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About Baking Mats

Anything that makes your baking process a little less time-consuming and less messy is a blessing. And baking mats are such products that are heat resistant, flexible, multi-purpose, and all that you yearn for. The perfect thickness and size variants can prevent you from burnt bottoms, which is one problem lots of newbies confront. Well, not anymore with a baking mat!

Baking mats provides a non-stick surface for you to bake without greasing the surface with oil or butter. Therefore, you can now eat your baked item guilt-free. Most of the mats available in the online marketplace are durable and have an eco-friendly construction. Also, these mats are multi-purpose. So, the mat you use for rolling the dough can go straight into the oven – that’s a great feature in one product. But make sure you read the specifications list before buying any product.

Perks of using a silicone baking mat

Let’s start by listing the most useful perk, and that is these mats save money as they come with years of life, unlike parchment paper or foil. They are also easy to clean, so less time consumes in cleaning after baking. And, due to their thickness, you can say bye-bye to burnt bottoms. You can even buy baking mats with measurements and be consistent with your cookie size. You don’t have to worry about paper getting stuck to your cookie and then bake right into the dough. Although this happens only in convection ovens, these mats are in every way perfect for baking, kneading, rolling, and looking good on your countertop. All these features still apply to a mat when you are baking savoury items.

Silpat baking mat

The production of Silpat mats started in 1965 by a baker that actually was creating something to keep the food away from sticking. While making this product, there are lots of other positive features that piled up and now has become the best selling brand. You can check out its best product and buy Silpat baking mat half sheet. Although the brand requests users to replace the item annually, many customers have reviewed the longevity of these products from 1 year to 10 years. However, that depends on heavy usage as well. You can clean the products by rinsing with water or cleaning them with a damp cloth but do not use a dishwasher. One downside is that they can develop sticky residue over time, and thereby we recommend following the cleaning instructions very carefully.

Macaron baking sheet

You can bake professional-looking French macarons every time with a baking sheet that is designed for this purpose. You can check out and buy a silicone baking mat with circles. So, not just macarons, you can even make perfect sized meringues, choux pastry, biscuits, cookies, and many other bakery items. You can choose Ikea’s pink shade mat for macarons that is dishwasher and oven-safe. You can place the baking mat directly on the baking sheet with no harm. Tupperware brand is also the one with 36 engraved shells, and this is even fridge, microwave, and freezer safe. The product even comes with a warranty against chipping, cracking, breaking, or other damages when used non-commercially.

Precautions while using silicone baking mat

Silicone baking mats are all good things except for a few precautions. First is never to use a knife on the baking mat or it can cut down to pieces. Also, do not attempt to cut it to fit into the size of your pan. Your silicone can have fibreglass mesh between the layers of silicone that will be damaged when cut. Although they are geat resistant, putting them directly on the stove or other heat resource is illogical. We suggest having two mats if you will be using them on counterpart more aggressively. Or if you need more such tips, you can read our buying guide and make your purchase a smart one.

Tips on how to buy Baking mats online

The USP of a baking sheet is that it is an environmental-friendly product, unlike parchment paper. And a downside is that you cannot cut it to fit into an oddly shaped baking pan. So, bakers worldwide use both the products depending on the baking item and bakeware. But purchasing a silicone mat needs you to consider a few things, and we have these fine points compiled for you. With these tips, you may make your purchase a smart one.

  • Dual-purpose – Mat used inside the oven can be the same mat used on the countertop. There are baking mats available with markings on the side and round markings in the centre to give a perfect, equal, and consistent shape to all your baked items.
  • Non-sticking surface – A silicone mats replace parchment paper with grease. Although there are mats available without this feature wherein you have to use a non-sticking spray, the only difference is the budget. But do not forget to look for a non-sticking surface, especially when you are buying the product for the dual purpose of baking and kneading.
  • Easy to clean – The end result of baking is always satisfying, but the mess you have to clean afterwards can take hours. With a baking mat, you can surely make it less time-consuming. You either have to rinse the mat with water or use soap water. There is no hard and fast rule to clean the baking mat as they are less prone to stick dirt on them.
  • Quality features – Let’s sum up some of the premium features that can you seek in a baking mat. It has to be heat resistant, let’s say up to 480F. It should be non-sticky, so there is no need to apply butter or oil. Last but the most important one is that the product should be made from good quality food-grade silicone fibre that makes the product reliable and the only choice for health enthusiasts.
  • Thickness and size – With variants of thickness and size, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. Considering that, 0.75mm thickness is enough for baking, kneading, and rolling. You can check the size under the product’s specifications. About size, you should check your bakeware and match the size accordingly.

Whether you have started baking or are a professional baker, this silicone mat or parchment paper is one of the essentials you can’t go without. You can find all the variants and multiple brands on our shopping platform, A few brands include Wilton, Lakeland, Betty, Crocker, Kitzini, Miu, and Matfer, among others.  You will find it all or even more upon your visit to our platform. Check it now!

Question & Answer

Are silicone baking mats worth it?

Baking mats are the alternatives for parchment paper, foil, or oil, and are totally worth buying. Professional bakers love these mats because they prevent the burning of the bottom of the baked item because they are thick. Also, they are easy to clean, and eco-friendly too. You do not have to replace a new parchment paper every time you bake. That makes some mats expensive but summing up the price of your annual paper, and the budget seems balanced. Other than baking pastries, you can even bake fish and roast chicken on these mats.

How are silicone baking mats used?

Silicone mats are easy to use. You just have to lay the mat on a cookie sheet as a pan liner and commence your baking. If you think that can make your cookies stick, just spray some non-stick spray. Same way, you can work on baking other items. These mats are also helpful on a countertop as a work surface. Your dough doesn’t stick to the bottom anymore, and the countertop doesn’t become a mess at all. You just have to make sure that you don’t use a knife or other sharp object as these can cut the silicone mat into pieces.

When to use baking mats?

Silicone mats are a blessing for jobs that are too hot or sticky for parchment papers. If your baking involves lots of sugar, you need a silicone mat. You can even replace foil paper with these mats when cooking savoury foods like baked salmon or chicken. On the other hand, you can use parchment paper to line baking pans, and the major advantage over mats is they can be tailored to fit into oddly shaped containers. In general, silicone mats can withstand temperature up to 450F.

Where to buy Silpat baking mat?

If you are looking for consistency and durability, Silpat could be the brand because they promise 3000 baking cycles intact. If you are thinking of a platform where you can buy authentic products of this brand, look no further because our product search engine is at your service. With Silpat’s products, you do not even have to worry about the measurements because the products come with them. Now, all your macarons and cookies will be of perfect size. What else do you want?

Find a wide range of baking mats and even lots of other home & living products on our shopping platform, It is an easy to use platform with multiple brands, online shops, genuine reviews, and whatnot. So, visit now and check out yourself!

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