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About Wheelchairs

Everyone loves to enjoy the outdoors, but it seems a big task with limited or no ability to walk. Wheelchairs are excellent equipment that opens up many opportunities for people. They can do daily activities easily, enjoy social events and access healthcare independently.

A wheelchair is one of the common adaptive devices. It promotes mobility in people who have difficulties in walking. It has wheels, tires, axle, leg rest, casters, and armrest to ensure efficient mobility. The wheelchairs have been around for many years, but many functionalities add up as we move with time. King Phillips II of Spain first used it to ease his movement within his castle. Later, it became a luxury item due to its high cost. However, through time, they start becoming more accessible to those who need them. If you need one, let us first explore a wide range of wheelchairs for sale.

Type of wheelchairs to choose from

There is an increasingly wide range of models to pick from. The first time buyers might think that there are just manual and electric chairs. However, there is more to it! The most basic type is self-propelled. The user operates it through the rear wheels. Manual, electric, mobility scooters, single-arm drive, &  sports chairs are other prominent choices. Continue reading to understand in detail and find the best-handicapped wheelchair to buy.

Automatic wheelchair

An electric motor operates an automatic or electric chair. It is useful for those who cannot operate a manual model or use the chair on difficult surfaces. A Canadian inventor has invented an electric-powered wheelchair. It consists of components like a drive system, battery, controller, seat and wheels. Generally, the electric motors of automatic models have 12 to 80 ampere-hour rechargeable batteries. You can control its movement with the help of a joystick. However, the electric wheelchair price might go a bit on the higher side.

Stair climber wheelchair

Stair climbers help people with disabilities climb up and down the stairs. They are generally lightweight and foldable. They can climb 20 stairs or more depending upon the efficiency. Such models are suitable for indoor, outdoor and even public buildings. They have a rechargeable battery, soft seat and back support for a trouble-free experience. Some stair climbers even have an automatic braking system that locks tracks during stops on ascent or descent. Self-supporting tracks in stair climbers make the climbing experience secure.

Heavy-duty wheelchair

Heavy-duty models are basically for plus-sized users. You can find them in a wide variety as per the body shape and weight. They should have additional structural features to aid extra depth, width and even strength. It is essential to consider your weight and body structure while purchasing a heavy-duty chair. Moreover, since it’s bigger in size, it may be hard to work out with corridors and doors. So, it is critically important to determine whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use.

Tips on how to buy Wheel Chairs in Dubai

Wheelchairs come in a wide assortment depending upon their size, properties, usage and even mode of operation. You will feel a dilemma when you step into the market. There are manual attendant-propelled, electric, mobility scooters, single-arm drive wheelchairs, and even recliners. So, which is an appropriate one? Below guiding tips would solve all the questions you might have in your mind while looking at the options.

  • Choosing a category – By now, you must have understood that there are various wheelchairs to choose from. You can try manual, ergonomic, transport, electric or any other type. So, pick the one that best suits your abilities and requirements. For example, if you or your caretaker can propel the wheelchair, a manual wheelchair is convenient and cost-effective. For stair or rough terrains, you might need an automatic one.
  • Size and dimensions – Seat width, depth, floor height & back height are some of the essential measurements. There is a special size every person needs as per weight and body structure.
  • Adjustment facilities – This is another essential factor in decision making while choosing a chair. Hardly any chair suits a particular user completely. You require slight adjustments like height, width, armrest and leg rest to feel comfortable. So, look for the adjustment facilities in the wheelchair before considering one. You can find a variety of cheap adjustable wheelchairs in the market.
  • Brands – While buying adaptive equipment, it isn’t easy to find a reliable source. However, if you choose good brands, you will hardly be disappointed with your experience later. Ma Famille, Drive Medical, Roscoe Medical, Medline, and Wzb are popular brands that sell quality chairs.

The wheelchair is a must-have for people who have difficulties walking. It not only eases mobility but also let users not miss any important task. Like, daily work, social events or essential services like healthcare. However, due to many market options, you can fall into a dilemma to find one. So, consider the above tips to choose an appropriate chair. If you are unsure about where to buy, log on to We are a product search engine featuring products offered by the best brands operating in the industry. So, go ahead and explore a vast collection. Moreover, use filters and price comparisons to find wheelchairs and other tools under your budget. You can even jump to our testimonial section to read what our customers say about our services.

Question & Answer

Can you get a wheelchair for free?

You can get it for free through a few numbers of handicap wheelchair programs. Several national-level health insurance programs cover a majority of the cost of a manual or electric wheelchair. However, certain criteria should be met that can vary from company to company. Most authorities require a written doctor’s note confirming limited mobility and inability to do daily activities due to mobility issues. The patient can operate a wheelchair safely or have someone to help out. Apart from this, certain NPOs, NGOs, and even many societies distribute wheelchairs for free to help senior citizens.

Does medicare cover wheelchairs?

If certain criteria are met, then medicare would cover most of the cost of your electric wheelchair. You can consult your doctor to confirm your eligibility for it. The insurance program might require medical consent confirming certain conditions like the inability to move or perform daily activities related to mobility. Also, if the patient cannot operate a wheelchair, there should be a person to provide the required aid. For detailed information, you can visit the Medicare website and make sure you meet all the requirements.

Can wheelchairs be adjusted?

Yes. You can make some simple to complex adjustments to your wheelchair to meet your requirements. Seat width, height, depth, foot-rest length, back height and armrest height are some of the adjustments you can make to your wheelchair. Adjust the seat and back in such a way that your hips and spine are aligned. Make sure the chair supports your head and neck properly. However, there can be different ways to adjust it depending upon the type of wheelchair you have. So, read it in the instruction manual that comes along.

What are the different types of wheelchairs?

Some prominent wheelchairs include manual self-propelled, powered, mobility scooters, single-arm drive, standing, and sports wheelchairs. The self-propelled chair is the most popular. The occupant propels it using the large rear wheel, i.e. 20-26 inches in diameter. However, an electric wheelchair is propelled through an electric motor. The occupant does not have to put any effort to use an electric wheelchair. A joystick controls such chairs.

Now that you have information about the wheelchair, you must be eager to purchase one right away. However, due to many options out there, it is normal to feel a bit overwhelmed. So, on, we have a solution for you. You can find quality and tested products offered by 500 different online stores in one place on a product search engine. You can browse the whole collection, search for a particular one, or narrow down choices using filters. We boast everything from self-propelled chairs; caregiver propelled chairs to electric options. So, what are you waiting for? Shop for the best chair and other health and beauty products before the latest collection fades away.