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About Tweezers

Whether in a beauty bag or a medicine cabinet, a pair of tweezers is what makes a lot of things easier for us. Tweezers are best at working out with small objects ranging from facial hair and splinters to teeth.

Tweezers are small tools that you can use to pick or pluck tiny objects such as facial hair, splinters, and beads. They are most likely derived from their huge counterparts, including tongs, pincers and pliers. Its usage is common among women to remove facial hair like eyebrows, chin or the upper lip. Other common pluckers include handling tiny things while working on jewellery, electronics, or mechanical parts. They have different shapes according to the tasks to accomplish. Let us explore their wide variety to decide which one can work best for you.

Exploring various stainless-steel tweezers and their uses

The construction material for tweezers is mostly stainless steel due to its high ductility, toughness, and no rust properties. There are six main types of pluckers for personal as well as professional levels. Slant tip pointed tip, pointed slant, round tips, square tip and curved are common forms. Slant and point tips work best in the beauty industry. Round or curved ends are best for the manufacturing of mechanical parts and jewellery. Let us understand in detail. Also, get to know how to buy tweezers online in UAE.

Hair removal tweezers

Slanted tips are most effective for the removal of facial hair. Due to its precision aligned stainless steel tip, it can work on all types of hair. It can remove almost all types of hair from fine to thick. A pointed slant can even deal with finer peach fuzz. Hair removal pluckers have calibrated tension to prevent hair from breaking at the skin. They are more precise than other types. Moreover, their thick and grippy handle is ergonomic and comfortable to hold. They generally come without any colour coating. However, to complement your makeup kit, you can choose from colours like black, white and even pink.

Professional tweezers

You can find many uses of pluckers in various industries ranging from beauty, medical and electronics to jewellery. The ones meant for the beauty industry accomplish many tasks like hair removal, nail art and fixing artificial eyelashes. The pointed end is ideal for grasping objects like delicate skin or body parts in operations in the medical arena. About the manufacturing of jewellery and electronic items, tweezers offer a significant convenience in picking or fitting tiny objects. Artisans can work out small beads, wires and metal pieces best with the help of a pair of tweezers.

Tweezers with light and magnifying glass

Delicate works like plucking peach fuzz, holding skin during an operation, or mounting a gem on a jewellery piece require a lot of precision. Hence, modern tweezers come with LED lights and even magnifying glasses. This equipment facilitates users to have a defined and accurate look at the target. The best part is that such pluckers are not even expensive. You can find them at an affordable cost with replaceable battery options. Tweezerman has been the top name for a very long in high-quality pluckers. The brand is also popular for its well-aligned tips and award-winning design.

Tips for purchasing Tweezers in Dubai, UAE

A pair of tweezers is excellent equipment to pick or pluck tiny objects like splinters, hair and even beads while working on jewellery. However, there is no one pair you can get your hands on. They come in a range of construction materials, shapes, sizes, and tip structures. So, here are some tips for buying tweezers.

  • Requirement – When it comes to pluckers, your purchase can be nothing but a waste if you do not choose the right one. All the pluckers find their uses in picking or plucking small things. However, choosing one depends upon the type, size and stubbornness of objects you want to select. For example, tweezers with a slant or point at the tip are great for facial hair removal. On the other hand, jewellery makers mostly use rubber-coated tweezers not to harm the precious gems.
  • Tip structure – There are six main types of tweezers based on tip structure: slant tip, pointed tip, planted slant, square tip, round tip, and curved pluckers. Each one is apt for different uses. As the name suggests, the blades of a slant tweezer are cut at an angle to create a slanted tip. Pointed one has sharp ends for high level for precision. Pointed slant tweezers have steeper slants fantastic to remove stubborn ingrown hair or splinters. People rarely use round and curved types of pluckers. So, it is essential to choose one as per your requirements.
  • Construction type – There are two common forms of tweezer constructions- two fused and angled pieces of metal. The bent tweezer is inexpensive to construct but have a weaker grip when used. On the other hand, the fused tweezer is costly and allows a firmer grip. The space between the tips without force application also affects the grip and lets the buyer know how effective the tweezer would be.
  • Brand – Due to market expansion, we have plenty of options when it comes to purchasing anything. Pluckers are one of those things that you can find in a lot of stores. However, not each of them bears quality and accurate construction. So, go for trusted brands that work for you like Laura Mercier, Multiplex, Revitalash, Tweezerman, Bobbi Brown, Diamond, Bbb London, and JB.

Tweezers are must-haves for ladies who like to keep themselves groomed. Moreover, they fantastically aid works like jewellery making, removing cracked eggshells and tightening of screws. Although, you should have a specific type to accomplish each work. Considering the above tips would make it easy for you to choose an appropriate style. On, you can find a wide assortment of pluckers meant for different tasks. If you feel a bit overwhelmed with the number of options, you can use advanced filters to narrow down choices. Now, go ahead! Grab the best pluckers and health and beauty products at affordable costs.

Question & Answer

What are tweezers used for?

People use pluckers to pick too small objects that one cannot work out from hands. People use it to pluck the hair, debone fish and even remove ticks from pets. You can find six main types of tweezers in the market, including slant tip, pointed tip, pointed slant, square tip, round tip, and curved pluckers. Each pair comes in a different shape. Slanted and pointed pluckers find their use in beauty salons to pick extra eyebrows or any facial hair. So, different types of tweezers are used for different purposes.

What’re the best tweezers for facial hair?

Slant tip tweezers are the best tweezers for eyebrows, chin hair, and other facial hair. They are mostly used in beauty salons and even at home, eliminating the need of going out for any facial hair removal. However, one must go for pointed tweezers for fine hair as it is well known for its precision. So, your selection depends upon the kind of hair you want to remove. There are different kinds apt for removing different kinds of hair and dealing with different areas.

Are tweezers inexpensive?

Yes. People generally use stainless steel tweezers which mostly costs less than $10. Especially if you buy one for beauty purposes, tweezers are cheaper than going to a parlour. Tweezers cost too low, but they work amazingly well. You can even buy them in bulk so that you always have to go missing. Find a range of cheap tweezers to buy right here on They come in a wide range of costs depending upon the brands and seller you choose. You can shop here to find tweezers at nominal prices.

Where to buy tweezers online?

You can find tweezers in any beauty and cosmetics store. Be it click or brick, you can find different types of tweezers at any. However, you might have to choose from a limited variety like pointed and slant tips tweezers in physical retail stores. On the other hand, online stores serve you many varieties of tweezers that have been invented so far. Moreover, it is incredibly convenient to visit hundreds of online stores with few fingers taps. So, consider ordering it online. No wonder you will have access to genuine brands online and can even get price cuts.

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