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About Sunscreens

Despite the fact that many of us spend most of our time indoors, or in direct sunlight for a very short period, it’s important to note that a sunscreen is a year-round necessity. But unfortunately, finding the right sun block cream for you and your skin type can be a tricky business. Fret not, because we’ve got your back. In this article, we shall look at the benefits of using the sun blocks, the different types, and the some of the best sunscreen for face to invest in. Stick with us till the end, if you want to find out the secret tips on how to buy sunscreens online in UAE. 

Sunscreens, sun blocks, or suntan lotions are health & beauty products that absorbs or reflects the UV radiation. Thus, applying them on your skin helps you protect your skin against sunburns. Moreover, if you use them diligently, you can even prevent the development of wrinkles, sagging skin, and dark spots. The benefits apart, you’ll find several types of sunscreens out there on the market today. But, remember, not all of them might suit you and your skin type. Therefore, you ought to be careful while buying them online. That said, let’s check out a few sun block creams that you can invest in. 

The best-selling sunscreens to keep your face protected

Depending on the model of action, you can classify the sunscreens into physical sunscreens or chemical sun block creams. Each one comes with different compositions and benefits. For instance, the physical sun block cream has zinc oxide and titanium. Moreover, it stays on the surface of your skin and mainly deflects the UV rays. On the other hand, the chemical sun blocks absorb the UV light. To provide the better indication of each of their ability to protect against UV radiation they’re commonly rated with a SPF (sun protection factor). Different sunscreens come with distinct SPFs. Below we’ve compiled some of the best sun block creams for various skin types. 

The best value ultra-sport Banana Boat sunscreen lotion

Costing you around 4 Dhs per ounce, this chemical sun block lotion from Banana boat is the best value among the top performers out there. Their smooth texture and effective formula with a SPF rating of 50, makes them the top choice among most men and women. It quickly absorbs onto your skin and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry for a very long time. In fact, it doesn’t even irritate around the eyes. Moreover, this water-resistant product doesn’t leave out any white residue once you rub them completely onto your face. Apart from that, the bottle’s slightly covered shape, makes it super easy to dispense the sunscreen even with slippery hands. 

The original Sun Bum sunscreen spray

For those of you who prefer to spritz on their sun protection, this chemical, tropical-scented Sun Bum mist spray is a clear winner. You can easily apply them on your skin, and it doesn’t leave out any chalky cast on your face. Thanks to its unique formula and non-flaky texture the came out on top for providing effective sun burn protection. Furthermore, the spray allows you to continuously and evenly spray onto your skin quickly and efficiently. However many buyers have also reported that it sometimes leaves out an oily finish on the skin that takes time to disappear. Nevertheless, the product as a whole is an effective sun protector. 

The best zinc oxide Coppertone baby sunscreen lotion

Many of you have sensitive skin, particularly babies. If you’re in search of the best sunscreen for sensitive skin, then this baby sunscreen lotion from Coppertone is your best bet. This childhood sun block lotion offers a mineral composition that’s formulated only with zinc oxide. Besides, the modern variations and versions of this sun block lotion is an excellent choice for anyone in search for a non-chemical option without spending a ton. Once applied, the product leaves your skin feeling matte like. It isn’t oily, greasy, sticky or tacky. It just feels like your regular skin even after you apply them. However, many purchasers feel it’s slightly thicker than the other options on the list. 

The most effective Neutrogena sunscreen sport lotion

If you want the most effective sun block lotion out there, then go ahead and pick this product from Neutrogena. With chemical composition, this lotion is best at protecting your skin from sunburns, harmful UV lights, and rays. Besides, the lotion comes with a broad spectrum of 50 SPF. Apart from that, you can also wear them if you want a water-resistant lotion. The product resits water upto 80 minutes. However, just like any other health and beauty product this too comes with their fair share of demerits. Some buyers of the product experienced tackiness. But it disappeared after a while when the product seeped to the skin.

Tips on how to buy the best Sunscreens online

A good sunscreen protects your skin, and this is no secret. However, there’s a lot of information to keep track of, when you’re buying the sunscreens online. By now you must’ve figured out that sunscreens aren’t one-size-fits-all product. You’ll find so many types of sun blocks out there, as different people have distinct sun block needs. Some may just need it for everyday use, while others want to buy a water-resistant options. Either way, here are a few useful tips that’ll help you in buying sunscreen for men and women.

