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About Baking Paper

We all have to admit that baking is a messy affair, which you realise after baking when you look around. So how baking paper helps here? They are non-stick, heat resistant, and fancy. Cook things on and in the paper, and nothing sticks. Lay it on the kitchen top and throw it after the job – your kitchen top remains clean. Even use it as a fancy folding. All in all, baking paper is must to have in your kitchen.

Baking paper, parchment paper, bakery release paper, silicone paper – all are different names for one product only. You call it anything, but their job in your kitchen remains the same. If you wonder about how they are made, let us give you a broad brush. Paper pulp is submerged in chemicals like sulphuric acid or zinc chloride and then covered with silicone, making the product non-sticky. The paper itself comes from vegetable or plant-based materials, specifically cellulose. If you are looking to buy one, you might as well confront the alternatives present in the market, which are cooking grease and wax paper. Although choosing one is a personal choice, you should research well before buying to end up satisfied with the product.

Bleached and unbleached parchment paper

Bleached and unbleached are two kinds of parchment paper available in the online marketplace. The bleaching process helps make the product light, clean and even increases its applications. The bleaching is done in many different ways, so products may come out different as well. One of the cons of bleaching is the use of chemicals responsible for industrial pollution. Thus, if heating is concerned, you can switch to an unbleached product. Another benefit of unbleached ones is they are eco-friendly. We hope you understand the difference between the two and ready to get your hands on the right item.

Baking paper versus wax paper for baking

These two products differ in material, purpose, manufacturing, and cost. The baking paper has a silicone coating, while wax one has either paraffin or soybean coating. The chemicals used in the manufacturing thus develops the properties. Baking paper becomes heat resistant, ideal in both the places inside and outside the oven. However, the wax alternative is good for wrapping food or particularly for storage purposes. Coming to the cost, you will see baking paper costs more than wax product due to different applications. So, you can make your choice based on your needs.

Oven paper versus foil for baking

You are out buying baking paper for cake but get confused seeing a foil and can’t figure out which is better. The right sheet wrapped or lined in your bakeware can make the whole process worth it. So here’s a quick tip for you: if you are baking sweets, go for parchment papers and use foil for broil and grill. But sometimes, you can mould the rules. For example, you want brownies to take the right shape; foil proves better. Unlike wax papers, you can buy foil that is non-sticky and withstand high temperatures.

Non-stick baking paper versus butcher paper

Butcher paper is best known for its use during the smoking process. You can wrap your meat in it, put it in a smoker, and it will turn out the best. Even smoking a whole brisket can take over 14 hours unless you use butcher paper to speed through the stall. Butcher types are more permeable than baking paper which is why they speed up the process. However, you should not think of using this paper for your BBQ as it can start a fire. In that case, parchment paper will do the work. The butcher kind is made from wood pulp and treated to make it strong and durable. You can shop for both on our product search engine.

Tips on how to buy Baking paper online in the UAE

Buying a baking paper online is sometimes a daunting task when you see lots of variants. Also, when something is related to food, you need to be very careful about the ingredients used and the overall manufacturing process. Plus, the product has to be functional, matching your exact needs. So, here are a few fine points you should notice in a product when buying.

  • Shape – The shape of the product varies when baking, cooking, or air frying. For example, baking usually requires square-sized, and air frying requires a round shape. So, take note of the application before buying, and you will find the right product always.
  • Size – Check out the size of the roll inside the packaging. It could be 50 foot or 20 foot, depending on your needs. Some of the products even come pre-cut in the desired shape. So, check that out before buying.
  • Type – The product can be bleached or unbleached – these are the two variants you will find online. The bleached one is white, and the unbleached one is light brown. You can decide upon the type you want, depending on your budget and materials used in the manufacturing.
  • Budget – This product may not be an expensive item in your shopping cart. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have to pay attention to the price tag. If you combine all your budget for baking needs, you may see the need for scrutinising every single product.
  • Quantity – Although the items are durable, they show ageing when decolouration and thinning start to happen. So, the quantity should be as per your needs. For example, it is unnecessary to stock a huge roll when you only bake once a month or even once a week.

This is pretty much all about buying the right product. Apart from the tips to keep in mind, a brands’ list at hand will be helpful too. Let us name a few here – Lakeland, Wilton, Wilko, Simply Baked, Baker’s Mark, Beyond Gourmet, and Chevron. Of course, you can expect to find all of these mentions on our shopping platform, Plus, you can buy disposable paper and baking pans at wholesale prices.

Question & Answer

Is baking paper biodegradable?

Baking or parchment paper can be bleached or unbleached, and most of the times, unbleached ones are biodegradable. Even both can be eco-friendly, but to make sure, you should check the manufacturer’s information. This info is usually under the specifications list or on either side of the packaging. If you found the product eco-friendly, you can easily home compost, biodegrade and even recycle it. However, if you have doubts, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer via customer care.

Can baking paper burn?

Yes, it can burn, which is interesting because many of you think the paper is heat resistant. That is also true – this product is treated with silicone during its manufacturing process, making it stand up to very high temperatures. But if you put a flame near, it will burn even more quickly than your notebook paper. We request everyone reading this not to try out this experiment. If you want to see, you can google and will find many pictures of baking paper burning. People who have done this took all the precautionary measures, or even if they don’t, you already have the result. So, why risk it!

When to use baking paper?

Baking paper comes with lots of applications. First of all, you can line a baking sheet with this paper when making cookies because of its non-stick quality. So, no cracks or breaks when the cookie is lifting. You can also decorate the cookies with paper on the bottom, so it is easy to clean the sprinkles afterwards. You can roll out the dough on it for the same reason as the kitchen top remains clean, and cleaning the mess is a matter of seconds. And not many of you know this, but baking fish in parchment paper helps keep moisture and build flavour. These are pretty much the right times when using parchment paper is useful enough.

Where to buy baking paper near me?

There are many brands you can trust for a quality purchase. Falcon is one of the premium brands known for manufacturing and distributing facilities throughout the UAE. You will find disposable food packaging here, including baking paper with an extensive range and best quality. Another brand Hotpack houses unlimited variants you wish to see. It claims to have a product that can withstand up to 425degrees Fahrenheit in the oven – 100%chlorine-free, natural white paper. This is just one variant, as you can explore more upon your visit. Not just these two brands, but there are more lined-up on our shopping search engine for you.

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