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About Shampoos

Let’s summarise things here. All we want to tell you on this whole page is that your shampoo purchase is not about choosing a product over the counter. It could be the one showing in the advertisement with everything positive. Sure it may turn out good, but it can also happen to be doing the opposite of that. Or maybe you have been experimental with your hair lately and need more than a regular shampoo. We want to say put your needs first, but before that, you should know what you need.

Apart from shampoo application, your hair regime says a lot about the quality, texture, volume, and overall health of your scalp. Even your mental stress can be the cause of hair fall despite having the best products on your shelf. So, hair care is actually divided into two categories. The one is the products you apply over it, and the other is what you intake in the form of food. On this page, we have it all about the products. You can buy them in the form of liquid, powder, or cream with varying specialisations.

Shampoos and your lifestyle

A very tiny but important aspect of shampoo purchase is your lifestyle. Most of you often overlook this aspect. Usually, the scalp produces a substance named sebum to protect your hair scalp and to give it a natural shine. If you mostly spend your time outdoors, the sebum production would be more than usual and make your hair look greasy. This is why you feel the need for daily shampoo. In that case, you must check if the shampoo is compatible with frequent use or not. If your work life is giving you stress, you may experience hair fall or even bald spots. Read the signs and change your shampoo as per the needs. Some of you may think changing shampoos can cause side effects, but it’s actually the opposite. So, think about it and see what fits you best.

Dandruff shampoo

There are different reasons for dandruff to occur, and every reason calls for a different formula. Primarily, it is either dryness or PH level disbalance that causes flakiness or other problems resulting in dandruff. You can prevent dandruff before it even occurs. Your hair gives you signals through flakiness or itching or even hair fall. You should not just go to an anti-dandruff section and buy what catches your eye. Instead, consider your scalp skin type and buy a cheap anti-dandruff shampoo. Your skin could be oily, dry, or with skin disorders. You can even consult an expert if you think the situation has become worse.

Hair loss shampoo

Hair loss shampoos contain all the ingredients that can strengthen the hair follicles and their bond with the roots. Here, you need to pick the formula that has all the nutrients needed. Even your hair loss could be due to any illness, genetic effects, bald spots, or even hormonal changes. In that case, it becomes imperative that you make some lifestyle changes as well. Include nutritious food and exercise alongside to maintain your beauty inside out. All this will give you result faster. You can scroll through various formulas and pick the best shampoo for hair loss.

Keratin shampoo

There is a lot of buzz about buying keratin shampoo online in Dubai. But before you grab one, why don’t you know a little about keratin? It is a protein that can undoubtedly do wonders for your hair. It makes your hair smooth, straight, and luscious. In spite of that, there are side effects and situations that must be avoided. If you like to undergo a keratin treatment, make sure you do not have respiratory problems, sensitivity to formaldehyde, and pregnant ladies should avoid it as well.

Tips on how to buy Shampoos online

Finding a hair care product is a daunting task because the marketplace is flooded with thousands of products. No doubt, they can be the best formulas and have the best quality. However, buying a product is not about that. You need to understand your scalp to grab the right ingredients. Once you know what you want, you can easily filter the products. We have compiled a few points here that will further help to narrow down your purchase.

  • Hair goals – You need to identify whether you need a regular shampoo with cleaning agents or a special treatment. You may be suffering from hair fall, dandruff, flakiness, or other hair problems. If you continue using regular shampoos or a different hair treatment, it could result in oily, dry, or damaged scalp. That being said, you need to cure the root cause by determining your hair goals.
  • Research well – You can begin your research by brands. Check out their products and if they have got the hair treatment you need. If yes, then you can further validate your purchase by reading customer reviews. If you think, you can even consult a hair expert to make him analyse your hair and suggest the ingredients you need in your product.
  • More than one shampoo – You can buy more than one shampoo or all-in-one treatment. But most of you think switching shampoos can damage your hair, which is nothing but a superstition. On one day, you are using a dandruff shampoo, but what if you got another hair problem after a few days? You got to buy what your hair needs because the ultimate hair goal is making it healthy and long-lasting.
  • Check budget – Think of the long term here because hair products are not a one-time investment. You may be able to afford an expensive shampoo for this month, but what about the next month? So, your budget must include the parameter of recurring payment compatibility. Also, you should consider the budget for other hair products. If you spend most of the budget on shampoo, then you have to cut costs on conditioner and other after wash care. So, balance your budget so you don’t have to compromise with any product.
  • No-poo method – This method is a success from the day it has been out in the public domain. In it, you dilute the shampoo with water before applying it to your head. An even spread is what you get from this application. Plus, you do not use excess shampoo every time and no need for a second application as well. You get the cleaner scalp for the first time. More than a tip, it is a hack that lets you avoid excess use and save your money on frequent purchases.
  • Additional buys – A single product of hair shampoo cannot fulfil your hair goals of healthy and beautiful strands. Healthy oil for massage or a hair crème, conditioner, and hair crème afterwards are the products you should consider. You can consider buying them together from one brand or from different brands.

We hope you find the tips helpful in your purchase. We would also like to list some brands you can begin your shopping drive with. These include Selsun Blue, Dove, Loreal, Pantene, and many others. You will find them all or even more at our retail search engine upon your visit. On our platform, you can easily read the precise specifications, compare different products, and take your decision.

Question & Answer

Which shampoo is best for hair?

You can rely on many brands like Pantene, Loreal, Head & Shoulders, and many more while looking around. However, there are two parameters to be handled while saying you want the best. The first parameter is your need, and the second is products’ quality. You can analyse your hair goals and see what ingredients and nutritional benefits you want from a product. Then, you can scrutinise the specifications a specific product has to offer. Filtering your purchase this way, you can surely manage to make your way to the best product possible.

What shampoo is good for hair loss?

You must check out Sunsilk’s hair loss treatment products. They are among the best available in the online marketplace. As you get to pick the best hair treatment, you should not forget to keep the local climate in mind. For instance, people who move to Dubai feels that the water that contains chlorine and a higher concentration of sodium is responsible for their hair loss. So, if you have recently shifted to a new place, it might be a good thing to switch your shampoo as well. Our objective in telling you this example is to let you cover all the logical parameters while buying a hair product.

Will shampoo cause grey hair?

Genetic, hormonal, or vitamin deficiency are significant reasons for greying of hair. But when it comes to accusing your shampoo, you need to understand the logic behind it. If you suffer from any of the reasons causing greying, the chemicals inside the shampoo might make it aggravate. You can consult an expert who can diagnose your scalp and suggest the ideal product containing the ingredients that can boost your hair health.

Where to buy shampoo online?

You can begin your shopping drive with our shopping platform, which is This could be the one-stop solution for you with all the brands, online shops, customer reviews, and whatnot. Not just shampoos, but you can count on us for other hair care products or health & beauty products overall. Finding everything under one roof can make you save time, money and give you a seamless shopping experience.

Every shampoo product is a unique formula including conditioning agents, functional ingredients, protectants, and other special ingredients for your hair treatment. You need to pick those compatible with your hair goals. It sounds like a daunting task but not when you understand your scalp needs, scrutinise every factor like climate, your lifestyle or even genetic effects on you. You can expect to see a wide range of products on our shopping platform  –