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About Hammam Cloth

Hammam is the term for Turkish Baths, and ‘Pestemal’ is the term for towels they use. But in English, the term came out as hammam cloth, Turkish towels, or hammam towels. You will find either of these words on the shopping platform while buying the product. So, don’t try to find out the difference because they all are common products.

Hammam towels are such modest pieces, exactly representing the way they are manufacturing. Many Turkish families are involved in the traditional weaving and still do it with proud. The humble culture followed by global acceptance hasn’t changed the fundamentals. That is why you will see the quality of the product is never compromised. However, variations are present differentiating the quality, otherwise how else the prie tags will differ. All you need to do is explore to buy the best quality hammam towels.

Hammam vs towel

Hammam clothes do more than what your normal towel can do in everyday use. The versatility of hammam goes to using them as sarongs, blankets, or even double-up as soft furnishings. Your everyday towels don’t have such features nor the looks to replace these hammam clothes. Top of all, they are soothing to touch. It doesn’t mean you should completely discard your other towels. We are blabbering the benefits of hammam clothes, so you can add one more variety to your stock of Home & Living textiles. It is always good to know and understand the cultural diversity and coming all the way from Turkish, a hammam is worth having.

Best hammam towels

We understand and agree with the fact that brands influence the quality parameter pretty much. However, blindly following a brand is illogical unless you research the product and know that it is a perfect fit in your household. So, the best product is what suits you. List down your preferences and all the factors like size, purpose, budget, and everything else, and then start exploring the products that fulfil all your requirements. The process sounds like a fool-proof plan following which you can grab the best hammam towel.

Hammam hand towel

You may use these hand towels in guest rooms, bathroom, or even use them as a handkerchief. Try that you buy pre-washed products because already hand towels are small and they will shrink, making them smaller. If you are buying pre-washed, make sure you buy a larger size than required. For that, you can take a margin of 4inches. Also, put special emphasis on the colours and patterns if they are going to be put on guest rooms to make the best first impression. Although you can choose any material for hand towels, a hammam towel with terry cloth is a good option.

Cotton hammam towel

Cotton has been the most-loved fabric of hammam towels, but they also come in silk or linen variants. The latte fabrics have a heavy price tag, which is also the reason for the more popular cotton products. Cotton blends can further influence the price by adding or subtracting the numbers. You can hop on to our UAE search engine to filter the products with a budget, and scrutinise only the products you can buy. It can be the best hammam beach towels bath towels you are search – you will find it all here on

Extra-large hammam towel

Well, the functional aspect of this product increases by size. Apart from being lightweight and durable, these are soft and snuggly too. You can simply stow them in your handbag or luggage whenever you are going out for a picnic or weekend getaway. You can have them as rugs or kids blanket. They are compact, so don’t take up much space in your bag. You can simply roll them to make them more compact other than laying flat. IF any of the benefits sounds interesting, you can explore Turkish hammam towels at cheap prices.

Organic hammam towel

There are reviews of genuine customers online that after replacing their products with organic alternative, they sleep better. Especially after replacing the bedding and blankets, almost all of them left astonished with the positive results. IF you are thinking of the same or want to try it once, you can explore brands like Liewood, Ailera, LeStoff, Meraki, and Ottomania. There are more brands you will see when you visit our shopping platform, But before you start exploring, you should take some handy information from our tips section.

Tips on how to buy Hammam cloth online

Hammam cloth or towel have long been enjoying the popularity beyond Turkish baths. You can now find modest to fashionable hammam towels as per your liking. The product has been globally accepted by all of you. Although the uses are practical enough, there are still a few bullet points you should consider before buying a Turkish bath towel. We have compiled the points, so you have them handy while buying hammam towels online in UAE.

  • Choose the material – Cottom is the sole material for hammam towels, but the diversity led to variations as well. Manufacturers add sheen through polyester and bamboo fibres are also added sometimes. You can read the specifications list and see what materials and blends have been used in the making, so you can decide upon the purchase.
  • Sizes will vary – Hammam cloth are usually handmade, and thus the size variations are normal. Well, slight differences in the size or pattern are the validations that the product is indeed handmade. In general, they are 90cm by 80cm.
  • Shrinkage happens – Yes, hammam cloth shrinks and to avoid this, you can buy pre-washed products. If we talk about the shrinkage, almost 4 inches of fabric you may lose in the first wash. Well, the tension within the threads makes the fabric collapse due to which the product seems a different size. Remember it, so you don’t get a shock after the wash.
  • Conduct your research – Despite choosing all the aspects, you should not forget to explore the variants online. Having a handy list of brands will also help to narrow down your purchase. So, spend quite some time to grab the best deal.

A few brands you can consider are Luks Linen, Marimekko, Marks & Spencer, BION, and Sultana. You can find all these brands or even more upon your visit to our retail search engine . If you are brand conscious, you can pick your favourite, or you can also explore the varieties and choose the best among many.

Question & Answer

What is a hammam towel?

Coming from Turkish descent, hammam towel is a cotton fabric but flat woven. By saying flatweaves, it simply means the yarn is woven by placing the fabric on a flat surface. There can be a diverse range of beautiful patterns, but the basic manufacturing of these towels remains the same. If you want, you can buy 100% cotton or blended with bamboo fibre. Both are lit choices as bamboo is also a natural fibre, which is soothing to your skin and gives a healing touch. And cotton is a universal fabric for years that you can trust.

What is a Turkish towel used for?

Some practical uses of a Turkish towel are as a sarong, scarf, makeshift sling, nursing covers, or even as hair towels. There are more uses depicting the versatility of these towels. They even serve as a table cloth, bed blanket, and patio blanket. Overall, you have a handy replacement for almost all utility cloth needs if you have a Turkish towel by your side. They look elegant and classy, so you don’t have to worry about the eyebrow-raising expression of a guest when they see a towel on top of the table. They won’t even notice the difference.

Why use a Turkish towel?

Simple reasons: Turkish towels or cloth are absorbent, lightweight, and quick-drying. They feel soft, and due to natural fabrics, they are soothing to your skin. Your skin will love the touch and feel of the fabric, and top of all, they look so elegant. For many of you, for which appearance matters a lot, you cannot get your hands off these towels. We think these are more than adequate reasons to use Turkish cloth, so why not have more than one as utility cloth?

Where to buy a cheap Turkish towel?

There are multiple brands you can look for when buying cheap. A few of them include Zuss, Mahala, Babooshe, Bohemia, Algan, and many more. You can find all of these or even more upon your visit to our shopping search engine. Along with brands, diverse shops and genuine reviews can make your shopping drive a seamless experience. So, hop on to it, fix the budget range, and see products worth your shopping cart.

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