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Whether you are buying bath towels as a part of changing your bathroom accent or it is a need of the hour, you should know that all products are not equal. You cannot just look at the beauty of it and buy, and vice versa. The different kinds bring some good and some unpleasant features. But if you know what you want, there could be more goodness and fewer flaws.

What bad could happen with a towel purchase? Well, you might find a towel with extra softness, but after a few washes, it becomes hard and brittle. Worst of all, it keeps shredding and feels rough to your skin. Other than quality, many people prefer full coverage of their body while some just want it minimum or do not care about the length as long as it is drying you off. Well, there are many features a towel brings with it. If you haven’t thought about these preferences till now, it’s time that you do. Or we can help you in buying bath towels online in UAE with our already gathered information on this page. So, read on.

Different fabrics for bath towels for women and men

Based on the manufacturing materials, there are four kinds of bath towels: Egyptian, Turkish, Bamboo, and Cotton. Well, Egyptian towels are the most popular ones. They are soft, durable, luxurious, and make your bathroom look rich and sumptuous. Then, if you would like to have an eco-friendly option, take a look at bamboo towels. These are also mildew-resistant and antibacterial. The third is Turkish cotton that is almost similar to Egyptian cotton, but the former one has a sheen making them look beautiful. Last but not least is simple cotton cheap bath towels that are part of the majority of bathrooms. Thinking from the material aspect, the primary factor of buying can be affordability as the price range fluctuates a lot with a material upgrade.

Factors related to a bath towel for kids

You have to think from your kids’ perspective when shopping for them. Kids love to snuggle and wrapped around for quite some time after a bath. Apart from quality, budget, material, what you need to check is the softness of the material and design of the product. One of the premium brands Bubbles will let you explore an exclusive combo of quality and impressive display. They have got the latest hooded towels adorned with the latest graphics and characters of kids’ favourite comics and superheroes. These spectacular products can be perfect for kids who throw tantrums for a bath. Not just one, there is one more brand, Farlin equally marked in quality and customer’s choice for kids’ bath towels. Well, you can explore other bath & kitchen textiles and don’t forget to colour code all your kids’ stuff. They will love it.

The matchless quality of Turkish bath towels

First of all, Turkish towels use cotton grown in the Aegean region. This material is super soft, fluffy, and tough. The cotton fibres in the display are usually extra-long, making them absorbent, thick, and luxurious. However, they are less absorbent than Egyptian cotton, but that also depends on the various varieties available. About suitability, you would love these towels in a warm climate with excessive moisture. You can even purchase wholesale bath towels as per your need. While buying, you can check out different patterns and colours as your liking. One important specification to check is double turned edges of the product, not that it makes the towel look good but increase its life too.

Extend the life of your bath towels

Towels are not high maintenance, and if you follow a cleaning routine, you can add years to their life. A cleaning regime is important as they meant to clean you, thereby want themselves to be clean all the time. You should throw them in the wash after every three uses. And never try to use fabric softener because it can prevent absorbency in the towel, making the top layer harsh. After buying the product, check the label attached to it, and you will know the highest temperature your towel can handle. You will get the idea if it is okay to clean them in hot water or not. And it would be much better if you read the specifications thoroughly before buying the product. Or for more tips, we suggest reading our dedicated section on this page.

Tips on how to buy Bath towels online

What features to consider and what not to buy are some questions that take rounds during a purchase of any home & living product. When it comes to essentials like bath towels, it is imperative to watch for quality and price both. Because these are essentials, you will be purchasing them again after a certain period, so maintaining the budget becomes crucial. Then, we jump to the style factor. Well, you can prioritise price, quality, and style according to your needs, but no way you can miss one. Here, you can see the compiled points that we think is important to consider and can also narrow down your purchase further.

