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Between getting through family visits and open-bar work parties, it’s hard to blame anyone for wanting to throw in a few drinks to take things easy during holidays. However, we cannot always tell if we’re fit enough to be behind the wheels of a car. Fortunately, you’ll find a number of top-quality bladder pieces commonly known as breathalyser to help you avoid driving under influence. In this article we shall look at some best breathalysers to buy and also some tips on how to buy breathalyser online in UAE. 

A breathalyser is a device that estimates the BAC (blood alcohol content) from a breath sample. The best personal breathalysers tend to be compact and give fast and accurate results within 0.001%. The device usually comes with a system to sample the breath, two glass vials that contain chemical reaction mixture, and a system on photocells. These photocells connect to a meter that measure the colour change associated with the chemical reaction. To measure the alcohol in your breath, you need to blow or breath into the device. The breath sample bubbles through one vial to another through the mixture of sulphuric acid, silver nitrate, potassium dichromate, and water. Although this is the basic principle behind any bladder pieces, today you can find numerous varieties of the product. Let’s take a look at some of the best. 

The best-selling breathometers to make sure you’re legally behind the wheels 

Bladder pieces available on the market today vary widely in their accuracy and reliability. Usually, you get what you pay for. The more expensive model give you more accurate results. However, as you’ve heard several news stories, even the best bladder pieces can give you false negatives. Which is why it’s important to be careful while selecting your pick. It’s always better to check out a few trending best breathalyser for home use and to use on the professional forefront. Having an idea about the popular models makes your buying process easy. Below we’ve compiled some top-selling breathalysers to keep you on track and drive safe. 

The best overall BACTrack S80 Pro tester breathalyser

Considered one of the best bladder pieces on the market, this BACTrack breathalyser comes with full approval from state laws and department of transportations. Thanks to its smart and sleek functionalities and structure. The product measures 2.3 x 0.8 x 4.8 inches making it handy. Besides, it uses a fuel sensor technology that allows the S80 to produce breathalyzer results in under 10 seconds. Moreover, you can activate the test with one-touch operation. This allows accuracy within 0.0000 to 0.4000 percent BAC. Above all it also works well even for testers who use it repeatedly in a short time frame. 

The runner-up portable breathalyser from BACtrack

Another standout product from BACTrack, this bladder piece comes with the capability of remembering your past results. Moreover, sized just at 4.2 x 1.9 x 0.6 inches, it can easily slip into a purse or your pocket. Thanks to their compact nature, the users regard them well for police-grade sensor technology and incredible accuracy. The accuracy of the product scores anywhere between 0.000 to .4000 BAC. Furthermore, the one-touch operation powered by two AAA batteries provide you with hours of usage capacity. Apart from that, the built-in memory enables you to record and save the last ten BAC readings for later referencing. 

The best smartphone breathalyser for iPhone and Android devices

If you’re in search of a rechargeable and compact mobile smartphone breathalyser, then this smart bladder piece from BACTrack is your best bet. Compatible with both iPhone and Android this product offers you police-grade accuracy powered by the company’s fuel cell sensor. It goes to the third decimal point. Better yet, you can wirelessly connect the device to your smartphone and determine the BAC reading, so that you’re safe to drive. Additionally, the BACTrack iOS app works with the Apple watch too. It enables you to see the results directly on your wrist and on your smartphone at the same time. Furthermore, measuring 1.8 x 0.6 x 2.8 inches in size, the product also connects via Bluetooth. 

The best response time – EEK Brand professional, digital alcohol breathalyser

If you’re looking for bladder pieces that offer you strong accuracy and pocket-friendly pricing, then go ahead and get yourself this breathalyser from EEK. Measuring 5.5 x 1.9 x 0.8 inches, the Aoxin professional digital breathalyser offers a compact design. It also comes with one-touch button operation that fits well with the compact design. Their smart structures ensures you accurate BAC between 0.05 to 0.5%. The product even declares that its accuracy is strong enough to find out whether a breastfeeding mother has enough BAC level to pump for a child. Furthermore, it’s powered by AAA batteries and shuts off automatically after five seconds of test completion.

Tips on how to buy Bladder Pieces online

You now know that you’ll find various versions of bladder pieces when you’re out looking for one. It’s quite natural to get overwhelmed at first when you encounter so many options online and you’ve to pick a suitable, high-quality model. Well, fret not, because we’ve got your back in this. Here we’ve laid a few useful tips to help you choose the best breathalyser for car, home, professional use, and for many other purposes.

