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The increase in the need for fertility home tests is now increasing. Pollution, stress, improper diet and lack of exercise are only a few reasons infertility issues get common. However, it’s easy to do a quick test now and see the results for yourself. 

Many people suffer due to infertility. Couples are trying to conceive, and even the ones trying to have a second or third child after a successful first attempt. However, the human body sees many changes due to internal and external factors responsible for this. In such cases, one might have to take professional treatment and maintain their diet to stabilize it again. In rare cases, if you get pregnant when risk factors affect your body, congenital disabilities in the child can be possible. Therefore, it is imperative to take the necessary precautions to be fit to avoid having trouble with family planning. Even if this isn‘t the case, it‘s essential to be healthy in good overall health. The best part is taking a fertility test takes less than a few minutes of your time and minimal effort. 

Different types of home cheap fertility test kitto buy today 

Any self-test kit is designed in a way that everybody can use it. It‘s impossible to get lab-accurate results or even do many kinds of tests; however, it works for most basic purposes. The best part is that you don‘t have to rely on a clinic and be subject to test rooms that are low on hygiene factors. It is a great way to determine the issue in a couple of minutes and take the necessary follow-up measures. Of course, you would also have to check on the authenticity of the home fertility test and follow it up with another one at the clinic to be sure. A doctor would recommend one to be sure and then suggest the best course of treatment for your condition. 

Sperm home testing kit 

The best way to determine if everything is well is to get a sperm motility test kit done when it comes to male fertility. The best part here is you don‘t have to be subject to the embarrassment of heading to a clinic to do it, as is the case for many individuals. There are several easy to use at home test kits to get the answer to this. The way to start is to collect a sample of your sperm in the collection cup. Then, go by the instructions on the kit. This allows the given device to read the results, and you get the same in a matter of minutes. Most of them are just like a pregnancy test strip, and the results are very accurate. You can then go to a fertility doctor in case of any concerns. 

Urine test for pregnancy 

One of the most common fertility tests today; you need to use it when you miss your periods. Or even the next morning after unprotected sex. For the best results, women need to use the first batch of urine in the morning as a sample. You need to use the collector and add a few drops to the test kit strip. Alternatively, some might require you to dip the piece in the collected urine sample. You get the results in a matter of seconds, and it‘s one of the most accurate ones. There are a lot of different brands that manufacture home pregnancy test kits. Women often prefer to use 2 or 3 strips with the same sample to be entirely sure. 

Ovarian reserve testing 

The concept of ovarian reserve testing isn‘t new; however, the home test kits are now widely available compared to a few years ago. In the purest sense, ovarian reserve is used to determine the egg count in a woman. This is a crucial factor for conceiving and can be one of the significant reasons why pregnancy won‘t occur. There are blood tests such as FSH, Estradiol, and AMH that a woman needs to get the best idea behind infertility. However, this is not the only reason, and they might be several others behind it. However, a gynaecologist or fertility expert will be able to guide you further. 

AMH home test 

The at-home AMH test is another trendy type of infertility test today. In simple terms, AMH or the anti-Mullerian hormone is secreted by cells that help in developing egg sacs. It is one of the ways to determine the ovarian reserve in a woman. Over time, starting from puberty, the number gradually decreases, and so do the chances of conceiving naturally. Doctor‘s use this test to identify the egg count in a woman, and they suggest how easy or difficult it will be to conceive at that point in her life. The average levels range from 1.0–4.0 ng/ml, and anything below 1.0 ng/ml signifies a diminished ovarian reserve. 

Tips on how to buy Fertility Test Kits online in Dubai

With so many home-fertility tests, determining the base of the issue is very easy. Its, however, is essential to realize that you shouldn‘t go entirely by its results but also have a few more tests at the clinic to be entirely sure. With so many options, it can also be confusing as to which is the best one for you. However, their base chemicals and idea are more or less the same, making it easy to decide. Here are some ways to pick the best options.

