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About Beach Towels

Beach towels should be sand-free, absorbent, quick to dry, and fun to look at. No way your beach visit should be boring with dull coloured towels unless you chose them that way. All in all, these towels should be functional and spectacular, just like your beach soul. Keep exploring products online till you find the one you can call your favourite!

Just like you separate bath & kitchen textiles, beach towels are a completely different product not to be mixed with your bath towels. It is not that bath towels will ruin your day on the beach. But they can annoy you at times as they do not comprise the right features. So, why fret over a product when you can have a towel that is sand-free, quick to dry, and even quick to absorb moisture. Not necessarily you want all the features in one product because it depends on why and when you want them.

Before buying beach towels

Do you need all in one product for yourself or choose to separate your necessities with matching products. In both cases, you need at least two towels that can give you advantages of both the world. First is the scenario when you just want to doze off beneath the sun, so you need something super soft and thick. The second is when you are energetically doing fun activities around thereby requiring an absorbing material for your beach towel. Then, there comes the appeal making you think about what colour, design, and pattern you need. For that, you can check out designer beach towels on sale, and we are pretty sure you will find something for yourself.

Purchasing beach towels for kids

While purchasing anything for kids, you need to strike a balance between quality and looks. You need the product to be good with kids, but kids want an appealing look always. Concerning quality, you can choose a lightweight product and one that can protect your child from ultraviolet rays. Another important factor while buying for kids is the thickness of the product because you have to carry them in your bag. They must fold over and fit in it. Let’s talk of a fun element that your children will love is their name printed on each towel, so they don’t fight over it. Or it can be just for fun also. Why don’t you check out cheap beach towels near me and see if you find something interesting?

Everything about women Beach Towels

Woman wants its product to be ideal for many occasions, such as a beach, pool, water park, camping, sauna, and many more. You can even cover your sun lounger, chair and make your own sun shelter with a beach towel. If you emphasise more on comfort, you can try Paxton’s towel made of pure Egyptian cotton. This brand also enlists some monochrome designs that can add an oomph factor to your beach style without any doubt. Another brand where you can buy large beach towels is Fendi. It has some classy designs with FF pattern all over available in different colours. Along with that, you can also explore other home & living products that you might wanna accessorise with.

Thick versus thin striped beach towel

A thick towel means loops and also loops in which sand is stuck. You have to spend time washing that towel plus when people around you would be dusting away the sand in their loopless towels, you would feel the pain. On the other hand, your towel need not be very thin that you won’t feel the softness at all. Also, thick ones are difficult to carry, which is not the case when you buy a thin towel. Don’t worry about softness and comfort because beach towels are specially made for the same purpose. To clear your doubt, you can read customer reviews before buying the product. At our retail search engine, you can even buy beach towels in bulk if that’s what you are looking for.

Tips on how to buy Beach towels online

Thin, durable, and decorative are what beach towels are. Whether it is your backyard, lake, park, and beach, beach towels are your saviour. You can dry yourself after swimming, lounge on the sand, or just lay out in the sun and for all of this, a towel is necessary. Only a product manufactured by keeping beach time in mind can confront all the hurdles around. Therefore, it becomes imperative to consult beach towel shopping tips ahead of buying. And here we are ready with our compiled list for you.

  • Lightweight – You do not want to make your travel bag heavier with bulky beach towels. You can go for linen if you want your towel featherlike. Microfibre is also lightweight, but terry cloth and cotton are on the little bulkier side. Therefore, linen and microfibre are some excellent choices here.
  • Absorbency – You should emphasise this feature if you want a towel post swimming. But if your motto is to just lounge on the sand, you should not filter the product with absorbency level. Instead, you should focus more on other features, such as a sand-free and cosy feel.
  • Material – 100% cotton, Turkish cotton, terrycloth, microfibre, and linen are some materials you can think of while buying beach towels. While cotton can absorb moisture quick, short looped terrycloth can dry faster. Microfibre can do both with ease and is also shakes the sand easily.
  • Sand free – This feature is most important and critical on beaches. If you have a cotton towel or terry cloth, or any towel with loops, the sand can stick in between. Ultimately, you get curled up in all sand around. IF you want to lounge and relax, go for a towel that’s plain and without loops.
  • Style – You can check out styles like a round beach towel or a beach towel plus a yoga mat. Or there are also styles with loops so you can wrap the towel around. If you cannot lay around just like that, you would involve in activities, and this multipurpose towel can do wonders at that time.

All these features if missed, can hit your travel time like real bad. Do not leave your beach shopping for the weekend and instead start exploring the product at least. The best use of time could be our product search engine. Here, you can find features you want, and brands you desire under one roof. Some of the brands that we would like to enlist here include Matalan, Tommy Hilfiger, Paxton, Ralph Lauren, Kenzo, Versace, Fendi, Hugo Boss, Dock & Bay, and more.

Question & Answer

Can I use a beach towel as a bath towel?

Technically, it is a complete NO. You can somehow use a beach towel as a bath towel, but vice versa is not logical enough. First of all, a bath towel cannot keep sand away because it is cotton made. However, beach towels of linen material can put you away from coiling up with sand. There are more features, such as a beach towel is moisture sucking, lightweight, portable, and durable, which a bath towel is not. Therefore, you should restrain yourself from using a bath towel as a beach towel unless there is an emergency.

How much does a beach towel cost?

Beach towels have a vast range going from AED12 to AED340, wherein the differences lie in specifications. An affordable towel may be just a mat that is easy to shred off the sand or slightly moisture sucking. Coming to a higher price range, the quality and brand value of the product increases. This is where you research before purchasing the product will help. You know what features to choose, thereby buying only the needs will be fruitful penny-wise.

How to fold beach towels to save space?

Even if you keep bare essentials while travelling, you yearn for more space in your bag all the time. You cannot skip beach towels and often wants them larger. Therefore, if you fold it with a unique technique, you can create more space automatically. First, spread the towel and fold the bottom half till the middle. Now, fold the upper half and cover up the last fold. Now, fold the right half to the left. If your towel has more space to bend, give it another fold. Fold your towels this way and create space in your bag.

How big are beach towels?

You can find average to oversize towels depending on how tall or accommodating you are. You can have a product of 27 inches by 52 inches, or you can also have 30 inches by 58 inches. There are more sizes like 30 inches by 70 inches, and this is how the length of the towel can grow as per your demand. The size of the products affects the price range also other than material, quality, and brand. You can search and explore all of these products at our retail search engine.

Find a wide assortment of beach towels from multiple brands on our shopping platform, It is an easy to use platform along with genuine reviews to make your shopping drive a seamless experience. So, visit now and check it out yourself!