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About E-Liquids

These days, more and more people are choosing to vape instead of smoke. For some people, the reason for the switch is the cleaner smoke that does not smell bad and does not contain carbon monoxide or tar. For others, there is a huge variety of e-liquids they can choose from.

Most vapers are those who are trying to distance themselves from smoking. Even though there is a great divide between those who think vaping is safer than smoking and those who think otherwise, there is no doubt that vaping is a lot cleaner. They don’t stain your teeth with tar or leave the inside of your car smelling like tobacco. But regardless, it is the e-liquid that can make or break the vaping experience. You will need a basic understanding of e-liquids before you start shopping for them. Apart from the liquid itself, you will also need the vaping device to start vaping. You will find a lot of good quality liquids and vaping devices in

A beginner’s guide to e-liquids

One of the things that attract people to vaping is the innumerable options they have when it comes to e-liquids. Here we are talking about the options in terms of flavours as well as shapes, sizes and other features. Girls who like to vape in style are more often found owning these liquids and enjoying puffing on the go. However, with so many options, choosing the right one for your taste is a job to do. Which makes purchasing a bit difficult. But it gets easier if you know what to look for in a liquid. This article will give you a basic understanding of e-liquids.

Ingredients of e-liquids

E liquids contain three main components. The first one is the base; it can be propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine. This makes up the majority of the liquid. Next is the nicotine itself. This is the psychoactive element in the liquid that gives the vaper a feeling similar to that of smoking a cigarette. Next is flavouring. Manufacturers use a log of different compounds for adding flavour to the liquid. You will find e-liquids in min, cola, strawberry, apple, chocolate and so many other flavours. Apart from this, the liquid will also contain some amount of water to hold all of these together.

Nicotine free e-liquids

If you want to get rid of nicotine completely, first of all, congratulations. You will find nicotine-free liquids in as many varieties as those that contain nicotine. The amount of nicotine in the e-liquid will be written on the bottle in milligrams. If you find 0 mg on a bottle, that means there is no presence of nicotine in the liquid. Nicotine is responsible for a variety of illnesses, including cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive problems. By going for a nicotine-free e-liquid instead of one that contains nicotine, you save yourself from the harmful side effects of it.

Make sure that you are not overdoing it

If you are vaping liquids that contain nicotine, you have to make sure that you are not taking in too much nicotine. Too much vaping can cause nicotine poisoning. If you are using a liquid with high nicotine content, you might get nicotine poisoning if you are not careful. A dosage of 50 mg of nicotine can cause poisoning in adults. There is an easy way to calculate the amount of nicotine you are vaping. Keep track of how many tankfuls of liquid you vape. If you know how much liquid the tank can hold and how many tankfuls you consume in a day, you can calculate your nicotine intake.

Proper storage of e-liquids

When you subject the e-liquid to heat and light, it can get oxidised very rapidly. To preserve the flavour for a long time, store the e-liquid bottles in a dark place below room temperature. Don’t leave it in your car on an extremely hot or cold day. Storing them in your refrigerator is the best option if you want to store them for a long time. Also, avoid storing them in plastic bottles. If the liquid is getting darker over time, that means the nicotine in the liquid is getting oxidised, and you won’t get as much throat hit as you used to from the same liquid. The more the amount of nicotine in the liquid, the darker will be the colour.

Tips on how to buy the e-liquid

There are no shortcuts to finding the e-liquid that is right for you. There are so many flavours. And even these flavours vary with different brands. You also have a lot of different nicotine levels to choose from. The only way to find the best one for you is to try out a few different ones. But following these tips will help you through this process.

  • The flavour – This is the most important factor that can make or break your vaping experience. So, spend time to get the flavour right. But it will be hard to choose an e-liquid flavour only by looking at its name. There are e-liquids that try to emulate the flavour of popular cigarette brands. These flavours are meant to provide a smooth switching for new users.
  • The amount of nicotine in the liquid – E-liquids are available with three nicotine levels: High, Medium, and Low. High usually contains 18 to 36 mg of nicotine, Medium contains anywhere from 9 to 16 mg, and the amount in Low will be less than 6 mg. Choose the nicotine level based on how many cigarettes you used to smoke in a day.
  • The base – The two types of bases used in e-liquids are Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerol. Some even contain a mixture of both of these. There are pros and cons for both PG and VG. If you prefer more flavour and less vapour, you should go with PG. VG produces thick clouds of vapour but has less flavour because of its slightly sweet taste and viscous nature.
  • The brand – The flavours difference between the brands as well. The actual taste of nicotine flavour from two different brands will have slightly different feelings. And, the taste is subjective. A flavour that your friend liked might not work for you. Therefore, it will take you some trial and error to get the one that will suit you the best.

People who have been smoking for a long time will take some time to vape. Smoking will destroy the sensitivity of taste buds, and it will take some time before they really start to get the full flavour of the liquid. Sometimes. It will take up to six months to get back the full flavour of the liquid after quitting the smoking habit. Also, don’t forget to check out other amazing products from Health & Beauty under the stop smokin g section.

Question & Answer

Are e-liquids expensive?

There are cheap as well as expensive e-liquids. But the real question should be, is there any extra benefit to choosing an expensive e-liquid? Both cheap and expensive liquids have the same type of base; it is either PG or VG. The real difference is in the flavour. In an expensive e-liquid, the flavour will be more refined. Expensive liquids will add additional flavours to the main flavours to get the right kind of taste. So, it all comes down to your personal taste and budget. If you are ready to spend more for better-tasting vapes, you can go for the higher priced ones.

Do e-liquids expire?

If you store them in the right conditions, e-liquids can last for a very long time. But they do have an expiry date regardless. These liquids tend to turn brown over time. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot use them. The brown colour is due to the oxidation of nicotine. If you do not expose it to heat and light, it can last up to two years. Even though they will stay good for that long if you keep them in your cupboard, it is a good idea to refrigerate them if you know you will not be using them for a long time.

Do e-liquids stain clothes?

The vapour from vaping will not stain the clothes whatsoever. But if you happen to spill the liquid on your clothes, then that is a different story. The nicotine in the vaping liquid can stain your clothes temporarily. This also depends on the amount of nicotine in the liquid. But if the liquid contains other colouring agents, such as resins, it might stain your clothes. But even these are not that difficult to remove. You can do the same things as you would do to remove coffee stains from your clothes. Generally soaking the clothes in detergent for some time will do the work.

Are e-liquids safer than cigarettes?

The reality is, there is not enough data to prove that vaping e-liquids is better than smoking regular cigarettes. But we can agree on one fact. Choosing to vape instead of smoking does save you from harmful substances like carbon monoxide and tar. But on the other hand, people who vape are more prone to nicotine poisoning than smokers, especially those who use more powerful vaping machines. There are also concerns about harmful additives that some manufactures use in e-liquids. Traces of carcinogens were found in a few e-liquids.

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