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We love all the techy things around us to such an extent that we all lead a sedentary lifestyle today. Well, it goes without a say that working out and staying fit is the least of our concerns. This lack of activity leads to the deposit of bad cholesterol build up in our bodies. And we all know the consequences of the rise of cholesterol in the body. That’s why you need to always keep an eye on your cholesterol levels. Indeed, visiting a clinic regularly can be a hassle. Well, an ideal home cholesterol test kit will help you with that.

So, what exactly is a home cholesterol kit? Well, it’s a convenient and effective way to test your cholesterol at home itself. It enables you to monitor your body’s cholesterol levels without having to visit the doctor’s office. And the best part, you do not have to wait for days or weeks to get your results, the test kit gives you the results in a matter of minutes. You see, having these smart gadgets can quickly help you keep track of your cholesterol levels. However, to get effective results, you need to make sure that you have the best cholesterol test kit in town. So, why not explore some of the trending test kits out there in the market today? Keep reading!

The best home cholesterol test kits to choose from

Regardless of the brand, a standard cholesterol test kit includes a lancet for drawing blood and the test strips to conduct the test. How do you do the test? Well, it’s simple! You prick your finger with a lancet first. Next, you need to place the blood droplet on the test strip. The cholesterol home test strip has special chemicals that change the colour after a few minutes. You can then match the final colour with the colour guide that comes along with the kit. The colour will tell you how much cholesterol you have in your blood. A few kits also have an electronic meter that gives you the results. Let’s now look at the popular kits out there.

The best overall home cholesterol test digital

The home basic cholesterol analyser from Cardio Check is a great choice. This test machine measures total cholesterol along with triglycerides and glucose. Besides, the kit is also reasonably priced and cheaper than many other options available in the market. However, just bear in mind that, just like any other self-test kit, you need to buy the lancets and test strips separately. Consumer reviews suggest that the kit works well. It has a high degree of accuracy and a surprising level of flexibility. By the way, the efficiency also depends on how well you follow the instructions on the kit for performing the test at home.

The best budget First Check cholesterol home test

Apart from being wallet-friendly, this test kit from the First Check is highly functional too. You’ll find tests for both HDL and total cholesterol in one single package. Adding value to the overall kit, the package comes with two lancets and two droppers for blood collection. Additionally, it also comes with supplies like gauze and bandages. Also, since it comes with only two tests per kit (one HDL and one total), it’s better not to use the kit repeatedly. That said, it serves as an affordable alternative if you’d like to check your cholesterol levels between your doctor visits. Additionally, to measure approximate LDL, you just need to subtract the HDL reading from the total cholesterol reading.

The perfect online integration home cholesterol test machine

The cholesterol kit from EverlyWell works a little bit differently than most of the other models. Rather than getting your readings immediately, your test sample goes back to the brand. You’ll then receive a secure online report with lab-verified information about your cholesterol and lipid levels. Even though the receiving result has a long process, the testing is relatively simple. To perform the test, you collect the blood sample at home using the components in the kit. You then send back the kit in the included mailer. A physician reviews the results in the CLIA-certified lab. By the way, the test kit covers tests for LDL, HDL, total cholesterol, and triglycerides.

The best home combination cholesterol check kit

The cholesterol test kits from Solana Health enables you to check LDL, HDL, and triglycerides. But, the company also offers another add-on with the kit. Indeed, cholesterol curious customers will be interested in this product. It’s a supplement called Cardiol Plus, which contains vitamins that the company assures have been clinically tested and shown to help manage LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Just like the kit from EveryWell, you need to mail this test than perform them at home. However, you need to do the test at home. That is, you need to put your blood sample in the supplied kit, and then send it back to them for the results. Usually, the results are highly detailed.

Tips on how to buy Cholesterol Tests Kit online

You now know that there are several types of cholesterol testing kits out there. However, purchasing the perfect one that suits your needs is easier said than done. That’s because several factors come into play when you set out to buy a cholesterol test kit online in UAE. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed down a few of those essential factors below. Check them out!

  • Consider the features – A home cholesterol test kit comes with several features. To save a few bucks, you can choose models that help you check sugar levels, uric acid levels, and triglyceride levels as well. Such kind of multi-functional models serve a lot of purposes and help you conduct various tests efficiently with just one kit.
  • Check out the ease of use – Allows pick a model that enables you to use them conveniently no matter what your level of experience is. For this, make sure that the kit you’re buying comes with clear instructions and better digital display meters. Some can deliver the results in minutes. This eliminates the waiting time and gives you results soon.
  • Consider the quality – Remember that the product you choose should come in high-quality materials and must be safe to use. See if it comes with several strips and helps you save some money. A kit that has easily available strips will eliminate your need to change the machine frequently. Also, always pick the one that has a longer lifespan. Also, approved by the FDA is an ideal choice.
  • Consider the unit size – Well, you need not look into the size of the unit much if you’re staying at home and testing. In other words, the unit size doesn’t matter if you need not carry the kit. However, if you want to test your cholesterol levels while on the go, then you need to get yourself a compact test kit that’s lightweight and user-friendly.
  • Consider the cost – Remember, you must not look at the retail price of the meter alone. That’s because it’s the test strips that make the cholesterol test kit expensive. And you may have to use the strips quite often. The cost of the strips ranges from 65 Dhs to 675 Dhs. And the price can add up to become a huge amount for people who have to check their cholesterol levels quite often.

Usually, home cholesterol testing kits come with all the instructions so that you or your family can easily keep track of your cholesterol levels. However, the above tips are essential to make the right choice. We hope it’ll guide you in the right direction and help you pick the perfect test kit for all your cholesterol checking needs.

Question & Answer

Are home cholesterol test kits accurate?

A home, cholesterol testing kit, is one of the easiest and convenient ways of keeping track of your body’s cholesterol levels. Even though not as accurate as the tests from the lab, the kits give you 90-95 % accurate results. And this is quite acceptable by the doctors. Besides, testing cholesterol at home saves you from the hassle of travelling to and fro to the clinic frequently to check your cholesterol. And the best part, you do not have to wait for days or weeks to get your results, the test kit gives you the results in a matter of minutes.

What do results from the home cholesterol kit mean?

Apart from giving you the readings of your cholesterol level, the test also indicates several other things. For instance, a home cholesterol testing kit can reveal whether you have a risk of heart attack or stroke. Further, the advanced kits show levels of bad and good cholesterol and even blood pressure. A standard cholesterol test kit includes a lancet for drawing blood and the test strips to conduct the test. However, the procedure of the test and results mat depend a bit on the type you bring.

What is the best home cholesterol test kit?

Of course, everyone wants to explore the cheap cholesterol kit to buy. Indeed, you want to save a few extra bucks. But, remember nothing is more important than the quality of the kit. And you can assure its quality by getting the branded ones among the many other options out there. Go for kits from the brands like Lipido Care, First Check, Cardio Chek, Easy Touch, and C Chol Checker. You can find these brands here and go for one as per your preferences.

Where to buy a home cholesterol test machine?

A reliable and trustworthy platform is a must to purchase premium quality cholesterol test kits. From cholesterol kits for sale to a comprehensive range of test kits, you’ll find them all in What’s more, you can explore, compare and shop products from over 500 online stores only on our product search engine. If you want to quicken your shopping experience, use filters and sorting. Also, if you want to compare prices, you can do that here.

Now you see, how vital these test kits are and the role they play in helping you keep track of your cholesterol levels. So, make sure that you secure yourself a perfect kit today! Also, find other health & beauty products here. Start shopping for them here!