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About Move Auxiliaries

For one reason or another, many people around us suffer from disabilities or lack of physical movements that lead to a minimal ability to move without support. To help such disabled individuals, there is a wide range of mobility equipment available in the market. A mobility scooter (or Move Auxiliaries) is one such common item that you can find in the market. 

A piece of mobility equipment is a device designed to assist walking or improving the movement of any individual with mobility impairment. Today you can find a wide range of walking aids that can help people with impaired abilities to walk. They can also use wheelchairs or mobility scooters for severe disability or long journey that would otherwise be taken on foot. Also, for people with visual impairment or blindness, mobility equipment like white canes are used. Other modern aids can help with mobility or transfer within a building or where the level changes.  

Types of mobility aids you can consider buying 

The walking assistance devices (mobility equipment) for the elderly or disabled are indispensable in many cases. Their presence in the lives of people who have any physical disability, older age, permanent or temporary injury is a blessing. These people need aids for support and stability while walking and prevent them from falling or severe injuries while moving from one point to another. With this disability equipment, people can confidently cope with the issues and become independent without letting the injury affect their daily life. However, every type of mobility product offers varying benefits and are suitable for different medical conditions. Let us review some of the common types and their uses.  

The crutches 

They help in transferring weight from the legs to the upper body. They can be used in pair on singly depending on the type of injury. The crutches help keep a person upright and often used by individuals with short term injuries like fractures or permanent disabilities. There are different types of crutches, including Axillary or underarm crutches placed under ribcage and armpit, and the user holds them in hand while moving. A strand crutch involves place an arm on the plastic or metal scud and holding the handgrip. While in a platform crutch, the forearm rests on a horizontal platform. 


Also known as walking frames, Zimmer frames, or wheelie walkers, they are made of a metal framework with four legs that provide stability and support to the user. They are stable walking aids and are used by about 4.6 per cent of adults over 65. The basic style has a 3-sides frame surrounding the user who lives the frame and places it a bit further in front of them. Then they sweep forward to meet it before repeating the process. Some styles also have glides or wheel on the base of legs that allow the user to slide rather lifting. These types are helpful for the elderly with limited arm strength. Some common types include rollators, knee walkers, or walker-cane hybrids.  


They are among the most commonly used medical walkers around the globe. They are used by people who should not put their weight on lower limbs and cannot walk. Wheelchairs can be more suitable for an individual with severe disabilities or while travelling over a greater distance. The user can either manually propel the chair, or someone can push them. There are some electric power chairs available in the market. They are a bit costly but convenient to use. These special types of wheelchairs include standing wheelchairs or sports motor chairs, among many others.   

Mobility scooters 

Like wheelchairs, a mobility scooter is a unique device with a seat set on top 3, 4 or 5 wheels. The user’s feet rest on the footplates, and there are handlebars or steering wheels to control the directions. Generally, these scooters are battery-powered. These scooters are ideal for individuals with limited upper body strength or flexibility that challenge them to use a manual wheelchair. Many scooters users report satisfaction with a positive impact on their lives for choosing mobility scooters over wheelchairs. However, the user needs some skills to operate and rules to follow while using these mobility aids.  

Tips on how to buy Mobility Equipment online in the UAE

For people of old ages who find it hard to get around, buying the best walking aid with wheels for the elderly is the best thing you can do. These aids will offer them confidence and freedom to move on their own. These devices can make a massive difference to seniors struggling to stay as mobile as they used to be or suffer from any illness. Luckily, there are dozens of brands to buy medical mobility equipment online in the UAE.  Hence choosing a product as per your needs can be a daunting task. To break it down, we have simplified the points that you need to consider while looking for the best wheelchair to buy online in Dubai.

  • Consider the terrain –  Not every mobility device is made for every terrain. Some items are designed for indoor use only, while others can also do well outdoors, like sidewalks or roads. Also, some devices can help you go up and down curbs and hills. Hence think carefully about the uses and look for a mobility device accordingly.
  • The portability and weight –  There are cheap folding scooter and wheelchair models that are lightweight and portable. They are good to go with. On the other hand, if you want a scooter for a long road journey, look for a durable, heavy-duty model that is heavyweight. Once again, choices depend on your needs and preferences.
  • Manoeuvrability and size of the device –  Motorized wheelchairs or scooters come in varying sizes, from a 3-wheel indoor model to massive chunky outdoor models. The 3-wheeler has a smaller turning circumference that helps in mobility indoors. Consider where the elders will want to use it and choose accordingly.
  • Safety features –  Make sure that the selected items have all the basic safety features. These include an anti-tip wheel to protect, easy use of the single-hand controller, high-quality material and durability. These features may vary based on the type of mobility aid you are planning to buy. So, you can consult an expert for suggestions.
  • Affordability of mobility aids – Buying s mobility aid is a significant investment. Some portable and 3-wheel models can cost up to $600. But the price for a high specification heavy-duty scooter can exceed $3000. Hence, it important is to set your budget and needs side by side while searching online.

With a wide range of mobility aids for seniors in the market, finding a suitable option takes time. It is also important that you look at the right place. Buying from a retail search engine can help you save bucks, time, and energy while ending up with a reliable option. These online stores give you to access dozens of products from more than one brand. However, buying an appropriate option also depends on your knowledge about the products. Hence, educate yourself well before stepping into the virtual market.

Question & Answer

When types of equipment help with mobility?

There is a wide range of assistive devices and equipment for people with limited ability to move. These may include equipment like a motorized lift chair, electric scooter, or rollator. A motorized lift chair works with a mechanism that lifts or tilts the chair’s base forward and enables the seater to rise from the seated position quickly. Whereas an electric mobility scooter offer freedom to get around. One can consider if they are facing any limited mobility. On the other hand, a rollator is similar to a walker, except that you do not have to lift it while walking.

How do I know if I need mobility aid?

You may need to consider a walking aid if you have experienced a fall while standing or walking that led to some discomfort in your muscles, tissues, or joints, and your legs are not able to handle a load of your body without pain. At times, the person will need these aids when taking medication that makes them dizzy; or have injuries or impairment that causes an unbalanced gait. These aids are also helpful if you have limited lower body strength or experience pain while standing or walking.

What is wheelchair mobility?

The term wheelchair mobility refers to wheeled equipment that is used as a means of transportation. It is also termed a transport wheelchair. These chairs can help people with limited or no mobility to get around. This term will not usually include a wheelchair suitable for the people who spend 24×7 in a wheelchair or other considerations like pressure care, posture, etc.  These chairs come in a wide range of forms, shapes and sizes depending on the needs of the individual users.

Where can I buy mobility equipment online in the UAE?

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