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Incontinence condition in a body results in the loss of bladder control, and one faces leakage throughout the day. With appropriate incontinence dressing, you can move freely and continue your daily routine without any embarrassing confrontations. Although comfort is easy to obtain with incontinence pads, you should make sure the product you choose is compatible with your needs.

Not every incontinence pad is designed the same. For example, some are detachable ones, while some are pull-up pants. You can also buy these pads appropriate for special clothing like swimwear. Although the comfort through these pads is easy to obtain, you need to explore enough to find the right one. When buying, absorbency, comfort, and price should be the topmost priority. Still, the various types of products need your scrutinising eyes that can filter the products based on your needs. The technology is the same in every kind of pad. They all have a hydrophobic layer to draw urine away from the product’s surface, keeping your skin dry.

Incontinence pads versus menstrual pads

Both these pads are designed to prevent leakage. However, you cannot replace one with another, taking note of absorbency levels. Urine flow is rapid and produces fluid comparatively more than menstrual blood. Also, menstrual pads cannot hold urine or stool odour. Neither it can protect your skin from the after-effects of urine acid. On the other, all these attributes are present in incontinence pads without fail. The products’ quality is in the picture, of course. However, the features are still irreplaceable with other pads. Apparently, there are other medicinal and surgical procedures if you do not want to reply on pads. Doctors’ advice is suggested for any kind of treatment.

Abena incontinence pads

The Abena brand is amongst the top brands you should explore. As the topmost priority for buying these pads is good absorbency, this brand’s products provide up to 4,000ml fluid absorbency. A standard bladder capacity you will find is usually 400-600ml. Hence, the brand is six times more competent. But it is not the only feature; the product is also comfortable to wear and features a wetness indicator. The colour of the pad will change, indicating it’s time to replace the pad. And contrary to your thinking that more absorbent pads will become heavy, these are not and not noisy too. You can go through your daily routine without thinking much.

Tena lady pads

This is the brand that caters to women’s needs in all possible senses. The pad will remain invisible under clothing, or if you want, you can buy a pad built into underwear. These are heavy-duty pads, perfectly fine for moderate to heavy leakage. The pad’s design is in such a way that you can sit, lay back, or walk, and you will remain covered. While you explore the brand, you will find varying absorbency levels to choose from, depending on your needs. The fact that the product is not bulky and noticeable makes it favourable among women.

Incontinence pads for men

The benefit of buying pads designed for men and women is that they adjust to the body figure accordingly. Men’s pads have a slim side profile to prevent a bulky appearance. Apart from the special design, the rest of the features are similar. The absorbency and comfort can leave you walking confidently without thinking of any embarrassing situations. One of the brands, Depend, has got some useful products for men. You can check their real fit maximum absorbency underwear. It has got excellent reviews online. You can find more such brands on our shopping search engine. Not just this, you can also explore waterproof bed pads for the elderly and other hygiene products.

Tips on how to buy Incontinence Pads

There are certain features you should not skip exploring while buying incontinence pads. It is possible that you may not get the desired comfort the first time, but proper research and information gained can help you make an informed decision. This could be a long-term solution for a person, and if yes, you need nothing but a compatible product. Check these fine points before hitting the buy button.

  • Absorbency options – Levels of absorption can be different depending on bladder leakage. A few body conditions demand pads that retain the full amount of leakage, and so you need a high absorption level. Likewise, you can check out low, moderate, and high levels and contemplate your choices.
  • Daytime or nighttime – If opting for low or moderate coverage, you can still prefer high absorbency for nighttime. The reason is obvious for elderly people is that they cannot make it to the bathroom in time. Also, for nighttime, bed pads are one of the options you can explore.
  • Disposable or reusable – The choice between these options is based on personal hygiene. If one can wash the pads or get proper nursing in that regard, reusable pads are not a problem. Otherwise, reusable ones have some good products too. You can buy both options and use disposable ones during vacations and reusable ones at home. Overall, you can choose them at your convenience as there is no difference in features whatsoever.
  • Price check – If using incontinence pads is a long-term solution or even for a few months, you should consider your budget. Buying in bulk may be one option to cut out on the final budget. You can also get bundles of disposable and reusable products to take care of your budget.

While you scrutinise these features, do not forget to read the product’s packaging thoroughly. Every product can have unique features, useful or avoidable, depending on one’s condition. Checking them out will make you avoid unnecessary spending on incontinence aids. Our shopping platform can let you explore variants from multiple brands, so it is easy for you to compare and buy.

Question & Answer

What pads are best for urinary incontinence?

There are many reliable brands you can explore for the best choices. For example, Abena’s incontinence briefs are the best overall for men and women. You will get super absorption and comfort without fail. Another brand is Medline, which you can explore for disposable beds, which is a great option for nighttime routines. Tena incontinence pads for women have special features for women’s bodies to make the pad more comfortable. Similarly, Depend’s men’s underwear has features comfortable for men. Therefore, you can choose the products based on gender, leakage problems, clothing, or other needs.

How often should you change your incontinence pads?

You can change the pad when it is wet. As leakage issues can vary among individuals, changing frequencies can be different. However, it does not mean you should wear a pad for a long time. It will be hygienic for your skin if you regularly replace the pad with a fresh piece. Overall, 4-6times for heavy leakage is usual. You should never have itching, redness, or patches, which means the pad is incompatible or you are not using it properly. Consult your doctor if you feel uncomfortable. Some pads even offer light-indicating features in which pads’ light changes, alerting the replacement time.

Do incontinence pads hold a full wee?

Yes! And that is what they are made for. However, not all pads can hold the full leakage. You need to buy products that indicate having the feature. It will be explicitly written on the packaging, along with features like high absorption, high odour control, and skin protection. Other products that can absorb light leakages also have these features but on a moderate level. You can check out our platform to explore all kinds of varieties and see what fits best to your condition. The doctor’s advice will also be useful here.

Where can I buy incontinence pads online in the UAE?

You can check out brands like Kotex, always, Prevail, Boots, Abena, Attends, and many more to get the best of the best. The products from different brands can vary in features, like the speed of absorption, leakage, comfort, and materials. Contemplating these features can lead you to the best buy. However, the list of brands is not limited to these few options. You can explore more such competitive names on our shopping search engine under our dedicated health & beauty category. Check out now!

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