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About Kitchen Towels

What if you look for your hand towel and find it dirty, and you don’t even have more in stock? This is a situation you don’t want to confront in your kitchen, especially when there are guests over. As much as you need enough kitchen towels, you also need a storage solution and replacement stock. You might think of it as a small purchase, but planning it thoughtfully can save quids and helps to avoid impulse purchases on overly expensive items.

Paper towels and fabric ones are two broad categories of kitchen towels. You may either be comfortable with one or have both in your kitchen. Papers are absorbent and disposable, which is why many of you like them as kitchen wipes. You don’t have to worry about washing the fabric, especially when the stain is hard to rub off. But paper towels are consumed more. So, if you think of it, both cost you the same and even functions in the same way. But the decision is not just about paper and fabric. You have to unfold the features in so many different ways. Little research from your end can do wonders in terms of quality and budget.

Match the kitchen towel with the right job

The kitchen’s sanity should be maintained to the utmost. And for that, keeping separate towels for separate jobs is logical. Let’s say you want a kitchen towel to cover your dough for resting. You need something breathable and soft. But you cannot use the same towel that you earlier used to dry out the dishes. On the other hand, a product for cleaning the dishes should be absorbent enough. Some are even capable of maintaining the shine of the cutlery. Also, cleaning spills over the surface is also a job for a fabric that is absorbent enough, but it should also be easy to clean and maintain. If you are So, buying kitchen towels online requires you to be careful of their function.

Waffle kitchen towel

First of all, why waffle towels are called like that? If you already have one, focus on the weave and texture, and you will realise the waffle pattern on the surface. Also, the weaves create a three-dimensional effect that makes up the name perfectly. Looking at the material, cotton and microfibre are two fabrics being used. This kind is breathable and dries quickly, therefore best for kitchen use. You can make it up for dishwashing, cleaning, and it even sounds great as a multipurpose towel. Depending on the job, you should also keep an eye on the weight written under the specifications list. Usually, dish cleaning wipes are light and small, so you don’t get exhausted when washing a large pile. Likewise, you can explore and choose the best for you.

Cuisinart kitchen towel

The Cuisinart brand is one of the premium brands for kitchen accessories. The brand claims to have kitchen towels that don’t shrink over time, which is a great feature to grab. You can also find 100% cotton products that are super absorbent or even bleach friendly items under the same brand name. Talking about the capabilities, you will find the towels incredibly versatile. Dishwashing, hand washing, cleaning the spills, you can do all. Plus, they look good to elevate your kitchen ambience. So, you can buy a hook or stand for them to hang and show off. Even if you are looking to buy restaurant kitchen towels, then this brand might fit right. Or, you can explore more on our shopping platform under the home & living section.

Hanging kitchen towels

When you buy disposable kitchen towels, they often come in rolls and with their stand to ease off the usage. You can just pull one strip, use it, and throw. Likewise, reusable towels have hooks and separate stands for two purposes – drying the fabric and making the kitchen look good. Obviously, when the towel is wet, you do not want to fold it and keep it in the drawer for the next use. It will become soggy and stinky. So, you should always hang it for drying. But if you explore some prints and patterns that match your kitchen top or kitchen walls, you can also elevate your kitchen’s aesthetics. For example, checkered kitchen towels have always been a standard pattern for kitchens and are still trendy. You will find some items with an in-built loop to easily secure them in hooks.

Tips on how to buy Kitchen towels online in the UAE

Buying a set of kitchen towels is not a daunting task, but planning the purchase can majorly reflect your budget. When you buy sets instead of single products and stock products already to replace, you avoid impulse purchases and overly expensive products. All this please your monthly budget more than anything. And reading tips before the purchase is another logical step to take. Here, we have compiled a few fine points for you to consider before hitting the buy button.

