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About Panty Liners

Despite that, it has been a while that panty liners exist in the market; the true purpose of the product is yet to be disclosed. However, what we all know is that pantyliners are well-marketed personal care products that are served in many different ways. Today we will help our readers generate familiarity and understanding with the product.  

It is a scientifically proven fact that healthy vaginal discharges regularly. This liquid contains flush of all the dead cells and bacteria from the body, leaving it infection-free, clean and healthy. A panty liner pad is meant to hold this discharge without making it obvious and expiring your dress. In the meantime, it is also helpful for ladies with an irregular period cycle. Many claims that wearing liners is much more convenient than wearing a pad or carrying a tampon or menstrual cups everywhere. However, only a few of us know what a pant liner is and how it can be helpful for you in daily life. Today we will help you get answers to all such questions and concerns.  

Panty liners good or not- A beginner’s guide 

Women have been discharged during the day, and it is a normal phenomenon. But still, it can make things uncomfortable and embarrassing with those damp patches on your dress. A panty liner has been proven as an effective way to maintain a fresh, clean and moisture-free cover during the day. And if you are experiencing more flow, you can change it every 3 to 5 hours. By construction, these are thin absorbent pads for feminine hygiene. They are typically worn in the gusset of panty to absorb all sorts of vaginal discharge and light menstrual flow. Hence it will not be wrong if I say that they are thin versions of typically used sanitary pads.  

The purpose of panty liners  

Yet repeating, the main core function of a liner is to keep your panty and clothes clean from stains during the day. It serves the purpose of absorbing all sorts of vaginal discharge and the light flow of menstruation liquid. Plus they work fine when the period is over, but you are still experiencing little spotting and staining as well as post intercourse discharge. We do agree that mono-cups, tampons and sanitary napkins are awesome but there are times when you may have a fear of unwanted leaking. At such times, a panty liner is a reassurance that offers protection during unanticipated and spontaneous discharge.  

Benefits of panty liners  

A panty liner can offer you daily protection from urine leakage, vaginal discharge and period sporting. These liners are made of breathable technology that keeps the moisture away. These help keep your panty and bottom wear dry, clean and spotless. These liners are also helpful in keeping the skin fresh and breathable while managing adult incontinence. As older people are prone to mild to moderate leakage, these liners can be of great help. You can also place the liner horizontally in your panty and avoid the irritating issue of camel toe. And if done properly, you can have all the layers covered. 

Potential dangers of a panty liner  

Besides many benefits, the panty liner can also have some setbacks. This is why some care is needed while using these handy sanitary items. First of all, women can wear a panty liner before or after the menstrual period. But wearing it during the period can be a disaster. This is because these liners are not meant to soak moderate to heavy discharge as it occurs during periods. With regular use of panty liner, you may suffer irritation or redness in the labia and itchy callus that results from friction. Prefer using organic panty liners as the scented ones have chemicals that are harmful to sensitive vaginal tissues.  

Using panty liner – Some pro tips  

At first, they are simple to use. You can paste them inside your panty, exactly the way you do with your sanitary pads. Make sure you are placing the liner in a vertical position and are well warped and secured around the seats of your panty. You should change the liner if it is excessively moist. Also, avoid wearing liners during the night or if you are sleeping for long hours during the day. Make sure you are not using a single liner for long. If you do so, it can cause you some serious irritation and infection. To save money, you can try using reusable panty liners or choose from a range of washable panty liners to save money.

Tips on how to buy Panty Liners online in UAE 

Liners are important. Specifically, if you are a working lady that needs to look flawlessly perfect every moment of the day. A liner can help you take all the worry of sporting or damp feeling away from your mind. Instead, you will feel free and confident to explore the world and opportunities around you. Today there is a wide collection of liners available in the market. Although buying a liner is just like buying a pad, here are some tips that can help you make your decision efficiently.

  • Consider the flow – The absorbing abilities of liners vary. Just like sanitary pads, different liners have different abilities to absorb moisture. Know your needs and choose a liner that has the ability to serve.
  • Choose a brand – There are hundreds of manufacturers and brands selling sanitary products online. Each comes with its unique formulae and serves differently. It is always a good idea to look for a product from a trusted brand.
  • Wings or no wings – These liners are available with or without wings. Wings can help the liner to stick well to the underwear and stay at its place no matter what. However, the decision rest on your preferences and the freedom you are looking to enjoy.
  • The packaging – Pantyliners are available in different sets and packaging. You can either buy a big box of 30 liners for each day of the month. Or you can choose a small package if you are using the liner occasionally. The prices will vary according to the number of liners in a package.

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Question & Answer

Are panty liners the same as pads?

No, both liners and standard sanitary napkins are entirely different from each other. A standard sanitary pad is longer, thicker and usually come with wings. These pads have higher absorbency ability and can take higher liquid flow. Whereas a pant liner is a lightweight, thin, breathable patch. These patches do not have any moderate to high absorbency and can only hold lighter stains or drops of liquid in them.

What is the purpose of panty liners?

In the baseline, we can say that a panty liner is meant to offer you back support. It helps to keep your dress and panties from getting damp or stained. As a result, you are left with a clean and dry body all day long. These liners are lightweight and thin hence are ideal for daily use. Plus they can easily hide under any clothing item and protect you from stains without being visible. Ladies prefer using these liners daily when they want to stay covered and stress-free about any sort of minor leakage.

Do panty liners help with the odour?

Most liners are responsible for keeping the vaginal skin areas dry. Without moisture, there can be no production of smell, causing bacteria in the vaginal area. Hence we can say that the panty liner can help to deal with the odour below there. However, some scented liners can offer you an additional refreshing and fragrant feel. In both cases, the user is left with clean dry and fresh skin with no bad smell.

Are scented panty liners bad for you?

Using scented liner occasionally can get you no harm. However, it does hurt your body if you are using them continuously. These pantyliners come with a special type of chemical. Regular contact with these chemicals can cause skin issues and infection in your vaginal area. Moreover, for ladies with sensitive skin, these chemicals can result in causing irritation and serious skin issues. Hence, we can say excessive use of panty liner is not good for ladies.

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