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Cooking Thermometers

About Cooking Thermometers

A cooking thermometer is essential kitchen equipment that can save you from poisonous undercooked and tasteless over-cooked meals. So, let us explore some essential cooking thermometers you must have in your collection to enjoy safe and palatable bites.

Cooking food to the right temperature ensures that it is safe to eat. Undercooked food might make you fall prey to dangerous bacteria. On the other hand, something overcooked spoils all the taste and joy you expect from your meals. A cooking thermometer comes in handy in such scenarios. It is one of the crucial pieces of equipment you should have in your kitchen. When you cook food to the correct temperature, it stays juicy and tender so that you can enjoy your meal. You can find them in a variety with loads of exciting features that aid the cooking process.

All you need to know about popular food thermometers

No kitchen is complete without a cooking thermometer. Whether you are grilling meat, baking bread, or making candies, it is a saviour. However, there is not just one variety you can find in the market. Two of the most common cooking thermometers are digital and dial. Under the digital category, you can discover instant-read, thermocouple, infrared, and oven probe varieties. On the other hand, their dial counterparts have frothing, floating, instant-read. Read on to explore the popular types in detail.

Oven thermometer

Ovens often fail to show the exact temperature. Hence, oven thermometers are of great help in such times. For consistent and reliable results, they are essential. They come in a wide assortment ranging from basic and inexpensive dials to advanced digital probes. They can handle hot ambient temperatures. You can keep them inside the oven but must follow the instructions that come along. They have a glass lens and a bold display so that you can see the readings without opening the oven door.

Meat thermometer

It is used to measure and find out the internal temperature of meat and other food items. A standard meat thermometer comprises two parts- a temperature rod and a display. You can push the rod into the meat. It transfers heat to the dial when the internal temperature of meat increases. The standard practice is to insert it into a joint of meat or whole chicken. It remains there throughout the process and keeps you informed of the temperature. You can get your hands on both analogue and digital styles, but digital ones are more sophisticated. In many models, you will find a beep sound when meat touches the desired temperature.

Digital cooking thermometer

Digital thermometers are also referred to as instant-read. They come in a wide variety depending upon the item for which you require internal temperature reading. People use them for meat, baked goods, chicken etc. They can be “instant-read” but often take 20-30 seconds to show the correct temperature. Most of them are not meant for putting inside the oven. But, they are an ideal choice for measuring temperature after cooking. Moreover, using a digital thermometer is extremely easy. You need to place the probe in the food and take the reading from the digital display.

Tips on how to buy Cooking Thermometers in Dubai

Cooking thermometers come in a vast assortment ranging from digital to dial varieties and their deep fry counterparts. You will need different types to test the temperatures of different kinds of items like bread, meat, candy etc. If you want one for your kitchen, then you are not going to regret it. However, to avail of all the benefits, your choice must be correct. Here are the tips that would help you buy an appropriate cooking thermometer from the massive crowd of varieties.

  • Digital Vs Analog – If any kid is reading this, then probably you don’t know about analogues. Back in history, we used to rely on analogue to read temperatures. Out of the thermometers you find in the market, some can be analogue. But, you should prefer the digital ones as they offer fast results and its convenient to use them.
  • Speed – When it comes to cooking, some seconds of overheating can ruin all your work. So, it is essential to have a thermometer that produces fast results.
  • Accuracy – If you are using a cooking thermometer, it means you want to eliminate guesswork. So, you must go for a thermometer that produces exact results. If it does not do so, you might end up getting over or undercooked meals in your hands. You can check the accuracy of the device by putting it in boiling water. If it reads 100 degrees Celsius, then it is safe to choose it.
  • Features – Thermometers do not just show temperature but also come with some additional features that aid cooking. Nothing can be better if you get all the helping features in your thermometers. Like, temperature lock, timer, and automatic product identification. If you want to buy professional cooking thermometers, then you must look for these features.
  • Warranty – If you are investing in a thermometer, you expect it to be durable. Right? So, look for the brands that provide warranties to keep replacement and repairs covered. Warranties not just offer peace of mind but also generate brand loyalty.
  • Temperature range– It is one of the most crucial considerations while purchasing a cooking thermometer. Your cooking may range from ice cream to sizzling hot meat. So, what’s better than a device that is useful everywhere?

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Question & Answer

Are all cooking thermometers the same?

All cooking thermometers are not the same. There are different thermometers meant for baking, grilling, roasting, or measuring the temperature of some liquid. They might even vary depending upon their design and usage requirements. Digital and dial thermometers are two main types of cooking thermometers. In the digital category, instant-read, thermocouple, and oven probe thermometers are popular types. On the other hand, their dial counterparts have frothing, floating, instant-read and oven thermometers.

Do cooking thermometers contain mercury?

Cooking thermometers do not typically have mercury, but some models can have it. There are two main types of cooking thermometers available in the market- Digital and analogue. Digital works through the battery, whereas analogue works through a spring. So, it totally depends upon the variety you go for. Whichever variety you go for, it is important to have a cooking thermometer. When you cook food to the correct temperature, it stays juicy and tender so that you can enjoy your meal. You can find many options out there.

Which cooking thermometer is best to buy?

Cooking thermometers come in assorted forms like instant-read, thermocouple, infrared and oven probe thermometers. It can be overwhelming for you to look at so many options. However, at, we have made it easier. Here, you can get popular brands like Lakeland, Thermapen, Maverick, Habor, Taylor, Thermoworks, and Salter. They offer the best cooking thermometers. We also provide a detailed guide to choose an appropriate one. To find the correct one, you must keep certain considerations in mind. Like, digital vs analogue, speed, accuracy, warranty etc.

Where to buy cooking thermometers?

You can buy a cooking thermometer from any kitchenware store or online marketplace. However, if you order it online, you will have access to a vast collection to choose from. One such store is You can find an extensive collection of cooking thermometers ranging from meat thermometers to oven probes and instant-read styles. You can find over 500 online stores on our retail search engine that sell the best bakeware at an affordable cost. You can also find budget picks by comparing the prices offered by different sellers. Whether you want to buy an electronic cooking thermometer with a probe, instant-read, or infrared counterparts, you are at the right place. So, go ahead and buy a cooking thermometer online effortlessly.