  • Don‘t fall prey to myths – Sexual health and fertility can be confusing topics since most of us don‘t discuss them openly. However, many people and websites, too, can point you in the wrong direction at times. So, please stay away from myths and only check the notions that have scientific evidence to back them up.
  • Buy a few variants to be sure – If the test kit is inexpensive, buy a few from different brands. This way, you can be confident and not jump to conclusions. Try at least 3 to be sure. Sometimes the kit could be expired or faulty and give you improper results, so it’s ideal to be 100% sure.
  • Check for online options – If you need to buy a couple of them, buying online is one way to save money. It is also the right way to check out options, as pharmacies might not have them all in stock. You can read reviews, read up on the website and then take a call.
  • Ask your doctor – Don‘t panic in case you see a negative result. The best thing to do is schedule an appointment and discuss it with your doctor its the idea to do this even before you use any home kits, so you know the follow-up steps to take later.

While home tests can sometimes not be the most accurate, they are a boon for minimizing efforts and saving time and money. There is a lot of information available on the internet, which can point you in the right direction. However, what is essential in confirming your sources and being entirely sure. Along with taking medication to cure fertility issues, pay attention to your diet, avoid stress, and be happy, which can make it better.

Question & Answer

Which are the best pregnancy and fertility test kits for females?

Women‘s test kits are very common and accessible too. They give accurate results, and many women prefer to use them as they are safe, can be done at home and are inexpensive. The standard tests are ovarian reserve, ovulation and pregnancy test kits, among several others. Depending upon what are you looking at, they can all be used at home, to be entirely sure. However, to start, the ovarian reserve is best to understand your chances. After this, the ovulation kit helps to understand the most fertile days. Lastly, pregnancy kits are to check if you have conceived or not. Some of the best one‘s today are – Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test, Wondfo 50 Test Strips, PREGMATE 50 Test Strips, Easy@Home 50 Test Kit, Maybe Baby Ovulation Tester,  ClinicalGuard 40 Test Strips,  iProvèn Test Kit, First Response Ovulation Kit, WONDFO LH OVULATION TEST STRIPS, FERTILE-FOCUS PERSONAL OVULATION MICROSCOPE, SmileReader Ovulation Test Strips and AFAC Ovulation Test Strips.

Which are the best male fertility test kits?

Male fertility test kits are getting more common these days. The best part is you can quickly get them online and, in most stores, too. The sperm count test is the most popular one, and it‘s effortless to use. If a couple struggles to conceive, both partners should take the necessary checks before jumping to conclusions. This way, it‘s easy to determine the best treatment for the affected one and then try to conceive. There are several fertility blood tests, too, to help be sure of the results. The best tests are – SpermCheck Fertility, LetsGetChecked Male Hormone Test, EverlyWell Men‘s Health, YO Home Sperm Test, Trak At-Home Sperm Test and DADI At-Home Collection Kit. There are also many fertility apps and websites that you can use to track progress and gain information.

What can you do at a personal level to boost your fertility?

If you are infertile, you need medical attention to solve the issue. While natural remedies work, the process can be slow, and the results are not justified. However, along with the same, you can make some lifestyle changes to fasten the process. It‘s safe to say these adjustments have long-term effects and will help even after your medication is done. Start with a healthy diet and consume a lot of foods that are rich in antioxidants. Also, avoid fatty meals, cut down on carbs and sugar and check out some multivitamins. Make sure you keep away from heavy workloads and cut down on stress. Taken plenty of walks, and exercise all you can. Very hot baths and long saunas may not be the best for men. Also, wear comfortable clothing, including innerwear and refrain from fitted ones. Cut down on smoking, caffeine, sugary drinks and foods and avoid alcohol to better your chances.

Where can you buy fertility blood test kits online in Dubai?

Buying any fertility test, including a sperm check male fertility test, is relatively easy on the internet. It is ideal for checking with your doctor if you should be looking at other criteria apart from these. The best way is to check out This brilliant product search engine is truly one of the best when it comes to shopping online. It has many health and beauty products from several top-raked stores, and it also makes it easy for comparisons. Also, brands such as Baby Start, Swim Count, Easy Home, Labo Quick and Ferti Quick are exceptional options.