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About Dough Scraper

Dough Scrapers, also known as kitchen scrapers, is a bakeware kitchen tools made of wood, rubber, silicone rubbers, metal or plastic (like nylon, polyethene, or polypropylene). In practice, some types of scrapers can be changed with spatulas. These such scrapers have different uses.

Dough scrapers often used and named pastry scrapers, are rigid implements usually available in the shape of a metallic rectangle with wooden plastic or metallic handle running along a long edge. This edge offers a comfortable grip and rigidity side by side. However, some bowl scrapers are designed to be sturdy enough to serve a dual purpose and are sold as such. These scrapers are used to manipulate raw dough by scraping it from a surface on which it has been rolled. Considering many different uses of these scrapers, we can find many kinds of dough scrapers and cutters.

Different types of dough cutter scrapers

A dough scraper is one of the major tools of bakers these days. It is used to manipulate dough and clean the surface on which the dough has been working. The most traditional setting is a small stainless steel sheet with a size of 3×5 inches or 8×13 cm. One side of the sheet has a wood or plastic handle or sometimes merely a roll in the steel blade. You can find it along with one of the long sides of the scraper. Bakers used these scrapers to mix, pick, turn, cut, and portion the dough before setting it in the oven. Here are some most commonly used bread dough scrapers available in the market.

The metal dough scrapers

These are fragile, straight edge sheets that make them perfect for cutting vertically through rolled dough for creating things like brownies, scones, and fudges. Usually, they have a ruler engraved on each side of the sheet. It is a practical feature and help in cutting the dough directly to size. Made from stainless steel, these scrapers are easier to clean and are durable to deal with heavyweight and handle running along the top edge for a secure non-slip grip. With the fine edges, you can also use them to replace other objects like knives and enjoy the easy chopping of nuts, fruits, and herbs.

Plastic dough scraper

These scrapers come in both curved and flat edges. It means that they can be used for cutting the dough, scraping and mixing dough and then scraping it straight out from the bowl. They are made of well-treated plastic and thus are safer to use on a non-stick surface and more flexible than metal. However, they generally don’t have a handle, so the user can not enjoy optimum grip as available in a metallic version. With greasy fingers, the scraper easily slips from fingers. For the same reason, these scarper are a little messier and less durable. Plus, they are not sharp enough to not help as a replacement or knife for minor chopping or cutting.

Pizza dough scraper

It is an indispensable pizza tool. This scraper is used in every pizza restaurant around the globe. It not only helps to cut the pizza dough during preparation but also to clean the dough trays. These scrapers are the best tool to scrape off the residual dough and flour attached to the base of the tray. However, they differ a bit in shape as compared to traditional dough scrapers used in professional kitchens. You can find a pizza dough scraper in longitudinal style with different handle types to enjoy a variety of grips.

Silicone dough scraper

These scrapers are also known as bowl scrapers and come with a curved side. The cover allows the user to enjoy perfect scooping of sticky dough from any utensil, including a bowl. While the straight side of the scraper also offers services the same as that of a metallic type. The flexibility of a plastic scraper helps bend around curves; it prevents it from being an excellent tool for making clean, straight cuts. However, this is the least used type of scraper available in the market. The reason for lesser fame can be the limited durability, unsharpened edges and more flexibility that limits its performance in the kitchen.

Tips on how to buy Dough Scrapers online in the UAE       

With many options in the market, buying your ideal dough scrapers for sale in Dubai can be challenging for many of us. In the baseline, you must purchase a badge dedicated to serving the type of cooking you do. For instance, if you are buying a scraper for your pizza café, go for the one made in metal. But for other random uses like general scraping, you can look for a large plastic dough scraper online. No matter your needs and choices, here are some tips to ensure efficient buying of rolling pins online in Dubai.

  • The shape and size – Dough scrapers are available in various sizes, materials, and shapes. In shapes, you can find scrapers with handles or simple straight sheets. Understand your needs and make decisions accordingly.
  • The material – Dough scrapers can be made of steel or plastic. At the time, you can also find them in other materials like silicone. Try to pick sturdy materials like stainless steel because they are heavy-duty, durable, and last long.
  • The price and brands – The cost of these scrapers varies according to the type of materials, size, and brand it comes from. However, in most cases, as it is not an expensive item to buy. Still, considering the budget cap can help you make wise decisions.
  • Reviews – It is always ideal for reading the reviews of customers to know the actual performance of the scraper. It can also help you make better buying decisions and hints to proceed with your search.

Above everything else, when it comes to online shopping, always go shopping on a reliable retail search engine. This is where you can find dozens of brands in one click. It makes your buying process more elaborate and convenient. With just a few clicks, you can find dozens of reliable and relevant products to explore and choose from. Besides, you can also find advanced options to consider for your kitchen and home.

Question & Answer

What is a dough scraper used for?

A dough scraper is a special tool used by bakers to manipulate the dough. It is also used for cleaning the surface on which the dough has been worked. Pastry chefs and bakers use this tool to help pick, turn and cut the dough. Once they are done with the dough, the scraper is used to clear the dried-out dough on the counter or surface it is worked on. It is also used for transferring the sliced or diced food items from cutting boards to pans.

What is the best dough scraper?

Some of the bestselling items you can find in the market are Indigo True Flexible Bowl Scraper, the Spring Chef Stainless Steel Pastry Scraper, and the Basics Multi-purpose Stainless Steel Bench Scraper & Chopper. Other options that you can explore are Chef Craft Set of 2 Plastic Bowl and Dough Scrapers, Curved and Straight Edge, Chef’n Pastrio 3-in-1 Bench Scraper Set, the Fox Run 6060 Dough/Bowl Scraper, the Norpro Grip-EZ Scraper/Chopper and the Dexter-Russell – Sani-Safe White Dough Cutter/Scraper.

Is dough scrapers necessary?

Yes, we can say that a dough scraper is a necessary item for professional bakers. This is something that can help you make all tasks easier in the kitchen. Initially, it benefits professional bakers. As in this case, even the most basic dough scraper can scrap recalcitrant dough on the wood or marble counter or bench. It can also help to cut fine sections of dough before weight out the portions. It is a multipurpose item and thus necessary for any household or professional bakery.

Where to buy dough scrapers?

At, you can find a wide range of top global brands and manufacturers offering all sorts of Home and Living items, including kitchen accessories. This is where you can also find all types of dough scrapers at an economical price. You can explore and buy some brands: Dexter-Russell, Winware, Schneider, Anmarko, Windows, Joseph, Huji, and Bleteleh. You can also use the price comparison tool at this retail search engine to match products from different brands and buy what suits both your budget and needs.

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