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About Pregnancy Tests

The best way to determine whether you‘re expecting or not is to use a home pregnancy test kit. The method is quick, simple, and you can receive the good news in the comfort of your home. Of course, follow up tests with your gynaecologist is a must to confirm.

Those who are looking at becoming parents soon often stash packets of pregnancy tests in their bathroom cabinets. Ideally, the test is best to take the morning after; however, it also gives precise results. For those who are trying, it‘s not possible to check it out every morning. So it‘s better to do it if the woman misses her period. This is the first indication that pregnancy might have occurred, and a test kit will confirm that. There are many different types of tests that help in the process of conceiving. Like, ovulation strips, ovarian reserve tests and, of course, pregnancy tests. There are so many different types of them today; however, they also make it easy to determine the results quickly. You don‘t have to wait until you can visit a doctor and can get the results very soon in a matter of minutes.

Different types of home pregnancy test kits that you can buy today 

Being so user-friendly and super simple to use, there is no reason why you need to schedule a doctor’s appointment anytime you wish to see if you are expecting or not. The good part is there are many different types of tests you can get today. You can choose based on your level of comfort, budget and preference. It is essential to check with different brands and tests if the result shows positive on one. In some cases, if you have missed your period and had unprotected sex, yet the result stands contrary, you still need to re-check a couple of more times. It is best to see a doctor in case there are further doubts.

Home urine pregnancy tests kit

This is definitely one of the most common types of home pregnancy tests today. This one can determine the basis of the results of a few drops of your urine. While some can be electronic that you need to place in a fresh urine sample, others could be like a paper or plastic strip. The latter is inexpensive; however, you can use the electronic one multiple times. The plastic or paper test kits also have a dropper in the back. You can use the collect a few drops of your urine. Add some on the patch, and it will show you a set of lines, one for negative and two parallel lines for positive. It is essential to confirm it once again with your doctor through blood and other tests. You can redo it after a day or two at home and reconfirm as well.

Blood pregnancy test

This one is generally more accurate than a urine test. However, it would help if you saw a doctor for it, who will take a few drops of your blood, and the results come in a few days. Both urine and blood tests check for a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Your placenta produces this one after the embryo attaches to the uterine lining. The hormone releases during the first few days of pregnancy, and both tests check if there is any indication of it in the body. As opposed to the quantitive blood test that determines the level of hCG in the body, the qualitative one gives you a precise answer: yes or no. Blood tests are more expensive than urine, take more time to deliver results, and you cannot do it at home.

Glucose test during pregnancy

The glucose pregnancy test is not one to determine whether you are expecting or not, but rather to check if you have a diabetic condition. Such issues can prove to be dangerous for the mother and the child, and if the doctor knows about it earlier, there are some measures you can take. This test is used to analyse a particular type of diabetes that occurs due to Gestational Diabetes . The glucose tolerance test helps to determine if so is the condition. A series of tests start with the Glucose Challenge Screening; then the Glucose Tolerance Test is performed on expectant mothers. On confirmation, and if you test positive for it, they explain various birth plans.

Home pregnancy tests

Home pregnancy tests don‘t have any scientific theory to back it up. However, some people might suggest they are accurate. It is dangerous to go entirely by the idea of these, which can often give you mixed results. Some of them include the toothpaste pregnancy test, wherein a few drops of urine are added to some toothpaste in a cup. If the colour changes to yellow, the woman is pregnant; if not, it‘s negative. Another one is the shampoo test, where similarly, shampoo is added to some urine. If it froths or foams, it can be positive. If not, then negative. Here, the hCG hormone is said to bring about such changes, leading to determining the test results.  