  • Know your skin type – Many sun block lotions, sprays, and creams have been specifically designed to help those with oily, dry, and sensitive skin. Therefore, you should consider your skin type before buying the sunscreens. For example, people with dry skin should consider buying the sunscreens with glycerine, lanolin, oils, and silicones.
  • Keep an eye on the protection level – The degree of protection is important to consider when it comes to sunscreens, as not all of them offer similar protection. You typically measure the protection rate in SPF. Sun blocks with higher SPFs are better for the fair skinned or those who burn easily. The American academy of dermatology recommends a minimum of SPF 30 for all the product.
  • Choose between filter types – Typically, you’ll find two type of sunscreen to pick from – the chemical sun blocks and the physical. Chemical sunscreens are those that absorb harmful UV rays before they reach your skin. On the other hand, physical sun blocks form a barrier on your skin that reflects or filters UVA and UVB rays. You can choose between them, as per your requirements.
  • Know the key ingredients – A quick look at the ingredients of the sun block creams, lotions, or sprays can help you make sure your have the right coverage and best quality you need. You’ll have to ensure that you pick a broad spectrum cream so that it protects both UVA and UVB rays. Try avoiding creams with ingredients like oxybenzone, as it may cause allergic reactions.
  • Look at the durability – Durability is basically how long the cream, spray or lotion stays on your skin. It also means the water-resistance capacity of the product. Try and pick a cream that has higher water-resisting capacity. This way, you need to use too much of the product. Plus, you also need not re-apply every time you’re exposed to the water.
  • Select your finish – Do like a sunscreen spray or a lotion? Perhaps you prefer a usual cream formula. Remember, always choose a texture that you’re comfortable applying on. Every form has its pros and cons. Some might be great for oily skin, while others might offer you moisturizing effect and helps you use them on a dry skin. Choose your finish accordingly.
  • Consider stocking up – You wouldn’t be able to get all the protection you need if you do not apply them on time or re-apply them. Typically, you should apply the sunscreens every two hours. And most people need to apply at least one ounce at a time. And most of the creams expire after two years. So, when buying try to plan out how much you’ll use them. If possible buy them in bulk.
  • Settle in for a budget – Every sunscreen is different. It comes with different formula, various ingredients, textures, and features. Therefore, you’ll find them at different price tags too. You’ll find both expensive and cheap sunscreen for face. The price range also depends on the brands and place from where you buy them. Thus, set a budget before you begin your search.

There you have it—the secret tips to get the best sunscreen online. Although, the tips above guide you towards your ideal sunblock cream, lotions and sprays, it’s best to stick to your personal choice. In short, pick a sun block that you enjoy wearing. That’s because, it enhances the chances of actually using it for skin protection. Having a sunscreen that checks all the boxes above but is unpleasant to wear, isn’t worth the money. So be careful while choosing your product.

Question & Answer

Why sunscreen makes me darker?

Sun block creams are meant to block harmful rays from the sun and ultimately prevent darkening and skin damage. Therefore, applying them doesn’t cause darkening. However, if you’re spending long hours in the sun without re-applying your sunscreens, then what you’re assuming to be darkening can be termed as ‘tanning’. Therefore, try using a sun block cream, spray or lotion that has minimum SPF 30 for good protection.

Does sunscreen block vitamin D?

Regardless of their formula, every sun block product blocks UVB light to prevent your skin from sun burns. Theoretically, it means that the cream blocks away the sunlight, thereby reducing the vitamin D levels. However, as a practical matter, very people put on enough sunscreen to block away vitamin D.

Is sunscreen bad for you?

There isn’t any evidence that prove the sun screens are bad for you. Thus, it’s safe to assume that these skin care products do more good than harm. The sun block creams, lotions, and sprays, in fact, protect your skin from any harmful UV light. Besides, some even provide you healthier skin, prevents ageing, wrinkles, and dark spots.

Which sunscreen is the best?

The best sun block creams are those that offer your skin the desired protection from the UV light. Besides, they also are of premium quality and come with high water resistant capacity. One of the best ways to ensure you have the best sun block cream is to buy them from popular brands. Some of the brands that you can consider buying from include Neutrogena, La Roche Posay, Supergoop, Biore, Sisley, Aesop, COSRX, La Mer, Wycon Cosmetics, and Nivea.

Where to buy sunscreen near me?

Many online stores across the nation offer you distinct types of sunscreens. If you’re vigorously looking out for one, then do check out your options on too. Our product search engine brings you the biggest collection of sunscreen creams, lotions, and sprays. Better yet, you can get them from popular brands and your favourite online stores here on