  • Materials to choose – Cotton, Linen, and Microfibre are some of the common materials of kitchen towels. The decision of selecting one is based on your personal choice, budget, and purpose. For example, linen is thinner than cotton and often used to cover the dough while cooking. On the other hand, cotton is a tightly weaved material offering more features. Check out what a material can do before making a choice.
  • Types you need – Every towel has a specific name and various jobs maintained for it. For example, a tea towel can serve muffins, dry cutlery items and even make your breakfast setup fancy. Another type that is dish towel is mainly for dishes drying and washing, so there are no spots formed on the dish surfaces. Likewise, there are chef towels that come in handy when you are cooking. We believe you may need all these types for your kitchen. Explore more before buying!
  • Sizes to consider – Large towels offer a more absorbent nature and even hold more herbs, greens, and vegetables when required. But even if one corner gets dirty, you have to throw it into the washer right away. On the other hand, short towels are handy, easy to clean and maintain. But it is crucial to have them already in stock, just in case. You can choose the one you think will be right for your kitchen or have both for different roles – it’s all up to you.
  • A few other aspects – If your kitchen towel is wrinkle-resistance, then it will look clean and pressed even after heavy usage, which is a great feature to have. The second feature to grab is to choose a good style that can complement your kitchen ambience. Also, you can either choose different style or colours of towels for different jobs, so they don’t mix after the wash.

These are more or less all about buying kitchen towels. Even after considering all the tips, you need to ensure that the items are durable enough. To tick this check box, you can explore our wide assortment of brands like Liliane Collection, Life Miracle, Harringdons, Fine, Zeppoli, and more. You can find all these names on our retail search engine. If you are thinking of where to start, some fun variants sound pleasing. You can find crochet kitchen towels for sale in our discounted section. Visit and find more!

Question & Answer

What are kitchen towels used for?

Kitchen towels are multipurpose, but you cannot use one towel for all the purposes as it would be unhygienic. So, how do you segregate the towels? And the answer is: mainly by the fabric. Some of the cloth materials are more absorbent than others. Thus, these can be best for cleaning the kitchen top, sink, and other surfaces. However, some towels are heat resistant, which then used besides utensils when cooking. Similarly, some properties are good for drying the dishes after the wash, and some towels are just good for washing hands. We hope you have understood the diverse applications and different products to go for.

How often should you replace kitchen towels?

Usually, you can sense the need for replacement by looking at the towel. You can see the tarnished look or the dirt that is not coming off after multiple washes. All these signs are indeed alerting you to replace the product. However, if you delay, you may see the same dirt particles on your dishes, and worse, in your food. Depending on the usage, you can replace one towel within six months. But don’t bother keeping this rule intact. Check out the signs and if you think you should get a new towel, just grab one. The sanity of your kitchen is your responsibility, after all.

How many kitchen towels do I need?

It is entirely a personal preference, but a few in different places feel like mandatory. For example, you need separate towels for drying the dishes, cleaning your hands, holding your hot utensils, and cleaning out surfaces. Can you think of any other chore for which a separate towel is better? Then, you must go and get it. So, overall, a total of four to five towels are all you may need. Also, another set for replacing the old one should always be handy in your storage, so no day goes by without towels in your kitchen or, should we say, without inconvenience in your kitchen.

Where to buy kitchen towels?

There is a multitude of brands you can trust for the purchase of kitchen towels. A few of them include Vibrawipe, Utopia, Life Miracle, and many more. You can choose a suitable brand based on your purpose. For example, if your need is a highly absorbent towel, you can go for the Vibrawipe microfibre cloth that is also lint-free and streak-free. Another brand Utopia has multipurpose cotton towels that can be used for cleaning as well as covering the dough when proofing. Likewise, you can comprehend other brands and shop for the best. You can find all of these mentioned brands or even more upon your visit to our shopping search engine.

On our shopping platform,, you can plan your whole purchase: explore the varieties, fix a budget range, read reviews, and choose the right product. The platform seems to have covered everything to make your shopping drive a seamless experience. Not just kitchen towels, but you can explore a wide range of bath & kitchen textiles. Check out now to grab your needs!