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About Creme Brulee Burners

Adjustable flame and electric ignition have always remained a demand for perfection in many recipes. However, the wish was not fulfilled until recent. With the crème Brulee burner or simply creme brulee burners, it is not a wish to think more.

A crème Brule burner is a special handheld device that works with powered gas with butane gas. It is an important part of modern bakeware. At times it can also be filled with lighter gas. When the light bestows, it can withstand temperatures of up to 1300 °C. This is a dream come true for professional chefs. With such a temperature, the professionals can quickly settle a crisp on the surface of crème Brulee and many other recipes that demands a lighter touch of crisp in the final stages. When previously there were no ways to enjoy the crisp, the creme brulee burners has also introduced a set of precipices for the world. From professional chefs to cooks in a home kitchen, everyone enjoys the crush in their traditional precipice. Here is how you can do that.

Ways you can use professional crème Brulee burners

Based on what you are attempting to cook, it may take some practice to get it right. And when it comes to using technical stuff like creme brulee burners, an additional set of skills, knowledge and experiences is required. Only then can you be sure of not spoiling your food and making it best presentable as possible. These small kitchen burners for crème burners are now a part of many recipes around the globe. You can use them to make a thin crust on your baked items or take help for unique garnishing. The limits depend on your personal creativity and urge to experience and explore. However, here are some basic recipes to start with your brulee burner torch.

Turn topping on Mac & Cheese in brown

Don’t have time to make macaroni and cheese in the oven? No worries, you can still make the crisp of an oven-baked crust with a culinary torch. And the recipe is straightforward: combine two parts of whole milk and elbow macaroni in a saucepan. Please bring it to simmer; reduce heat to low; cook until macaroni is thoroughly cooked but still firm to bite. Now leave it for 10 to 12 minutes. Turn off the heat and add a layer of cheddar cheese topping (you can add more milk if you want a creamy texture). Now spoon into bowls, sprinkle lightly with breadcrumbs and brown the bread with a culinary torch until the cheese and bread are browned (but not burnt or overcooked).

Roast Peppers with culinary burners

Roasting pepper is another common use of a culinary torch. Using a torch is easier than roasting pepper in a broiler or the stovetop. A torch can direct the flame with precision. Here you can use a large glass or a metallic bowl and some plastic wrap ready. Starting with some smaller area on the pepper, you can work the flame of the culinary torch back and forth until the skin of the pepper blackens and blisters. It is better to use tongs to turn the pepper and reach other sides. You can rotate the pepper with one hand while working the torch over the surface with the other. This way, you can make a perfectly roasted pepper in just a few minutes and use it for later processing in your recipe.

Toasted marshmallows for S’Mores

Do you think the camping season is too far to enjoy roasted marshmallows? A culinary torch (creme brulee burners) can help you make some indoor sores. Here you can take some graham crackers and pieces of milk chocolate bars ready. Now spear a marshmallow on a metal skewer and use the culinary torch to evenly brown it. Better is, to begin with, the torch further away so that it has a chance to heat through without getting burnt. Later you can bring the flame closer to finish the browning. Once done, be quick to transfer the marshmallow to a chocolate topped piece of graham cracker. Use another cracker to scrape the mallow off the skewer and enjoy your quick bite.

French onion soup perfection

Those who are fond of French cuisines must know that a French onion soup can never be complete without a fine later of cheese-covered crouton. A culinary torch can help melt and crust the cheese much more easily than navigating the sheet pan of brimming soup bowls in the broiler. Rather you can scoop soup in the serving bowl, float a toasted piece of bread on the top and drape a slice of gruyere cheese over the bowl. Traditionally the corner of bread should hand over the sides. Now use the culinary torch to melt and brown the cheese on the top. Better to do this just before serving as it will keep the crust fresh and crispy.

Tips on how to buy Creme Brulee Burner online

With the increasing demands, more and more companies are offering quality crème Brulee burners with online buying facilities. But as you will not be holding or trying a product before you buy, it is necessary to adopt some additional measures during the buying process. Buying online gives you thousands of products to explore and choose from. But in the meantime, it makes shopping an overwhelming process for many of us. Therefore we are here with some pro tips to help you through the shopping venture. These tips will help you make a smart buying decision when you need the best creme brulee burner at a low price.

  • Know your needs and skills – A professional crème Brulee burner is different and more advanced than a burner that you can use at home. So before buying a burner, do a clear assessment of your skills and needs. Always a product that is easy to handle.
  • Consider brands – Top global chefs suggest using branded cutlery and kitchen accessories. This is where they can find the best solution for their needs. Therefore you must also look for branded products to save you’re from repetitive buying hassle.
  • Consider price – When it comes to products like Brulee burners, you will see varying models and prices. Moreover, additional convenient features, materials, models and brands also make a price difference. Therefore it’s better to set a budget and look for products within that price.
  • Know your product – It is always a great idea to read your product before you start paying for it. You can go to the product description section to read everything from make and model to the user instruction and care that you may need to consider while using.

When you head to buy a creme brulee gas burner, always go for a product that is convenient to use and comes with additional features. A branded product is always an ideal option for the security of you the money you will invest in the product. To find a reliable option, you need to consider products from brands and look for an option with better customer reviews and a higher ranking. This product will ensure the safety of your money and make you love and enjoy cooking. You can explore the Home and Living section at Shops. You find reliable options for all your needs.

Question & Answer

Can I use brown sugar for creme brulee?

Yes, at the time, you can use the brown sugar granules for crème Brulee. However, commonly professionals and home chefs use white granulated sugar for recipes that involve the use of crème Brulee burners. White sugar is preferred on brown because the small granules caramelize quickly. It means that the sugar won’t get over burnt, and the pudding won’t melt. Besides protecting the pudding, white sugar also offers better visual cues when you torch it.

Can you use a regular torch for creme brulee?

According to professionals, it depends on what you are attempting or want to do. Crème Brulee, for instance, might take some practice to get it right. However, a generic propane soldering torch is all fine. Besides, it is also a suitable item to use of edible products and cause less as non-health issues. Additionally, the Bernzomatic heads available with the triggers are something that offers optimum convince for the users.

How much is a creme brulee torch?

On average, these torches cost about AED 69, but the price can go up to AED 1000 for extremely professional and advanced models. But if you need an economical yet quality product, you might need to search on retail search engines online. Some of the bestselling cheap items you can consider for purchase are Iwatani Cooking Torch, the IPRee BBQ Gas Flame Torch Stove Blowtorch Cooking Stove Burner,  Eoocvt Kitchen Butane Torch Lighter and the Ideapro Butane Torch. You can consider looking for products like GuangFa Professional 853 Color Random Jet Flame Pencil for more options.

Where to buy a creme brulee burner?

Here at, you can find a wide range of quality home and living accessories online in the UAE. Some of the known brands that you can explore here are Beper, Gefu, Horecatraders, Hendi, Meilly, and Decora. You can also use the unique price comparison tool to explore and buy branded creme brulee burners from an economical price range. The unique set of facilities here can make your shopping experience more fun and smart.

Also, here you can find creme brulee burners for commercial or private use. Explore home and living section at which is known and trusted for quality and are the preferred choice of people for the best price in town.