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About Oven Glove

Whether baking in an oven or working on a griller, oven gloves add a top layer of protection against burns. You can find them in numerous materials comprising of cotton, rubber and silicon mainly. Let us explore more to find out which one works best for you. 

It is common to use a kitchen towel to hold hot containers or take something out of the oven. However, it is risky for your forearm and wrist as a towel cannot cover the same. An oven glove comes in handy in such scenarios. It is an insulated glove that you can wear in the kitchen to protect your hands from high oven temperatures, stoves or any other cookware. A high-quality oven glove ensures the safety of both your hands as well as your meals. It provides excellent insulation and all the comfort you might be looking for while baking or cooking something. If you have a hard time choosing the best, here is the guide to help you a lot. 

Popular oven mitts to choose from

Oven gloves come in assorted sizes, shapes, materials and patterns. The options are countless, so you might feel overwhelmed with brands, price tags, and various advertisements you come across. From fingertip shape oven gloves to double layer mitts, you can find a wide range in the market. Speaking of the material, you can choose from cotton, leather, silicone, rubber and Kevlar. They even come in different lengths to cover just fingers, wrist, forearm or all of them. On this page, we will come across some of the popular varieties of oven mitts to help you get the best one in no time. 

Silicone oven gloves

Silicone over gloves is a popular choice for heavy-duty protection. This type is most recommended for the cooks who want something easy to clean. They come on a rubbery surface and hence grip well. You can use them to reach into hot things like oil or water. Their non-porous material makes them completely safe and heat resistant. If you use silicone gloves, you do not have to worry about stains as they are typically stain-proof and dishwasher safe. Furthermore, this material does not melt or catch fire when used near the flame. 

 Cotton baking gloves

Cotton gloves are the most common gloves you will find in the kitchen. Due to their ease of use, cost-effectiveness and easy to wash properties, many of us find them handy. Cotton gloves are more comfortable than any other material; however, they are less effective than silicone and rubber when providing protection. As this material is quite common and readily available, you can find them in assorted designs and colours. However, if you are working near the flame, cotton is not recommended as it is a flammable material. 

Double oven gloves

You will find most of the gloves as a single item, but they also come in a double set (connected or unconnected). It is for sure more secure to hold a dish with both hands rather than just one. Hence, double gloves eliminate the chances of slipping or getting burnt completely. They are designed in a way to ensure maximum protection against steam, heat or grease. You can typically find them in cotton and silicone materials. The two or four-pocket design of connected double oven gloves provide complete safety while transferring hot pans or pots from the oven to the table. 

Tips on how to buy Oven Gloves in Dubai

An oven glove is a must-have for a kitchen. They come in a variety of shades, materials, shapes and sizes to suit various requirements. It is great to have varieties at the front, but the same can be a shortcoming if you do not know an appropriate fit for you. So, here is a set of guiding tips that would help you choose the best gloves.

  • Material – Considering the material of an oven glove at the time of purchasing is essential. Some things associated with oven glove-like are how much heat they can handle, their gripping capability, and ease of use in the facility. Only through the material you will be able to determine the mentioned things. Cotton, silicone and rubber are some of the options you have that offer protection from heat. Silicone and rubber oven gloves will give you higher protection to your hands than cotton and provide you with a good grip.
  • Shape – Oven gloves come in different shapes. You can select the shape according to your needs. If you are getting them to hold hot pots and pans, you can use a single layer shape. But, if you want to pick the hot chicken pieces in which finger movement is necessary, you can prefer five-fingered shapes. Fingertip shape is also available in the market for people who get irritated with wearing full hand gloves. Double layer shape is popular due to its efficiency and durability.
  • Length – Length of oven glove also forms an important consideration. The length of the glove and protection they will provide are proportional to each other. The oven gloves that cover your wrist and forearms are the best in offering protection to your hands. If you use them to prepare the food with some oil, there are more chances that hot oil could spill. In this case, longer oven gloves are recommended strongly.
  • Cleaning – Cleaning the kitchen accessories is essential. If you pick cotton gloves, you can put them in the washing machine, but the stains may stay. On the other hand, silicone gloves are easy to wipe.

The above guide will steer you towards the right purchase. If you are unsure of where to begin shopping, you can log on to On our retail search engine, you can find a wide array of oven gloves. Buy oven gloves and potholder sets at affordable prices offered by popular brands like Prestige, Lakeland, Ikea, Cuisinart, RAPICCA, Dutchdeluxes, Mastrad, and more. You can effortlessly browse through the whole collection and even compare prices for a budget pick. Now, make no delay and buy microwave oven gloves online while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

What are oven gloves used for?

Oven gloves are used for taking the hot pans and pots out of the oven and transferring them over the table. You can also use them while grilling or even picking heated aluminium or steel pots from the gas stove. They offer the necessary protection against burns and spills. You can find them in a variety of materials like cotton, silicone, rubber etc. Each has its pros and cons. For example, cotton is inexpensive and comfortable to use, but it is flammable. On the other hand, silicone can be pricier but offer the best protection against burns.

Do you need two oven mitts?

It depends upon your personal preferences. An oven glove typically comes as a single piece, but you can also find a double set in the market for holding hot pots by both hands. It is for sure safer to hold something by two hands rather than one. If you are baking like a half-pound cake, one mitt is enough to pick it, whereas, for a 2 pounds dish, you might require both your hands and hence, two mitts. So, go for two mitts if you are into cooling or baking.

Can you wash silicone oven gloves?

It is effortless to clean a silicone glove. You can rinse or wipe it to remove any food item or stain that’s stuck on its surface. If you use any other mitts like cotton gloves, it can become a task to clean them. You can put the washing machine on, but the stains may leave their marks. Moreover, the colour also fades on regular washing. Hence, it is always good to go for silicone ones. They are better to clean and also not that expensive. You can use them for a long time and then throw them as they start wearing.

Where to buy oven gloves online?

You can buy an oven glove from any online kitchenware or bakeware store. Look for a store that provides high-quality products and enough variety to choose from. One such store is shops. You can find a vast range of gloves from rubber to cotton and silicone oven gloves. Our product search engine has brought together over 500 online stores that sell quality bakeware at affordable prices. So, go ahead and grab an appropriate set for your kitchen.

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