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About Cookie Presses

Everyone loves cookies! Many of us are even nuts behind preparing them. But, if you are tired of doing the same old round shapes, it’s time to try your hands on a cookie press machine. It helps you make the cutest and daintiest shapes in a snap of fingers.

Whether you are planning to prepare Christmas treats or want something crispy to grab with your evening coffee, a cookie press machine is something just for you. A cookie press is a device for preparing pressed cookies for people who are less into baking and stuff. It typically comprises a long cylinder with a plunger at the end. The plunger helps to extrude cookie dough into various shapes, like a star, shell, flower, snowflake, leaf, clover etc. In some areas, this machine is popular as Spritzcookie presses. The German word spritzen means “squirt of spurt.” Some people also call it a cookie gun. Let us explore the popular types it comes in.

Everything you need to know about cookie presses

A cookie press machine facilitates giving professional shapes to the cookies that look good while serving. You can find many cookie makers in the market depending upon their mode of operation, disc shapes, shaft capacity, and more factors. There are two main types of cookies press based on their operation: manual and electric cookie press. As the name very well depicts, a manual machine requires the user to press cookies manually which may take time. On the other hand, an electric cookies press offers consistency by releasing uniform cookies quickly. Continue reading to understand this bakeware in detail.

Wilton cookie press

Wilton is one of the popular names when cookie press machines and other bakeware are in discussion. You can go for a simple success cookie press or preferred press cookie press. Use the simple one to create uniform spritz cookie shapes. It comes with an ergonomic handle for added comfort. It feels great and easy in your hand. Additionally, there are these soft-touch triggers that make the job even more convenient. There are 12 cookie discs that it comes with. That includes spritz cookie shapes and also some new ones like pumpkin, turkey etc. The preferred press requires minimum effort in creating shapes and baking. It also comes with 12 discs in shapes like wreath, snowman and more.

oxo good grips cookie press

oxo good grips cookie press machine is another popular name in the world of the cookie press. It has some amazing features that make your overall experience not only convenient but also quick. The non-slip base and large comfortable lever provide you with a comfortable grip while creating those shapes. The clear cylindrical barrel shows you how much dough is left. There are 12 stainless steel disks included that too in different shapes. It is easy to use and maintain this cookie press. The bottom ring, barrel, and stainless steel disks are dishwasher safe. If you have it, you will be prepared for every occasion.

Marcato cookie press

If you are looking for the best and fastest cookie maker, Marcato can be one of your top choices. You must follow some easy steps, and you will create 20 different shapes. It comes in an eye-catching design that is easy and fun to use. It is made up of anodised aluminium in 7 different colours, with steel locknuts and ABS components. There are two biscuit sizes you can make out of this. Not just for biscuit press, but Marcato is also popular for other amazing products such as Pasta Fresca, compact mill and more.

Professional cookie press

Making cookies at home is a lot different than mass producing them being a professional baker. If you are a baker professionally, you must be managing several batches in a day. A regular cookie press machine will be of no or little use to you in such a scenario. That’s when you need a professional cookie maker with a large-sized cylinder and electric operation. Also, it should be dishwasher safe and come with several disc options for producing distinctive shapes effortlessly.

Tips on how to buy Cookie Press online in Dubai

If you directly head towards shopping, it can be a time consuming plus overwhelming experience for you. There are options out there, ranging from manual and electric to commercial machines. So, here are some tips that would help you effortlessly buy a cookie press online in the UAE.

  • Type of cookie press – Cookies press are available in the two forms in the market- manual and electric. Both types of machines have their own benefits. If you are looking for a good item at an affordable price, you can get the manual cookies press machine. It is not so expensive and available in a wide variety in the market. You can use it to press heavier dough by applying the required pressure manually. On the other hand, if you would like to make the pressing work easier, you can go with other machine types that need electricity to operate. You can prepare countless cookies without making efforts with the help of an electric cookie press, which will also save your time.
  • Several die-cut discs – The presentation and visual appeal of food are very important. One of the primary considerations you should consider while purchasing the cookies press machine is the number of die-cut discs included in the complete set. Different die-cut discs offer you to create cookies of different shapes and sizes. Hence, you will not get bored with the same round shape cookies.
  • Shaft capacity – It is really very important to check the shaft capacity of the cookie press at the time of purchasing it. It offers you an idea of how often you need to refill the shaft. You can make a large number of cookies in a single fill with the help of a cookie press that has a large shaft capacity. You can make countless cookies for your guests effortlessly. If you want to enjoy time with your kids in making cookies, then, of course, you can go with a cookies press that has a small capacity that works well with the small and delicate hands of your kids.
  • Easy to clean – Cleaning is an essential part of every machine that we are using for cooking purposes. Certain parts of the cookie press like a shaft die-cut discs that are really hard to clean with hands. So, if you get a machine that is dishwasher safe, it will make your work easier.
  • Rust-resistant – While selecting the cookies press, checking the quality of the material from which it is made up is an important consideration. You should go with rust-free materials like stainless steel and Aluminum.

Considering the above tips would steer you towards the right purchase. However, if you do not know where to begin, the good news is that you do not have to move anywhere else. Here, on our retail search engine, you can find many options, whether it’s about manual machines or their electric counterparts. So, go ahead and grab the best cookie press before the stock lasts.

Question & Answer

How to use a cookie press?

It is quite easy to use a cookies press once you have prepared the dough. Open the cookie press and put the dough inside using fingers or a spoon. Choose the disc as per the design of the cookies you want. Now, follow the instructions on the manual or packaging of the press machine to know how to proceed as per your choice of the manual or electric machine. Generally, in a manual machine, all you have to do is turn a handle to produce a cookie, and in an electric one, you have to press a trigger button.

What is the price of a cookie press?

A quality cookies press can cost you anywhere between $30 to hundreds of dollars depending upon its mode of operation (manual or electric), the number of die-case discs, shaft capability, and more factors. As you go towards advanced versions or expensive brands, the price keeps on increasing. If you want to compare prices, you are in the right place. Right here on, you can compare prices of products offered by various sellers. Also, you can filter or sort products depending upon the price.

What is the best cookie press to buy?

Wilton, Oxo, Marcato, Kuhn Rikon, Cuisinart and DKST Kitchen are some of the popular and best-reviewed brands you can consider when buying a cookie press. You can browse their latest collection right here at Since these are all top brands, you can be sure of their good quality products. If you would like to shop quick, you can sort and filter products. Along with that, you will be able to compare the costs and features of different products to find yourself the best.

Where can I buy a cookie press online in the UAE?

You can buy a cookie press kit from any kitchenware or baking ware store. You have two ways to go ahead, either choose a nearby local brick and mortar store or browse for your machine online. If you are looking for a variety of options, you must choose the latter one. With online stores, you always have an opportunity to make a switch quickly if you do not like a particular collection. On, we made it easier. You can find over 500 stores here. Here, you can find the best biscuit press machines and other home & living products. So, go ahead, browse effortlessly, and find the best products under your budget.

Now that you have collected rich knowledge about cookies press, you must be eager to get one right away. The good part is that you do not need to move even a bit. Right here on our product search engine , you can find many cookies press machines for sale. If you feel overwhelmed with the choices, you can set your preferences like price and brands for quick shopping. You can even compare costs offered by various sellers for a budget pick. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and have a fantastic shopping experience ahead.

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