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About Cake Gratings

Cooling racks, a.k.a baking racks, are one of the very versatile tools to have in the kitchen. Although the primary purpose of them is to basically cool your delectable treats like cookies and cakes, they can do so much more than just that.

Small things can make huge differences in cooking. Cooling racks is one such item. There isn’t much to it when you look at it. They are just a platform made of wire or thin sheet. But in fact, using the cooling rack properly can completely transform your baking experience and make your job a whole lot easier. But before you start shopping, read this article to know more about them. Having a better understanding of them will help you make better choices when you shop for baking racks.

Best cooling racks worth investing your money in

Cooling racks are essential if you want to bake a cake with even finish. Without a grid, it can take a really long time for the cake or any other thing to set after baking. Moreover, the type of cooling rack you need changes based on the treat that you are baking. Besides, that is not the only use of a cake grid. A skilled chef can even make these racks into a tool to slice avocados into guacamole. So, you can put it to good use even if you won’t be baking cakes and cookies so often. Here is a list of the four best cooling racks that money can buy.

Bellemain cookie cooling rack

How long would you expect your cooling rack to keep working? How about more than a decade? It must be surprising to many, but in the case of Bellemain cooling rack, that is the reality. The company offers you ten years of warranty. That means you will get a full refund if the rack bends or warps or stops working perfectly. This cooling rack will fit easily inside a standard cookie sheet. The rack measures 12 by 17 inches that is one inch short on both sides when you compare it to the standard cookie sheet. The chrome plating on the rack gives it a good finish and also aids the durability of the rack.

Linden multi-tier cake cooling rack

Linden baking rack is different from many other cooling racks as it is not a wire rack. It is, in fact, a powder-coated black metal sheet that comes with a stacking stand. The stacking rack makes it easy to use as it comes with an adjustable height setting. If the cakes are of different size, you can adjust the height of the rack accordingly. As it is not a wire cooling rack, it can hold heavier cakes without damaging the shape of the cake. Also, you can use it for other things like cooling cookies and pizzas. Stability is a major concern when it comes to multi-tier racks. But in the case of this rack, you can remove any tray at random and all the other racks will stay put without wobbling.

Ultra-Cuisine thick wire baking grid

This stainless-steel baking rack comes in three different sizes, each suitable for different sizes of sheet pans. All three sizes fit snugly inside standard sheet pans. There is only a quarter-inch difference between the size of the standard sheet pans and the size of this grating. However, that doesn’t make it any difficult to remove the grating from the rack. As the material is stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about corrosion or rust. You can even throw it in a dishwasher with your other kitchen utensils. It also has really smooth edges that are safe to handle, even without gloves.

CIA Masters wire cooling rack

Here is something for you if you are looking for an affordable baking rack that gives you the most bang for the buck. The CIA in the name is short for the Culinary Institute of America, which is a college that specialises in culinary arts. With a length of seventeen inches and a width of twelve inches, it has ample space for you to place cookies and cakes on it. It also has two half-inch tall legs that provide enough clearance between the surface and the food. Because the wires of the baking rack are not so far apart, the food does not sag from its own weight. The fact that it is made of wire rather than a solid sheet of metal does not mean that it is any less sturdy than other gratings.

Tips on how to buy Cooling Racks Online

If you are somebody who is into baking cakes and cookies, you cannot do without a good baking rack. They let you add topping on your creation without burning the fingers. But for a cooling rack to be useful, they must be of the right type. But how do you make sure if a rack is of the right type? The good news is there are only a few thighs that you have to look for to find a good cooling rack. Here is a list of tips that you can follow when you are shopping for them.

  • Size – The thing that matters the most when it comes to cooling racks is the size. Whatever you are baking should fit without trouble on the grid. Practically, foods are of different sizes. Cookies are small as compared to cakes and pizza. So, one might need more than one racks that can accommodate the types of food that you bake.
  • Material – Selecting the material is not that difficult. Baking racks come only in a few different materials. Therefore, choosing the right one is easy as you only have to think about the type of food that you will be baking more often. You can either choose a wire grating or a sheet grating.
  • Multi-tier vs Single rack – If you are baking a lot of cookies at once, you will need racks that you can stack one on top of the other to make the work faster. Multi-tier racks come in two varieties. Among the two, the easiest to use is the racks that have separate racks and a stand. The second type is the rack that supports itself without the help of a stand.
  • Quality and durability of the rack – Prices of cooling racks vary quite a lot. While it is easy to find a rack that costs less than fifty dirhams, you can go up to a couple of hundred dirhams if you are looking for high-end models. The prices of the grating depend on the quality of the material, sturdiness, and extra features.

Cooling racks are a simple yet very effective tool in a bakeware kit. Everyone, including the occasional baker, can have it as they are really affordable. What a rack basically does is to lift the bake above a surface and allows the air to pass beneath it. This allows more even and quicker cooling without sagging the bottom. You can also add icing on cake and cookies while using the cooling rack as support. Also, don’t forget to check out other amazing products from Home & Living.

Question & Answer

Are cooling rack ovens safe?

Generally, there is nothing wrong about using a cooling rack made of metal in an oven. They work fine like the wire rack that comes with most ovens. But if it is a rack treated with non-stick coating, you have to be more careful. Make sure that the rack is oven safe before you use them in an oven. Usually, you will be able to check this easily as they will be on the bottom of the rack itself. If you don’t find any oven-safe mark, it is better to check the user manual or check the manufacturer website. If it is safe for the oven, then you can use it for baking.

How to clean wire racks?

There are many ways you can follow in cleaning a wire rack. The first and easiest method is to use your bathtub. To do that, fill your bathtub with enough water to sink the rack completely. Then add half a cup of the dishwasher and allow it to soak for five or six hours. If you have a large kitchen tub that can fit the rack, then you can use that instead of the bathtub. After soaking the rack, scrub it with a dish towel to remove dirt and grease. Use a toothbrush if there is any stubborn grime on it that is hard to remove. Alternatively, you can soak the rack in a trash bag. But doing so without making a hole in the trash bag is a bit challenging.

Is it necessary to have a baking rack?

A baking rack is essential if you want to bake a perfect cake. Cooling the cake evenly is as important as baking the cake. When you place a cake on a wire rack, it makes it easier for the air to pass through the underside of the cake or cookie. This cools down the cake faster than if you were to leave it on the hot pan. Faster cooling keeps the cake from over-baking. Wire racks allow plenty of room for water vapour to escape, thus preventing condensation from forming on the cake itself. That way, you can also retain the freshness of the treat without them getting soggy.

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