Tips on how to buy Pregnancy Test Kits on sale

With so many amazing brands, there are some super choices that you can check out when it comes to pregnancy test strips or kits. An easy way is to do a quick urine test and home, and you know the results in a couple of minutes. It is safe, and you can do it privately without having to go anywhere. The good part is there are ovulation predictor kits, too, that help with the same. If you don‘t know how to go about with pregnancy test kits, here‘s how:

  • Check the instructions – Read the pack and see how the test requires the individual to take it. It could be one where you need to insert in a jar of fresh urine or add a few drops on the test strip. Choose one with a method that you find comfortable to do. If you can‘t make up your mind, buy one of each type.
  • Buy one with a close manufacturing date – Often, there are higher chances of incorrect results or the test showing it’s invalid if you buy an old one. This can cause some big confusion, so it’s best to purchase one with a newer manufacturing date.
  • Buy online for reasonable offers – Buying online is great for bulk purchases. Even if that isn‘t the case, it helps to consider online products because you can compare, read about them, check pricing and other factors with so much convenience.
  • Read some reviews – If you feel you have found one with good reviews and your choice of testing method, next is to read up on some reviews. Most online products will have them, and it helps to get an idea about what past users have to say.
  • Trust a reliable source – Buy tests from causes online, a pharmacy, or supermarket only if you are 100% sure. With so many counterfeit products, you can never be sure when you end up buying one, so always be cautious about what you‘re buying.
  • Opt for different brands until you are sure – If this is your first time shopping for test kits, check for a few options. Buy smaller packs, so you can try them and then come to a conclusion. From the next time onwards, you can buy the one you liked best.

It is not difficult to buy a pregnancy test kit, especially since most are readily available over the counter options without a prescription. Make sure you check the very next morning if you are doubtful. This way, you don‘t have to be in constant worry and wait until your next period. It is essential to get to a doctor if you test positive immediately. Make sure you maintain high levels of hygiene while using a test kit, including disposing of it correctly. Now, if you are in search of self-test kits or other health and beauty products, you are in the right place. Explore for the best options now!

Question & Answer

Which are the best pregnancy test kits?

Most pregnancy test kits are readily available today. They all work on the same principle to check for the hCG hormone and give simple and easy to read results in a couple of minutes. Home pregnancy kits are top-rated and one of the most widely used methods to check for pregnancy. If you don‘t know which one to buy, here are some excellent choices to pick from –  First Response Pregnancy Test, ClinicalGuard HCG Pregnancy Test,  Clearblue Pregnancy Test, Pregmate Pregnancy Urine Test Strips, AccuMed Pregnancy Test Strips, Wonderful– Best Early Detection Pregnancy Test, EPT- Best Early Pregnancy Test Before Missed Period, Easy Home Ovulation/Pregnancy Tests, One Step Pregnancy Test and BlueCross Babi One Step Pregnancy Test.

What are the symptoms to watch out for to check if you are expecting?

First things first, the primary reason could be if you have had unprotected sex recently. Even with protected intercourse, there are slim chances that pregnancy might have occurred. Next is a missed period ad; you could also be looking at spotting or cramping during your menstruation cycles. Watch out if your breasts feel tender and sore. They might also appear fuller and feel heavy as compared to normal. Other changes could be fatigue, morning sickness, backache and moodiness in some women. Increased urination appears much later but could be sooner for some. Other hormonal changes include bloating, being more sensitive to some foods or smells, constipation and nasal congestions. The symptoms vary from woman to woman. However, the primary indications are that there can be various changes that make you feel different and sometimes uncomfortable.

Can pregnancy tests be a false negative?

It is possible that a pregnancy test can show a negative result when you indeed are pregnant. The reasons could be several: it could be a defective test, past its expiry date, or wrongly manufactured. However, your body could also not produce the required amount of the hCG hormone to trigger the results as positive. The best thing to do is visit a doctor and ask for a blood test in all these cases. With high chances of certainty, they are the best way to be entirely sure, and you can do it easily at any clinic. Consuming other medications that might have affected the test results could also be why it is showing wrong.

Where can you buy pregnancy test kits online in the UAE?

Pregnancy test kits are very readily available everywhere, and it helps to check out the options before you buy. With so many different ones out there today, you have plenty of opportunities to consider. The best way to go about using a product search engine like With some fantastic options from more than 500+ online stores under it, it’s really the best way to shop online today. Make sure you check it out before buying it online.

Online stores also sell home pregnancy test kits. Today, some well-known brands include Clear Blue, First Response, Pee-Budd, Hensotest, Lovia, Mankind and Novamed, among others. You can find them right here on Also, you can filter products depending on your preferences. So, go ahead and shop now!