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Do you wonder if it is possible to test your blood type without leaving home? We believe it might be a relief for you to know that you can do it with advanced blood group tests kits on your own.  

Medically, blood typing or blood group test is a procedure that tells you which blood type you have. This blood typing is done so you can safely donate the blood or receive a blood transfusion. This blood type testing is also done to see if you have a substance known as the Rh factor on the surface of red blood cells. It is important to know that the human blood type is based on whether or not certain proteins- antigens- are present in red blood cells. The blood type or group mainly depends on the heredity thread you come from. Commonly type A; V; O; and AB are found in humans.  

Finding your blood type at home – All that you need to know 

Although previously we have been doing the blood type testing at dedicated medical facilities with the advancement in technology, you can take advantage of at-home blood type testing on your own. This process is more straightforward and does not need any expertise to know what blood group you belong to. For any grown-up adult, it is important to know what group they belong to. Luckily like many other self-tests, you can also find out blood type at home with the kits available online. However, there is much you need to know about the process before you head to buy a kit and get yourself tested. Let us review these basics. 

Possibilities to find blood type at home  

To do a blood group test at home, you should start by searching for the best blood group checking kits online. These kits include everything that you will need to do the process. A standard kit will consist of teeny-tiny sticks, an eyedropper, a finger poker, and the Eldoncard. Here the Eldoncard is the essential part of the kit and process. It is a piece of special paper designed to react in specific ways to any blood sample. For testing, you will drip a drop of your blood on the paper. The paper will change its appearance showing which blood group you belong to.  

About using the blood test kit at home 

You will need to start by laying out all the components of the kit on a clean surface. On the Eldoncard, you will see a small circle. Add a drop of clean water to each circle. No, sterilize your finger with an alcohol wipe and prick with the lancet. Gently squeeze the tip of your finger to get sufficient blood and use a tool to transfer the blood drop on the card. Make sure you have added a drop of blood in each circle on Eldoncard. Now use the same plastic stick to swirl the water drop and blood. Tilt the card in each direction for 10 seconds. Now compare the blood circles with the chart in the kit and find your blood group.

Accuracy of at-home blood tests

This is the most common question the manufacturers of these kits face. According to experts, you can stay stress-free and confident when using these test kits at home; they are accurate. However, they can be a bit tricky to interpret, but the results are always correct. They are somewhat helpful as they save you a lot of time from travelling to a clinic and giving your blood sample. It can be risky for your health as, at times, there are chances to get infections. Plus, you will get the results quickly as a home rather than waiting for your number in the clinic.  

Reasons to do the blood type test. 

Do you know your blood type and of all in your family? This is potentially life-saving information and can be critical in disaster or medical emergencies when immediate blood transfer or replacement is crucial. Surveys, unfortunately, indicate that a vast majority of people do not have this necessary information about themselves and their family members. But if you wish to stay prepared and protect yourself or your loved ones in case of any emergency, you need to get a blood type test kit now and make a list of the blood groups each of your family members belongs to.  

Tips on how to buy Blood Group Test kits online in the UAE 

Health is a priceless gift of nature, and we must show diligence in protecting ourselves and those we love. Thus, it is important to pay extra attention to matters directly or indirectly associated with health and well-being. Here you should note that, despite many treatments, diagnoses, or medications that you can use at your home, the expert’s suggestion always remains a crucial element. Besides, you must also know that competition in the market may lead you to buy cheap yet low-quality products. And low quality can be a silent killer. Hence, when you head to buy any product like a blood test for blood type, make sure you buy brands only.

  • Consult an expert –  Medical consultation should be the first thing to do before heading to get the medical product for use at home. Let the doctor examine your child and come up with recommendations to use at home.
  • Search branded products – There are several brands selling self-testing kits online in the UAE. However, not all are offering higher quality and the entire range of products. It is important to go for a reliable and known brand serving your needs and getting desired results.
  • Read product description –  While buying a blood type testing kit for sale, know the specifications of the products. During your search, read the product description section to find if the kit holds all the required items or not. Here you will also learn more about the product usage and care instructions if any.
  • Consult reviews –  Customer reviews will also give you an idea of the sensitivities or any other issues you may have skipped while consulting the doctor. Here, it is better to consult the doctor again, mention the doubts, get confirmation, and then head to booking your order.

In the end, it is important to note that reading a review from a customer about a product is different from reading symptoms of any disease. Also, if you have people with sensitivities or any serious health issues, try to avoid self-testing and take them to a medical expert. It will always be a wise way to save them from pains and any unexpected health issues. You can also read the customer comment section to know about different aspects of the process and prepare yourself for any situation that can come up while using the kit. This is for your safety.

Question & Answer

How can I check my blood type at home?

A person can use a rapid blood typing kit at home to check the blood type without going to any medical facility. It can be done with or without drawing blood. These kits require a person to prick a finger with a special provided needle and drop the blood on a chemical processed card. The card changes its colour, and you will need to match the resulting colours with the chart that comes in the kit. It will explain to you the blood group you belong to. Detailed instructions are either in the user manual that comes in the kit or is available on the kit manufacturer’s website.

Which blood group test kit is the best?

It is always essential to buy high-quality kits from trusted brands available at Some of the best-selling items include Eldon Blood Typing Kit and the Blood Type Test Kit – 10 Tests by Eldoncard Home Blood Group Testing Kits. Other options come with the names 3M LeadCheck Swabs and Accu Chek Softclix Lancet. Some users also recommend using the 30 Abbott Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Test Strips as economical and ideal for family use.

What are the five rare blood types?

Different blood types exist in different percentages across the globe. Some are standard as A positive and O positive that exist with 35.7 and 37.4 percentage, respectively. Others include AB negative with 0.6 per cent, B negative with 1.5 per cent, AB positive with 3.4 per cent and A negative with 6.6 per cent. Whereas O negative exist with 6.6 per cent among people across the globe.

Where can I buy blood test group kits for home?

Right here at, you can find global brands offering quality health care machines and medications online in the UAE. The brands that you can find here are Labcorp, Boots, and Quest Diagnostics. For years, these brands are selling reliable health care products around the globe, earning a long list of satisfied customers. With you can get access to all these brands with just a few clicks.

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