  • Good fibre content – 100percent cotton and cotton/polyester blend both fibres bring in top quality. The only difference between the two is that 100percent cotton is expensive while blended is affordable. They are no different in durability, but drying and softness have a slight variance where only cotton products are softer, and blended ones dry off quicker.
  • Towel lingo decoded – If you see combed cotton written under the specifications list, it means the fabric follows a brushing procedure, making it softer and durable. Or if you see ring-spun cotton that means strong fabric and smooth touch. A twisted fabric means the product will be more durable and more absorbent. There are other jargons associated with the manufacturing process, such as hydro cotton, aero cotton, and hydro cotton, among others. These methods increase softness and absorbency.
  • Check the weight – The higher absorbency and plushness of the towel somehow depends on its weight also, which measures as grams per square meter (GSM). Technically, a lightweight towel will be of 300-400GSM, the medium weight will be 400-600GSM, and the heaviest will be 600-900GSM. Considering that, you can always trust a towel between the 500-700GSM range for both durability and quality.
  • Know your preferences – Do you want a soft and smooth touch hug from your towel after a long relaxing bath, go for 100% cotton fabric. Otherwise, if you want something that dries off quickly, you can go for blended products like a cotton-poly blend that is on our top list always. Sometimes you see a towel with heavy loops, and you conclude it to be soft. Well, that’s not always the point because some fabrics become hard after the first laundry.
  • Determine the size – 27″×52″ is the size of a standard bath towel to be used after a shower or bath. If you want a larger towel for more coverage, you can have 35″×60″, but a larger towel calls themselves a bath sheet. Hand towels are 16″ × 30″ and washcloths are 13″×13″. You can see the sizes written under the specifications list clearly.

We leave the style and colour pick up to you. Many homes have the habit of stocking up bath and hand towels in advance while some purchase it once the current one can no longer serve the purpose. Whatever you choose, do not mix up the two. Many times, we make bath towels our hand towels and end up stuck with this habit. That’s not good from the hygiene point of view, and when you have affordable options to separate the two, then why not? At, you will find an impressive price range of bath towels including related brands, such as Ikea, Ralph Lauren, Elite d’Art, Adore, Abyss Habidecor, Farlin, Togas, Beautysta, Paul Smith and Bubbles among others.

Question & Answer

Are bath towels good for face masks?

Yes, you can, and you should separate one of your bath towels as a face towel mask. These are re-usable and could be an excellent hack for your skincare needs. You can use them as a hot compress to open the pores, clean the residue, and detoxify. It helps improve the dull skin, relieve eye fatigue, and dizziness. A towel mask is also suitable for cold compress that can reduce skin burning, itching, and relieves irritation. But every product has an expiry date so if you see the follicles on the towels becoming brittle and hard, it is time to replace them.

Can bath towels be dyed?

Yes, and dyeing is an effective way to revive your old towels if you have shoved them somewhere because of a stain or something else. You can colour the white towels in any colour you want. But if the towel is coloured, better you go with a darker shade as it will cover the previous colour more diligently. Or maybe you just want to cover up the fade, so go with the present colour of the towel. Any which way, you will love the results, and there would be no hodgepodge of colours in your closet.

How many bath towels should I buy?

For a single adult, four bath towels, two hand towels and two washcloths are sufficient for a week. However, if you use alternatives like a bath sheet for drying yourself after a shower, you can just buy two bath towels instead. Actually, the number of towels depends on your washing schedule also. If you wash your towels daily, then these six numbers would be enough. IF you a kid in your house, washcloths would be required more, let’s say four instead of two. We think that would be all.

What bath towels to buy?

Ralph Lauren’s Wescott towel set of grey colour can bring a classic yet modern touch to your bathroom. They are soft and absorbent made of high-quality looped cotton. Other than this, you can also go for Farlin if baby’s bath towels are what you are looking for. Another brand Elite d’Art can be perfect for a contemporary look. Their products are machine washable, plus the brand comprises other bathroom supplies to coordinate the accessories.

Upgrading your bathroom accent is fast and affordable with our retail search engine. All you have to do is filter the category or brand you wish to see. Plus, you can compare the diverse range on price, features, brand, and reviews.

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