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Rolled dough and cookie cutters are an inevitable part of holidays. Make your celebrations more vibrant and happier with the right set of cookie cutters. The right set of delicious cookies will make sure that the holidays measure up to the expectations.

Cutting the dough into shapes didn’t use to be that easy. In the old times, it would take a sharp knife, skilful hands and a lot of time to cut cookies one by one into shape. But these days, you can bake cookies and pancakes in any shape you want. All you need is a set of cookie cutters that is right for the occasion. Before you start shopping, read this article to find out more about them. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices when you shop for them.

Different types of cookie cutters

The world of cookie cutters is pretty vast. You will find them in all types and interesting shapes and sizes. And not to mention, the end results will always make you a celebrity among your friends and family, especially kids. Also, even a single set of cookie cutters will contain tens and hundreds of different cookie cutters. For starters, it can be hard to navigate between all those different types and find the one that fits your needs. So, how do you do that? The trick is to find a set that perfectly matches the mood of the celebration. Here is a list of the four most popular types of cookie cutters that you can find out there.

Springerle cookie cutter with stamp

Springerles are the traditional cookie that Germans bake for special occasions. Each one of these cookies looks like a piece of artwork. To pull off this treat successfully, you need a special type of cut-out mold. One notable feature of this cookie is the embossing on the top of it. Unlike the ones that you find commonly on cookies, the artwork on springerles can be quite elaborate with intricate details. To achieve that level of perfection, both the cookie cutter and the dough should be perfect. Also, you have to get the baking just right.

Cookie presses

There are two ways to make a cookie. Either you can roll the dough first then cut out the cookies. Another way is to use a cookie press. Cookie presses have a container that can hold the dough. The handle has a screw mechanism that lets you rotate it and push the dough through a disk with cut-out molds. Your disk is interchangeable. So you can get the cookie in so many different shapes. But the size of the cookies is restricted by the size of the press itself. And in order for this to work, the dough should have a looser consistency than otherwise.

Animal cookie cutters

Did you like to eat those fun little animal cookies when you were young? Then try baking some of them for your little ones. It is easy to make them using an affordable set of animal-shaped cut-out molds. The cheapest of them will only cost you a couple of dirhams and has forty different animal figures in a single set. With this, you can now start baking dolphins, elephants, and cats. You might even find a shape to signify your special day with your family. All you have to worry about is getting the right flavour for the cookie so that the kids will love it.

3-D metal cookie cutters

Cookies don’t have to be flat all the time. With these cut out molds, you can add an extra dimension to your delicious cookies and make them even more interesting. 3D cookies can stand up on their own. So, you can even use them as your table decorations. 3D cut out molds come in two pieces. To create stunning three-dimensional figures, you have to use both of these pieces in tandem. Sometimes you will have to bake the two halves of the cookies separately. Afterwards, you can join both of them using the notch on either halves.

Tips on how to buy Cookie Cutters Online

Most people only look at the shape of the mould when they are buying. But there are a few more factors that make a good cookie cutter. The extensive variety of them might overwhelm you if you are shopping for them for the first time. But finding the right one is easy if you know what criteria to consider while selecting cut out molds. Here is a list of tips that you can follow.

  • Material of the mould – The material of the cookie-cutter will dictate the price to a great extent. Among all types, plastic cut out molds are the cheapest. But the downside is that they are not durable. So, if you don’t mind paying a bit more, it is always better to go for metal moulds made of aluminium and stainless steel.
  • Pick the right size – Cookie cutters do not come in a standard size. Rather, you have to pick one based on what you are baking. For example, gingerbreads need larger moulds than cookies. Also, think about who you are baking for. Children would like smaller bite-sized cookies while adults might find them too small.
  • Shape of the mould – The reason why you are getting a mould is to bake your cookies in interesting shapes. So, you might as well put some thought into the shapes that you are using. Bakes some cookie animals for your kids. Or bake some numbers and alphabets so that they will learn even when they are eating.
  • Durability and price – Cheaper moulds are very soft and will lose their shape after a few uses. Plastic moulds start to deteriorate and break down. On the other hand, stainless steel cookie cutters are pretty durable and therefore a bit expensive. Unless you are a hobbyist who only bakes cookies and gingerbread once in a year, it is better to buy more durable stainless steel or aluminium moulds.

You should clean the moulds after every use. Otherwise, the remains of food will attract insects and bacteria to the mould. Wash them thoroughly with water and dry them using a cloth before storing them. To avoid losing the moulds, you can organise them in small transparent plastic containers. This will help you find the moulds when you need them the next time. Also, don’t forget to check out other amazing products from Home & Living.

Question & Answer

Can cookie cutters be used as pancake moulds?

You can use a cookie cutter for more things than just baking cookies. And of course, you can use them to make pancakes. Either you can pour the pancake batter to the mould, or you can cut round pancakes using cookie cutters. The first method is better though as they will give you pancakes with even edges. You can get more experimental than that. Try frying an omelette or poaching an egg using these moulds. For these uses, metal moulds are always better than plastic ones. You can use the metal ones even on a hot pan that is still on the stove.

Are metal cookie cutters better than plastic?

Metal cookie cutters have so many benefits that make them a clear winner when it comes to ease of use and durability. For one thing, metal moulds are sharper and sturdier. You can use many times more force on metal cutters, and they will be just fine. But plastic cutters do not withstand that much force. Beyond a point, they will snap and break into many pieces. The fact that the edges of those moulds are not as sharp as metal moulds even compound this problem as you will need to put more force on them to cut the cookies.

What is the right way to use cookie cutters?

To make cookies using cookie cutters, you first need to get the dough perfect. Roll the dough such that it is not too thick or not too thin. One-eighth of an inch is a good approximation for the thickness of the dough. That should give you some crisp and firm cookies. Then transfer the rolled dough onto a pan. It is better to transfer the dough to a pan before cutting because that way you don’t have to move all the small pieces individually. Dip the cookie cutters in flour before making each cut to prevent the cutters from sticking to the dough.

How to transfer cut outs to the pan if the dough is already softened?

It can be a bit challenging to move the small pieces of dough cut outs to the pan if you happen to cut the dough roll. To do that, you can first place the cut-outs in the freezer for around ten minutes. This will harden the dough just enough so that you can move them using a spatula without changing the shape too much. You should be careful when you are moving the cookies to the cooling rack after baking them as well.

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