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About Vaginal Tests

A vaginal test, medically known as the vaginitis test, is about different infections in the vaginal section of a women’s body. The term speaks of a wide range of disorders that cause infection and inflammation in the vagina. Common causes of these issues include yeast infection, viruses or bacteria. At times it is transmitted from one sexual partner to the other. At other times vaginal dryness due to lack of estrogen can also lead to such problems. 

A vaginal test kit is something that helps to diagnose the infection that is caused by vaginitis. The symptom of the disease differs among women based on the causes of infection. Many women have no symptoms, and vaginitis is diagnosed during the regular gynaecological examination. Otherwise, common symptoms, are vaginal discharge, welling or itching outside the vagina, burning during urination and discomfort or pain during intercourse. The vaginal test helps to diagnose the problem that does not affect the urinary tract. This is nothing to be scared to worry about; however, here is what a lady needs to know before she decides if she has to see the doctor or not. 

Bacterial Vaginitis test or Vaginal testing – Everything you need to know 

Sex is a basic necessity of any being on earth. However, care is always of great importance. Safe sex can save both partners from several health issues. At times when come are mild like BV infections, some can be serious. Even for BV, If you are not taking care of the problem nicely, not taking precautionary measures before, during and after sex and no proper medications, it could worsen. At such times important is to look for medical advice from experts. Although you can get it tested at home, consulting will make you able to use the right medications. 

Understanding BV or bacterial vaginosis test

BV is a simple infection of the vagina. A healthy vagina contains a balance of both bad and good bacteria. Normal the good type keeps the bad under control. BV infection occurs when this balance is upset, and the bad bacteria start taking control over the good one. Most of the time, these infections are mild and go away on their own, and women recover even without knowing it. But at times, it can be serious and may need proper treatment. If it remains untreated, it can enhance the risk of getting STDs like HIV, gonorrhoea, chlamydia and others. In pregnant ladies, it can lead to premature delivery where the baby is less than normal weight. A BV test can help you diagnose and treat the problem. 

A word about BV or female pH balance test 

BV test basically assesses the current pH balance in the vagina. This test also helps to diagnose bacteria, if any. You will need the grey and white discharge for this test. It is a secretion from the vagina and has a strong fish-like odour that can worsen after sex. This is what causes itching and pain in the vagina and also causes burning sensations during urination. A BV test kit contains special equipment’s that will help the doctor to take out the liquid for later examination under a microscope. Only after the examination, the doctor can tell you the cause of discomfort and the treatment of the problem. 

Treatment before and after the test 

You must know that BV cannot be transmitted via female to male sexual contact. So if you are diagnosing with BV and have a male sexual partner, he won’t need to be tested. But the infection can spread between female sexual partners. So if one has some issues, both need to get tested. Research does not point out what causes BV, but steps can lower the risk. These include quitting using douches, limiting the number of sex partners, and practising safe sex. However, if the time comes and you get tested for the infection, you will be suggested to use antibiotic pills, gels or creams. The creams and gels should be applied directly to the vagina. Plus, care is necessary as there are chances that the infection might come back even after successful treatment. In such a case, the doctor may prescribe different medicine than the previous one. 

Canesten infection test -Self-Test for Vaginal Infections 

There are times when you might have vaginal discomfort for other reasons, including a worse diet routine for a long time. Hence, you can do a small test at home before heading to the doctor to treat BV infection. Different products can help you be sure about the conditions you are facing. It can be done using reliable self-testing kits that assist you with easy to do at home bacterial VAG tests. These kits come with easy to use swabs to help you find whether your vaginal pH balance is abnormal or not. Later the symptoms assisted on the package can help you interpret the condition. If you end up finding issues, you should see the doctor for treatment.

Tips on how to buy BV Test Kits online in Dubai 

The world has changed its course and way of living. More and more people are heading to make purchases online. The attitude is the same for everything available in the market today. It starts with grocery and beauty products and accessories and goes up to health and personal care products. Hence, BV test kits are no exception. On retail search engines like, you can find dozens of products for health and beauty in just a few clicks. However, it would help if you were a bit careful about selecting an item when buying personal testing kits online.

  • Choose a brand – If you wish to buy the best Canesten infection test kit for home use, rely on nothing less than a brand. A reliable and certified brand is something that can help you get the right return of your money.
  • Read product description – A product description section is what will answer all your questions if the product is ideal for you and will serve the purpose you want to use or not. It can also guide you about the usage process and other specifications about the product if any.
  • Read product reviews – For products like BV test kits, it is always good to read previous customers’ reviews. It can help you find if your cheap at home bacterial VAG test kit is effective and efficient to generate accurate results or not.
  • Check for credibility – Here, we are talking about the credibility of the manufacturers and the product itself. To ensure that results are right, always look for a certified seller. They are the one that sells quality products that can give you accurate results every single time.

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Question & Answer

Is there any at-home test for BV?

Yes, today, you can find different types of BV test kits online in the global market. More and more companies offer kits and products that can help you make the initial diagnosis of the BV infection at home. Some of the bestselling items you can choose to use include the Heredia Self-Testing Kit for Vaginal Infection/Quick, Rapid Detection of AIDS Saliva Test Strips, First Response, Early Result Pregnancy Test, and the ALLTEST Vaginal Discharge Bacterial Vaginitis BV Test Thrush pH Test Kits.

Can I test myself for BV?

Yes, when it comes to initial testing, you can do it on your own. The home-use test kits are something that can help the ladies to evaluate and understand the situation. These self-test kits can help you evaluate the pH balance in your vagina. With the user manual and guide to pH card, the user can know if they are experiencing any infection or the situation is otherwise. However, they have an infection, they must see the doctor for medication and treatment.

How to know for a vaginal infection?

Vaginal infection symptoms can be seen in different ways. Common symptoms include vaginal bleeding and spots, itching, bleeding, pain during intercourse. The lady may also experience burning or pain during urination and changed the colour of vaginal discharge. Plus, there can be a visible change in the amount of discharge from your vagina. Hence, if there is any discomfort in your vagina and you are facing some unusual secretions, the possibilities are that you have a BV infection.

How do you get a vaginal infection?

Commonly ladies get BV inflectional because of fungus called Candida Albicans or protozoan parasites contracted through sexual intercourse. It can also result after menopause develops during other times in your life when there is a decline in estrogen level (as happen during breastfeeding). Reduced hormonal level results in thinning, inflammation and dryness in the vagina and is one of many reasons for BV infection. Other reasons may include body washes, perfumes, soaps, and vaginal contraceptives.

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