fingers. They are only meant to stop the heat transfer from a hot pan to your skin, so you can pick the pan from the stove and place it on the kitchen top. But as needs arise, products change. You can now buy a potholder with full coverage, fabric lining, proper gripping, and multi-layering. So, all in all, both the products offer similar features and convenience. It is up to you to explore and choose one.

Crochet potholders

Another aspect of buying pot holders online is their looks that when matches your kitchen accent elevate the aesthetics. In that sense, crochet potholders fit right. Also, wool is a natural fibre that is heat resistant, so crochet items are both functional and glance-worthy. Although the fabric seems great, there are things you should be worried about. If you buy a loosely crocheted item, you might end up dissatisfied. These should be dense and tight so as to do the pot holding job right. You should check the thickness before buying as it could be the quality parameter. Also, the hanging loop in the product is necessary or how else will you show off the item you talk about so fondly.

Potholders for bowls

Your kitchen top or tabletop has to confront the excessive heat coming from the baking utensils. For that, you can either use another flat potholder as a base, or you can purchase a microwave bowl holder. These potholders are shaped like a bowl of different sizes in which you can put in your microwave utensils. By using this product, you can easily handle the utensil if you are about to your baked item hot. It eases out your work without getting hit by the heat. One of the premium brands Imusa has some bright designs of silicone, which is one of the best materials for potholder manufacturing. Other than your safety, it also safeguards your table or kitchen top from excessive heat.

Kitchen pot holder styles

First things first, there could be different styles and materials, but the working of every product we mention is almost similar. For example, a pure cotton thread weave pot holder has the same potential as a 100% cotton terry pot holder. The only difference between these is terry pot holder often come with a pocket, but weaved ones are round flat holders. You can also buy silicone pot holders that only covers your fingers, and you have to buy four holders if you want a product for both hands. These are some significant styles you will see while on a shopping spree. You can explore more variants under our bath & kitchen textiles section.

Tips on how to buy Potholders online

How long would you keep using a kitchen towel when an actual potholder can do your job ten times easy? You may have already decided to give potholders a shot, and that’s why you are trying to research some good ones. You may also be thinking about oven mitts and potholders, or even oven gloves, but if you keep yourself reminded of a few features, you will end up with the best of all products. While you research on your own, we have also gathered some fine points that can be helpful in your smart purchase.

  • Protection from heat – If you see that a product has heat protection, you must also check the time it can protect from hands from heat. If a product can keep you away from the heat from a high temperature of around 400-degree Fahrenheit for 10 seconds, you can label it as a good product. This much of the time is enough if you know where to keep the pan and you should decide the place first because it is unreasonable to keep holding the hot pie for 20 seconds.
  • Material to buy – There are many materials considered excellent for potholders. Many of them include quilted cotton, terry cloth, poly-cotton, neoprene, aramid fibres, and silicone. There may be combinations of materials that you would find and works best. For example, silicone products with a lining of quilted cotton work wonders. Out of all the materials, neoprene products are the least desirable.
  • Comfort and coverage – There have to be multilayers in the potholders to add safety, but they should not be thick and bulky, which gets uncomfortable holding the pan or pot. They must be grippy, but a fabric lining along with the grip can ease the process. Also, the coverage of the holder must be enough not to expose an inch of your skin to the heat. A slit in the cuff provides manoeuvrability, which is an excellent feature to notice during your purchase.
  • Styles and size – Potholders are usually the pockets inside which you slide your hands and do your work. You will get ample styles, designs, patterns, colours, to choose from. Remember to match your kitchen accent with the holders but make sure that you do not compromise the size of the product with style. 14 and a 17-inch-long are some common sizes. You can buy other sizes as per your liking.
  • Easy to clean – The product is easy to clean when you do not have to buy extra and special items just for cleaning them. You can use the tools and detergents you already have, and that would be best. You can check out if the items are machine washable or require handwashing only. Sometimes even machine washable holders should be thrown into boiling water to keep the food smells away. Overall, the maintenance is upon you but fabrics’ durability is upon the manufacturer. So, make sure you check that before buying.

We hope the tips will prove helpful to you! Along with the tips, our product search engine with a vast range of products can make your shopping seamless. Brands, shops, features, aesthetics, customer reviews, feedbacks and what not – you can find everything on Plus, the ease with which you can navigate is complimentary. Some of the brands that you will find here include Le Creuset, Calphalon, Rachael Ray, Campanelli, Imusa, and Lodge, among others.

Question & Answer

Can you put potholders in a washing machine?

Yes, you can put potholders in a washing machine but only with other potholders and other utilitarian fabrics like towels. However, deep cleaning of potholders requires more than a machine wash. You can try putting all your potholders in warm water with soap for 10-15 minutes, then launder it as usual. If this doesn’t work and your potholders are full of stains, you can directly boil them with soap for 30 minutes. Try removing the stains with a brush, and then, wash them. The last process doesn’t require a machine wash after boiling. If you keep washing your utility fabrics weekly, we don’t think you have to do such hard work to let go of stains, oil, and grease.

What are the best potholders?

Potholders have this one job of keeping you safe from the heat of utensils. Therefore, the best potholders are what does the job, and if it complements your kitchen accent, that’s a plus. For that matter, you can go for Le Creuset’s that has the classiest textiles store in for you. Their products are the best combination of style and technicalities. The brand did not forget to put safety first and therefore put a nylon barrier between the layers of insulation.

Where to put potholders in the kitchen?

You can hang potholders in a coat rack into the side of the kitchen island or cabinet. It is just a reminder that it is better to put all the kitchen fabrics organised in one place. Other than a coat rack, pencil trays and baskets to the cabinet door is another good idea. There are even some potholders that come with magnets in the lining for easy storage. Also, if you want to show off your new potholders that match your kitchen wall, you can buy separate hooks or hangers for them.

Where to buy potholders? is a one-stop solution for all your needs related to potholders. A vast range of products is awaiting you here with all the top brands under its roof. You can compare these brands, their specifications, and buy as per your liking. A few of them include Le Creuset, Calphalon, and Rachael Ray. Let’s talk about one. The brand Le Creuset has products designed from durable heavy-duty cotton canvas with extra insulation from quilted cotton lining and nylon barrier. Also, loop handles and sewn-in magnets make storage and organisation so easy. You can select a product from this brand or search for others that suit your needs.

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