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The concept of pregnancy is one of the most beautiful sciences. With something that starts from so little, it is remarkable how life is born through it. Some inventions like pregnancy and ovulation tests help to make the journey easier.

If you are a couple who is trying to conceive, the terms ovulation cycle, sperm test kits, pregnancy course and ovarian reserve will seem very familiar. These small devices are the best way to understand how to pay attention to all the factors that make it possible to conceive. Among several others, ovulation tests are crucial in the process. It helps determine the exact time in the month that a woman is ovulating, so the chances of pregnancy are higher. Many couples struggle with conceiving and might also require professional care and remedies to cure any troubles they are facing. However, checking out some of the accessible means, such as over the counter devices, should be the first step before going that far. Here are some of the different types of ovulation test kits that you can buy today:

Different types of ovulation test kits that you can buy today

A lot of people don‘t believe in the concept of checking the ovulation dates, as they feel it‘s not essential. Of course, pregnancy can very likely occur even without it. If you have intercourse on a day when you are not ovulating, you can conceive too. However, this is important for those who have had no good luck in the department even after months and years of trying. For them, every little date and time is essential. The concept of knowing and understand how the ovulation process is exceptionally crucial for those who are trying to have a baby. In this way, there are much higher chances of success. The best part is you can now buy ovulation strips just about anywhere and come to know if it‘s a good time or not in a matter of minutes!

Home ovulation strips

It is effortless to use ovulation testing at home. Just like you use pregnancy test kits, this one too is secure and help you detect the best period for intercourse. Most of them are urine kits, so you need to use them just like a pregnancy test kit. Add a few drops of urine into it, and the lines will help you decipher the results. It is essential to check the instructions before you start using them. This will help you monitor the results correctly and know the entire period. Unlike a pregnancy test, this is not as simple as yes or no. You will need to read up a bit about understanding the results that the test kit shows. However, they generally come in a pack, so you can use a couple of them each month to be sure.

Reusable ovulation predictor kit

There are not too many options for the reusable ovulation predictor kit. However, they are easy to use and safe for the environment, as they don‘t build up waste. This one is similar to the reusable pregnancy test kits, wherein you can use the same device to test your ovulation cycles repeatedly. This one is more expensive than regular over the counter strips; however, you can use it for a very long time. So, if you have been struggling to conceive and have been using many strips each month, this could be a good investment. Make sure to read all the necessary instructions on the reusable strip. You also need to make sure you take care of it and attend to matters of personal hygiene with priority.

Ovulation thermometer

The ovulation test kit thermometer is yet another device that you can use to check if you are ovulating or not. This works on the lines of a regular thermometer. So, you can use it to check the body temperature, which shows some changes when the woman is ovulating. The proper body temperature before ovulation starts is somewhere between 36.1°C to 36.4°C. This increases anywhere from 36.4°C to 37°C once ovulation starts. Thus, with the temperature change, it gets easy to determine whether it‘s a good time or not. You can use it by itself, but it‘s better to use it along with ovulation strips to get a better result.

Pregnancy test kit

Once you are done using ovulation strips, the next part includes intercourse. Then, you would need to use a good pregnancy test kit to check whether you have conceived or not. You can use it as soon as the morning after. However, some women wait until they have missed their period and then take the call. Either way, the hormone released into the body when pregnancy occurs is very much active even then. Thus, you can determine the results effectively. It‘s also essential to go to your gynaecologist and follow this up with a blood test. It is the final step to confirm the good news before you go and do anything else. In rare cases, the pregnancy test could be faulty, so the latter is a way to confirm it.

Tips on how to buy Home Ovulation Kits online in UAE 

Home ovulation self-test kits are easy to use and the best way to make the journey of conceiving rewarding. However, there are several different types of kits, thermometers and more when checking on this factor. So, how do you know which is right for you? First, you start using an ovulation strip or device only after many failed attempts at conceiving. If you have, then here are some tips that will make selecting the right one very easy.

