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It only takes a single blade to cut through your voluminous beard. However, the type of razor blades you use brings a big difference in the effectiveness of the shave you get. So, read on to explore their wide variety to find an ideal one for yourself.

The beauty of wet shaving depends upon many factors, including shaving cream, brush, razor and most importantly, razor blades. Razors’ blades come in different levels of sharpness. One may be sharper than another. The choice of blades generally depends upon the skin type and hair thickness of the user. Beard hair is wiry and brittle, so you may consider a razor-sharp blade. However, the skin beneath can suffer harshness, resulting in razor burns, cuts and even inflammation. On this page, we will unveil everything you need to know about various blades. So, read on!

Exploring a variety of razor blades for shaving

The history of shaving has grown with the evolution of razors powered by a variety of blades. Blades may range from dull to sharpest depending upon how you want to go. The sharpness of a blade is second-to-none but remember that shaper is not always better. Your skin type, hair thickness and expertise in shaving are some factors that should affect your choice. It is the job of every wet shaver to find out a razor blade that best suits. But, to save you from trial and error, we have put together a whole lot of information about blades below.

Sharp razor blades for perfect clean shave look

The key to a perfect clean shave is a thin, sharp, and precise blade that glides and cuts through the hair with minimal or no force. All the blades are sharp, but some are much sharper than others if we speak in relative terms. For instance, Derby Extras are dull, but Feathers are so sharp that they can even slice the air in two. Sharp blades work best for sealed and severe skin types, whereas the dull counterparts are excellent to deal with sensitive skin or fine hair without any burns or cuts.

Double edge safety razor blades for an injury-free shaving

Double edge safety razors are something much more efficient than old school razors. Powered with a double-edge blade, they do the job done quicker and minimise the chances of cuts or burns. Well-known brands like Captain Fawcett, Gillette and Astra have formulated excellent double edge blades with unsurpassed quality for a smooth shave. Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Blades, Gillette 7 O’clock super stainless steel blades, Gillette fusion manual men’s razor blade refills provide a smooth irritation free shave.

Blades for Single blade razor to prevent ingrown hair

Popular brands like Gillette have started including multiple blades in one razor to make the closest shave possible. If you get in-depth, the first blade pulls the hair follicle, the second cuts exposed hair, and the third ensures nothing stays. However, the more the blades, the more chances of burns, nicks and irritation. Now, why is that? It is because hairs that caught beneath the skin become ingrown. This ingrown hair sometimes turns into bumps and redness. Using razors with single blades can reduce the amount of ingrown hair to a great extent and hence any bumps.

Tips on how to buy Razor Blades in Dubai

A razor blade is an essential item for a man’s shaving kit. From the above post, you must have understood that not all blades are created equally. If you feel your current blade is not gliding over the hair as correctly as you need, you might have to replace it with a better one. Blades come in an extensive variety ranging from sharpest and dull to multiple edges. Each type is for different skin, hair, and shaving techniques. It can be an overwhelming experience for you when you go out to select one. So, here are some guiding tips that would help you buy razor blades online in Dubai.

  • Hair type – A man’s facial hair can be coarse or very fine. While selecting a blade, you should keep your hair type in mind. A sharp blade can best treat coarse beards, whereas a comparatively dull blade can work for fine hair and sensitive skin. If you try to work bulky and coarse hair with a less sharp blade, you might experience a hard time shaving. Moreover, if your beards are long, it is recommended to trim and then shave for best results.
  • Sharpness – A razor blade can come in varying levels of sharpness. Thick and wiry beard hair requires sharp blades, whereas, over sensitive skin, you should not use a razor-sharp blade as it might cause razor burns and cuts. Not just sharpness, you should also look for smoothness of the blade which means the cutting angle. No matter how sharp the blade is, you might have to apply a bit more pressure while shaving if the cutting angle is not perfect.
  • Several blades – Traditionally, people would use single-bladed razors. However, for better and quicker results, popular brands have invented razors powered by multiple blades. Double edge safety blades have the best reviews, although. The first blade cuts the hair and the second one ensures nothing stays back. If you go to the higher number of blades, successive blades might go deeper, resulting in ingrown hair and bumps.
  • Skill level – If you are not much of a shaver, you should always start with less sharp blades. An aggressive blade might result in bumps, accidental cuts and even infections due to ill shaving practices.

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Question & Answer

What are the best razor blades?

Some of the best razor blades for shaving include Astra platinum double edge safety blades, Gillette 7 o’clock super stainless-steel blades, Gillette fusion manual men’s razor blade refills, Feather Blades new Hi-stainless Double Edge, and Derby extra double edge blades. The choice of blades generally depends upon the skin type and hair thickness of the user. Since there are many options out there, you need to consider some factors to choose the best. So, this guide will assist you.

Why are razor blades so expensive?

They are expensive because only a few companies in the whole world manufacture them. These manufacturers supply blades to the big brands exclusively. Moreover, as per experts of the industry, the production of blades is a long process. There’s a tremendous amount of research required to develop blades that can a long time before any unique blade comes to the market. However, with more and more companies adding to the process, we can get them at comparatively cheaper rates.

Are more blades better for shaving?

In the early 1970s, people used single blade safety razors, and they had high standards. Now, razors come in a variety depending upon the number of blades they can house for effective shaving. It is said that a greater number of blades ensure no part of the hair is missed while shaving. However, when the beards are exposed to more than two blades, it may result in ingrown hair. Ingrown hair then grows up into bumps or even infections sometimes.

How long does a razor blade last?

A razor blade has to be changed after 6 to 7 shaves. However, the life of a razor blade also depends upon your hair thickness, growth, and shaving technique. Moreover, the material of the blade (mostly stainless steel), the grinding, coating and thickness will all affect the performance and longevity of a blade. Most razor blades are designed to last for a long, but with time, they lose their sharpness. Hence, they may not be as effective as before in providing a perfect clean shave. An old blade is hard to glide over the skin, leading to nicks and cuts. Right here on our product search engine, you can get a vast collection of razor blades for sale offered by popular brands operating in the industry. So, go ahead and have an amazing shopping experience ahead. Also, find cheap razor blades to buy if you have budget restrictions.