  • Know your requirement – Where do you want to use your breathalysers? Are you planning to use them at home or do you want to use them for a professional purpose? Remember to first sort out your requirements before you begin your search online. Only knowing what you exactly need will take you to your preferred model.
  • A bit of research helps – Well, a thorough research on the product helps you know what you need. Besides, understanding the different options, places to buy, brands to rely on, and some history – all this helps you get closer to your ideal bladder pieces. Besides, the more you know about the product, the better it is.
  • Explore your options – Not all breathalysers are equal. You must’ve have figured that out by now. Every other product comes with different design, functionalities, features, and parts. Which means, they perform in different ways too. Therefore, try and check out a few trending models that you can get your hands on. This helps you narrow down your choices.
  • Keep an eye on the sensor type – Breathalysers use different types of sensors. More precise device come with fuel cell sensor. While the cheaper models use a semi-conductor sensor that gives you less accurate results. Therefore, set your preferences right to ensure the pick you want. If you want highly accurate results go with fuel cell sensor models.
  • Consider the design – The design of the breathalyser plays a crucial role in determining the accuracy of the device. Usually, you’ll have two types of device designs – the active and passive. The devices with active design requires you to blow into the mouthpieces. It prevents outside air contaminations and gives accurate reading. Whereas, passive analysers has you blow across the opening.
  • Look at the calibration – Usually, your bladder pieces tend to be calibrated and ready to use. However, over time the device becomes less and less accurate. At such a time, you might have to re-calibrate the device. Now, some devices automatically calibrate themselves making your job much easier. So, lookout for such bladder pieces online.
  • Consider the size – The whole point of the breathalysers is that they’re portable. You should be able to pop them into your pocket and carry them for your night outs. Try selecting a portable model that comes with a foldable mouthpiece and a robust case. Having portable model not only helps you carry them around anywhere but also allows you self-test
  • Check out the mouth pieces – If you’re picking a breathalyser with an active design, then you do need a mouthpiece. Your device will come with at least one mouthpiece. But you’d need to replace them frequently to avoid cross contamination. New mouthpieces cost you around 1.50 Dhs to 5Dhs. You can always buy them in bulk.
  • Consider the price – Numerous varieties bring your different design, type, functionalities, features, and accuracy. Generally the costlier the product the more the accuracy. Which means you can find both expensive and cheap breathalyser machines out there on the market today. Therefore, try and set aside a budget before starting your online search.
  • Go for high-quality – Of course, you should have budget, but that doesn’t mean you shed your money on something that isn’t worth its price. Be sure of the quality. Only a premium quality breathalyser will give you an accurate result. One of the easiest ways to make sure you have the best quality is to buy them from reputed brands. You could also get a few premium breathalyser for sale during seasonal deals.

There you have it – the tips that’ll take you to your perfect bladder pieces. But, of course, in the end everything boils down to your personal preference when determining various factors like the type, design, or the budget. It’s true that you should pick something that fits your deal. However, you should also make sure that you pick the highest quality to ensure their value for money, dependability, accuracy and durability.

Question & Answer

What breathalyser do police use?

Police usually use highly accurate and premium quality bladder pieces. They cannot afford to use substandard quality devices, as it might put so many people on the road in danger. The BACTrack Pro Series breathalyser is one such device that you’ll commonly see among the police personnel. The device delivers police-grade accuracy and consistency every time you test. They’re indeed an ideal device for those who need most reliable and accurate results.

Is breathalyser test accurate?

The accuracy of the bladder pieces usually depend on their design and brand. The professional breathalysers like the ones police carry give you quite an accurate result. That’s mainly because they use active design. However, the passive design devices will not give you such an accurate result. Apart from that, not breath test is as accurate as blood or urine test. However, you can still use breathalysers to detect people driving on alcohol influence.

Can breathalyser detect weed?

No, a regular breathalyser cannot detect weed. However, today there are several new breathalysers that can do so. A team of researchers at the University of Pittsburgh announced the latest tool to detect weed. The device find outs THC – the major component in pot – in breath. Although the device hasn’t rolled out and is still in tests and final stages, the use of such devices can help the police detect weed if and when necessary.

Which breathalysers are the best?

The best breathalyser gives you accurate results. Apart from that they tend to be durable, dependable, and of high-quality. Does a product as such really exist? Well, yes! Check out the brands like Bactrack, Alcohawk, Lifeloc, Alcomate, Alcosense, Draeger, Greenwon, and Boots. All these brands house some of the best collection of bladder pieces that offer you cutting-edge technology, high-accuracy and premium quality.

Where to get breathalyser online in UAE?

Fortunately, several online stores today offer different types of breathalysers online. If you’re in search of one, then do not miss to check out the various choices on From simple bladder pieces to advanced and cutting-edge technology breathalysers, our product search engine has it all. What’s more you get them from top-rated brands and you can also buy them from your favourite online stores. Better yet, you can do all this under a single roof here on It’s also the best place to buy a range of health & beauty products.