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About Guest Towels

Stocking up guest towels not just makes you all prepared when someone pops in, but it is also a welcoming gesture you could show. You can have a single product for decoration or function purpose or have two different products. It is up to you to decide while contemplating quality, budget, style, and lots of other factors.

Guest towels are one of the bath & kitchen textiles, especially for guests accommodation. While some use towels only for the fabrics used in drying their hands and some use them for all sorts of towels, be it for bathing and hand washing. But whatever you say, it is indeed a good practice to keep a set of extra towels for the use of guests. The action shows your mannerism concerning hygiene quotient for both the residents and guests. Whether you are in dire need of wholesale disposable guest towels right now or searching best cotton guest towels, you have to go through some parameters before that.

Different fabrics of guest bath hand towels

We can differentiate these specific towels based on the manufacturing material unless you are using fingertip towels, which is a different scenario overall. Now, let’s talk about the most common materials, and these include terry cloth, 100percent cotton fabric, and some luxury towels from the category of Egyptian and Turkish cotton. They all are well versed to absorb the water and dry off quickly. Well, a slight or more variance can be seen, and you could also see that in their price range. So, the decision of buying guest towels online in the UAE somehow more dependent on the budget you fix, and you got to fix it before commencing your shopping.

Disposable guest towels

If you do not like the bits and pieces of paper towels, which seems like not worth a single penny. You can switch to the towels that come with the combination of paper and cotton with the fact that they are disposable too. They are thick, durable, absorbent, and soft, unlike usual paper napkins. One such brand already making such products is Simulinen. Another perspective of using their products is when a bunch of paper napkins don’t get wasted after only one handwash. With this brand, only one towel is enough. You can explore more brands and online shops under our home & living section.

Luxury guest towels

Something different in luxury towels is their touch. They appear deluxe and feels pleasant to the skin. You can just say that every feature is upgraded to the top level in luxury products. If you are adamant about giving your guests the same comfort, you should look for Christy’s products range. They have 100percent cotton, Egyptian, and Turkish cotton towels with an iconic collection, including supreme hygro, honeycomb, renaissance, and more. You can even buy coordinating bath mats and robes to achieve a complete look. You can also buy white guest towels online to reflect a classy look.

Tips on how to buy Guest towels online

You have landed on this page in between your search of guest towels, so you probably want one right now or simply exploring around. We can help you narrow down your purchase by telling you the filters to put on your purchase. Also, we can show you the products we are bragging about on You can look for guest towels to decorate or for actual functioning, which is up to you. The diverse range is here to serve all your purposes. Before that, it becomes imperative that you read some crisp tips to make your purchase a little quicker.

  • Paper napkin versus fabric towel – You already know that some people are more comfortable with paper napkins. They do not like the fact that fabric towels have been re-washed. Well, people with such discomfort or with skin sensibilities often carry their cleaning wipes for a sleepover. But for others, a clean fabric towel will just do fine, and they feel it as a welcoming gesture of the host to provide them with clean towels. So, whatever you choose, make sure the product and the place around is clean and tidy.
  • Decorative piece or something operational – Whenever you fold the towel for decoration and hang them around the sink, your guests can mistakenly judge them as decorative pieces only. Next what they do is wash their hands with bath towels. It would be good to place a note beside your towel that it is indeed a product to use unless the towel is really for decoration. In that case, you should give an alternative to your guests.
  • Varying sizes of guest towels – The hierarchy of dimensions available for various towels is like this: face towel, guest towel, hand towel, and bath towel. We know hand towel and guest towel mean the same, but for the sake of difference, manufacturers made guest towels a little smaller. However, if you buy guest towels to hang, it can be the size of hand towels. Otherwise, a size of 40 by 65 cm suffice.
  • Different placement for guest towels – The bathroom is the obvious place for the towels. You can either put two or three small guest towels around the sink folded neatly. They could be of different colours if you want to add a tint of colours. You can also hang one on the towel rod, but that could be a place for a bath towel also. If not, you can try placing them on the bed, so your guest can help themselves.
  • Fingertip towels are an alternative – We have been saying a lot that you can place small towels next to the sink, and these small fabric cleaning wipes are known as fingertip towels. You can leave a pin note to indicate that these are for general use in case you have a decorative towel hanging nearby. These towels cannot be more fluffy and flashy from the borders. Some flat solid colour wipes stacking on top of each other looks just fine.

We hope the tips would be helpful for your purchase. Some of you will tend to bargain for good quality just because you have visitors frequently, and you can’t stand washing some luxury products and ruin them. In that case, you sound logical to us. have an extreme price range with other filters to make sure that every user gets what they want. Some of the brands that will pop up during a visit to our shopping platform include Ikea, H&M, SKL Home, Simulinen, Christy, Vossen, and many others.

Question & Answer

What size guest towel should I buy?

A guest towel is better sized 40 by 65 cm, which is a suitable size to dry hands. These are smaller versions of hand towels if you like to determine the size this way. Something smaller than a guest towel is a face towel that can be 30 by 30 cm. If you are making up the space for guest towels with extra stocked-up face towels you have, that can work too. But you can’t hang face towels like guest towels. One alternative is to put more than two towels in one section of your bathroom by folding them neatly.

How to display guest towels?

Decorative folding is surely a thing for guest towels. You can make a towel pocket, or a fan, or even a swan. All of the decorative pieces should not mean that hanging them in a usual way is underrated. That is one subtle and clean look you can always go for. Other than that, you can fold them in a square shape and place them in a dry place. You can also buy embroidered and printed towels, so you don’t feel the need to make any shape out of them. So, these are the option you can consider depending on how much time you want to spend on making the display better.

What is the use of a guest towel?

A guest towel is ideally placed inside the bathroom for your guests to dry their hands after using the bathroom. But many a time it happens to be the opposite. Guests do not use the towel hanging near the handwashing area thinking of it as a decorative piece only. Instead, they use linen towels or dishcloths from the rack. As a host, it should be your concern to let your guest know about it while showing the accommodation.

Where to buy guest towels online?

It is the thing of the past when you have to look at different stores to collect different products. Now, if you want smaller size guest towels from Simulinen or if you want 100percent Egyptian cotton luxury towel from Christy, you will get them all under one roof at our product search engine. Everything concluded, we can say that is a great place to commence your shopping for guest towels. You will either get something worth adding to your cart or get to know what is trending in the market. The wholesome range of available products can let you explore almost everything.

Some of the brands we have mentioned on this page and many other quality products you will see while exploring our shopping platform. If you have a fear of missing out on good products, you might be the type of customer who tends to scroll and scroll until you reach the end. This consumes a lot of time. With, you can just apply the advance filters and decide much faster with the help of comparison tools.