  • Research the top brands – Ensure you go online and check the top brands that provide ovulation strips and kits. The last thing you want is something that will give you the wrong information, leading to wastage of results. So, being entirely sure about what you buy is essential here.
  • Buy a couple of variants – With so many different types of strips, why not get a pack of all the best ones? You can try them out at a time each month and then choose the most precise one. Once you know about the brand and the product, you can then buy the same to use later.
  • Reach out to your doctor – Your gynaecologist is the best person when it comes to solving your doubts in this region. Ask him all the questions that you want answers to when it comes to using ovulating test kits. It‘s better to be sure than worry later when you can‘t read the results well.
  • Read online reviews – Make sure you also see what past users have to say about the strips you are looking at buying. The electronic and reusable ones especially are expensive, so it‘s essential to buy the right one.
  • Prefer to buy online – Buying online has many pros: you can check out all the advantages and disadvantages and save time and money. You can also read reviews and connect with doctors or users to help you out with doubts. It‘s the ideal way to shop today.
  • Make sure you invest in accurate gadgets – When it comes to devices like the ovulation thermometer, be very sure it‘s a good buy. Ask around, check for warranty or guarantee and compare prices on different websites. It‘s an expensive investment, so it helps to be sure.

With technological advancement, we are now in a time when basically anything is possible. For something as minute as ovulation, it is now easy to test and check whether it‘s happening or not within a few minutes. However, it‘s essential to enlighten yourself with all the necessary medical knowledge about this part. This way, you will know better about the signs to watch out for and how your body reacts at different times. Don‘t forget to go only by reliable sources for the right information.

Question & Answer

Which are the best home ovulation kits?

Some of the very best and comfortable at home ovulation strips are now widely available at pharmacies and supermarkets. You can also ask your doctor to recommend a good brand. However, make sure you choose the type of strips well: permanent or temporary ones. Both of them have their pros and cons, and of course, factors like budget and convenience also matter. If you are struggling to understand which ones are best, check out – First Response Daily Digital Ovulation Test, Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test, Wondfo One Step Ovulation (LH) Test Strips, Pearl Fertility Ovulation Test, ClinicalGuard Ovulation Test Strips + Pregnancy Test Strips Combo, Proov Ovulation Confirmation Fertility Tracking Kit, FERTILE-FOCUS PERSONAL OVULATION MICROSCOPE, BFP Ovulation And Pregnancy Test Strips, and KNOWHEN Advanced Saliva Ovulation Predictor Test Kit.

What are the disadvantages of using ovulation kits?

While ovulation kits are great, like everything else, they also come with some setbacks that you might come across while using them. For starters, using them over a few months can make you realise they are pretty pricey. You don‘t use one like the pregnancy strip but end up using a couple each month to determine the best time for conceiving. You then have to stock up on more so you can use it in the coming months too. It can also be challenging to read the results. Because the LH surge may not be as high or the test cannot decipher it well, you are at a loss and left with an unclear answer. For women who suffer from hormonal conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome, the results can be very inaccurate. There are high chances that the tests can also give you false-positive results many times.

Can an ovulation predictor kit detect pregnancy?

In some rare cases, it is said that your ovulation kit can also work as a pregnancy detector. With a home ovulation predictor kit, the prime focus is to pick up the LH content; thus, it determines if the women are ovulating. Pregnancy kits, on the other hand, target to find the presence of the hCG hormone. If the ovulation kit cannot distinguish between LH and hCG, this situation might occur. It is, however, not a good idea to use an ovulation kit to determine pregnancy or the other way around.

Where can you buy ovulation test kits online in the UAE?

Many stores can help you get closer to your ideal ovulation test kit. It helps to be sure about the type that will work for you and then decide. However, when you choose to buy, online shopping can be a boon! With, you can be sure you are also paying the best price among all the different websites out there. This product search engine has more than 500+ online stores under it, making it the best way to shop!

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