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About Incontinence aids

Incontinence problems can bring you embarrassment all of a sudden. However, through several hygiene products like incontinence aids, you can keep your worries at bay. Let us explore them for a better tomorrow.

Bladder control problems can be temporary to long-term problems caused by several underlying health issues. Both urinary and non-urinary reasons can be responsible for it. Urinary system causes may include poor bladder compliance, urethral hypermobility and other problems. On the other hand, non-urinary causes can be any condition like infection, medication or drugs. The symptoms of this problem can be leaking or a sudden strong urge to urinate, or both. Popular hygiene brands invent several incontinence aids to keep the affected person comfortable and protect their clothing and bedding. Here’s a detailed account of varieties and how to find the best incontinence pads to buy.

Type of incontinence aids

The bladder control problem is common. The severity of the disorder may range from a sudden but little urine leakage to an urge to urinate that’s so strong the person does not get to a toilet in time. However, popular aids like pads and pants offer excellent protection from these health problems. Adult diapers, pads, plugs and cheap incontinence bed pads are some products that help manage the problem conveniently. Read on to understand their usage and benefits in detail. If you want to buy incontinence aids online in Dubai, then towards the end, you will also find some guiding tips.

Incontinence aids for dementia

Urinary incontinence is a common problem in people who have dementia. It includes occasional leakage of urine and even a strong urge to urinate suddenly. With the help of a set of aids like disposable pads, bedsheets, and liners, it becomes easy to protect the leakage. These products are specially designed to provide moderate to heavy protection. Although, high usage of these products may lead to skin problems such as irritation, itching and inflammation. For that, the users have to go for prescribed creams or medication sometimes.

Incontinence pads for elderly

This problem can happen to anyone; however, it is more common in older people, especially women. When it comes to managing the problem, there are some aids you can comfortably rely on. Pads for older adults are a bit different than normal ones in terms of absorbing power. Since most of them cannot get up multiple times, pads designed for them can hold more liquid. You can even turn to bed pads that fit securely over the mattress. Diapers are another comfortable and dry alternative. You can find a range of incontinence aids for sale here.

Incontinence aids for swimming

For those who love to swim, bladder control problems can be a barrier. Thankfully, it has become easier with aids like underwear-style absorbents or fully designed swimming costumes to replace your usual swimsuit. They even come in the form of pads or liners that you can wear subtly under a bathing suit to keep the bladder problems private. These products are designed to have minimum possible swelling. Moreover, quality products do not even tear apart accidentally so that you can swim comfortably even in the worst scenario.

Tips on how to buy Incontinence Aids in Dubai

Bladder control problems can be huge, but understanding the aids and treatments can help you control things. By now, you must have understood that the market is crammed with a variety of aids. Since there are so many options at the front, it can be a daunting experience for you to identify the best. So, here on, we, along with our experts, have worked upon a brief guide. It would help you choose the best products as per your condition and requirements.

  • Level of the problem – A variety of reasons can cause bladder problems. Not all of the problems are the same. Some are associated with little urine leakage, whereas some face an unexpected leak of stool. Your choice of aids depends greatly upon the level of problem you have. You can manage mild problems with thin liners and diapers, whereas you might require a strong absorbent for frequent and heavy leakage.
  • Type of aid – The aids come in a wide variety ranging from pads and diapers to bedsheets and even panties. For example, pads offer moderate to heavy flow protection during the day, whereas for the night, you can use both diapers and put an absorbent sheet over the mattress to ensure no leakage. You can choose one as per your requirements and the level of convenience required.
  • Personal requirements – With advanced aids, you are never deprived of anything you want to do due to your bladder problem. For example, if you want to swim, you can use underwear-style absorbents or fully designed swimming costumes to replace your usual swimsuit. Furthermore, if you are doing any activity that requires fast movement, diapers or pads can be an unreliable solution. At this time, women can use tampons like plugs specially made to deal with such problems.
  • Source of purchase – You can find these aids at any local or online supermarket or pharmacy. However, in brick stores, you might not find a specific product you are looking for due to the limited variety. Turning to online stores is a great option here. Over online medical supplies, you can find products ranging from pads, panty liners and under-wears to swimwear and plugs. Moreover, you can browse hundreds of stores through a few finger taps.

Now that you have gathered much information about aids, you must be eager to purchase some sets for yourself, your parents or old grandparents. The good news is that you do not have to move anywhere else. Right here on, you can find a massive collection of aids offered by popular brands operating in the industry. Moreover, we have brought together over 500 online stores in one place so that you can get almost any healthcare tool here. So, go ahead and get the best products home while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

Can you get free incontinence pads?

Aids for bladder problems are excellent, but they can be hard on your budget. Though there are some ways you can get free pads for older people. In some states, health coverage companies provide free products on qualifying for a hospice. The qualifications of the program may differ, though. It might include provisions for people suffering from health conditions like Dementia. Another way is to use the free samples provided by brands. You can even check them out in local senior centre gift shops—some online ways, including coupons, participating in surveys and more. Lastly, you have to stay on the lookout to know offers and deals released by online sellers.

What are the best incontinence pads?

If you are in search of the best pads, then you are in the right place. On our product search engine , you can find some popular brands that offer high-quality aids ranging from pads, underwear, liners, plugs and even swimsuits. Your choice depends upon your requirements. For example, if you have a bladder control problem and want to swim, then underwear-style absorbents or swimsuits specially designed for such problems work well. If you are looking for the best options, you can find them here.

How often do incontinence pads need to be changed?

As a general rule, most of the pads work for 4 to 5 hours or even more. Though, it also depends upon the product quality and your personal comfort. Changing pads 4-6 times a day is recommended to prevent any leakage and protect the skin. Prolonged use of the same pad for a long time may lead to skin irritation, itching and even inflammation. You can experience leakage and bad odour. Furthermore, it is not advisable to turn to reusable pads as it might lead to skin problems.

Is incontinence a disability?

It is not the disability itself, but the underlying causes can come under the list of disabilities. Several health issues can cause this problem. Hence, any ongoing and chronic conditions might lead to disability. Conditions that result in loss of bladder control are irritable bowel syndrome, stroke, diabetes, and more. Bladder control problems can be temporary to long-term problems caused by several underlying health issues. Both urinary and non-urinary reasons can be responsible for it.

Whether you are suffering from a urinal or bowel problem, many reliable products are made to deal with each problem. On, you can find an extensive collection of aids offered by hundreds of trusted and loved online stores. Moreover, if you feel overwhelmed with the range of options, you can use features like price comparison, filters and sorting to narrow down the choice and quickly find your product. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find the best aids and other health and beauty products right here on at affordable prices.