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About Scar Creams

The skin protects our valuable assets. As much as we love our skin, we hate scars. As a result of injury, burn, or any other trauma, Scars become stubborn over time. Since all of them do not respond well to home treatments, let us explore effective scar creams.  

Your skin develops a scar when its deep layers are damaged. Due to this, the body forms new collagen fibres that knit together differently from healthy skin. Scar tissues work differently than normal skin as they have no hair follicles and sweat glands. People say that scars never go away entirely but can fade. However, today’s skin experts have put together several types of research on scar tissues and wound healing. As a result, people use beneficial components like skin cells renewing antioxidants to blend the scar into the surrounding skin.

All about choosing the best scar removal cream

A scar generally appears in a discolour patch depressed in the skin or a bit raised. It may look white, black or red depending upon the type of your skin. How much time they take to disappear depends upon the depth of the scar. Keloid, contracture, hypertrophic and acne are the four main types of scars that we may experience. Some scars might need surgical removal or treatment, whereas scar creams, ointments and gels have proven to work best on the scars caused by cuts or wounds. Read on to understand the formula and effectiveness of various scar creams. 

Pimple marks cream

There is no one cause of acne. They occur when sebaceous glands stimulate due to hormonal changes like at the time of puberty. It causes excessive oil production resulting in skin maturity plugging the follicle pore. Acne generally appears in the form of white or blackheads. Dirt, food and even stress can be possible reasons for the development of acne. But do not panic! Today’s skincare products help reduce acne and minimize sensitivity, irritation, and further development. They come in the form of mild cleansers, exfoliating masks, retinol and even antibacterial solutions. 

Ointment for scars

Ointments for scars come in various styles ranging from omega 3 oils and shea butter extracts to beta-sitosterol to treat burns. Scar removal ointments are generally crammed with antioxidants to help skin repair. Some are even effective in inhibiting the growth of keloid scar tissues. A scar ointment works great on dry skin as it remains longer on the skin than any cream. It not only fades scars but also shrinks pores, repairs uneven rough surfaces, and balances facial oil secretion. 

No scar cream for stretch marks

We get different lines in our bodies as we age, ranging from wrinkles to stretch marks. The skin develops stretch marks generally when it stretches or shrinks. These marks can crop up on the hips, thighs, and even around breasts. At-home stretch mark treatment works the best that can be done using various skincare oil, massage lotions and scar removal creams. No scar cream for stretch marks has hydrating ingredients like argan oil and shea butter. By quenching skin’s thirst, one can stop stretch marks in their tracks.  

Tips on how to buy Scar Creams in Dubai

Do you have a scar? If yes, you must be trying to search for ways to lighten it or reduce its appearance. Scar creams are a convenient and practical option here. However, the variety of scar creams out there is so vast that it often becomes difficult to choose the right one. On, we believe in educating the customer before heading them towards a product. Find some tips below to buy scar cream online in the UAE.

  • Ingredients – The key components in most creams include water, emulsifiers, moisturizers, and fragrances. Elements can be natural or artificial, but some chemicals can be potentially dangerous for the skin. So, it is essential to go through the components. Also, be sure you are not allergic to any of them.
  • Skin type – There are various creams meant for different skin types. Each has specific properties to offer, and the difference between the two creams are not always easy to distinguish. For example, dry skin loses moisture easily; hence you need a hydrating cream so that it can stay for long and show effects.
  • Scar type – Scars may be formed because of various reasons like surgery, burns, infections, and injuries. There are different creams effective on each. Not all scar creams are created equally. Hence, it is essential to consider the type of scar while choosing a healing cream.
  • Brand – When you purchase any scar cream or lotion, you have to be sure about its overall quality. You should know how it is manufactured, regulated and approved. A falsely advertised product can bring a lot of side effects to your skin. So, it’s safe to rely on trustworthy and reputed brands that have been around for the past long.

You must be looking for getting one as soon as possible. On, you can browse through an extensive collection of scar lotions, ointments and anti scar cream on sale. We have quality and tested products offered by reputable brands in the industry. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pick the best one to get rid of those stubborn marks! On our product search engine, you can use features like advanced searching, filters and sorting to narrow down your choices. Also, get cheap scar removal cream to buy if you have budget constraints. If you have other health and beauty product requirements, we are a one-stop store.

Question & Answer

Does scar cream work on stretch marks?

A stretch mark is different from a typical scar hence a scar cream may not work on them. Stretch marks are generally developed due to stretching or shrinking of the skin. The creams intended for stretch marks have hydrating agents like aloe leaf juice, shea butter, argan oil, hyaluronic acid and Centella Asiatica. Three main ingredients work for improving or reducing the appearance of stretch marks- retinol that resurfaces the skin, silicone that smoothens marks, and hyaluronic acid that is good at plumping lines. However, some scar creams are manufactured to work on all wound marks, burn scars, acne and even stretch marks.

Which scar cream is best?

Scar creams vary based on the type of scar, ingredients, and even quality. Thousands of brands come up with creams, ointments and lotions intended to treat different types of scars. However, only prove out to be convincing and best-reviewed. Some of the best brands selling scar creams online include Love boo, Dermalogica, Egyptian Magic, Murad, Kiehl’s and Mederma. If you have been in search of some of the good brands and their products, you can find them here.

Are scar creams effective?

The healing time relies upon the type of scar and the treatment you use on them. Scar lotions filled with vitamin E, onion extracts or any other antioxidant can treat normal scars like acne or marks of small injuries. Scar creams contain hyaluronic acid that acts as a filler and helps to even out the skin. On the other hand, Allantoin present in most scar ointments breaks down inflamed scar tissue and aid in healthy cell growth. However, on some scars, creams cannot work. For example, the dark spots caused after pimple healing can hardly vanish by any scar cream as they are not scars. Your skin pigmentation has changed.

Where to buy scar cream?

You can get scar cream from any local or online cosmetics store. However, in brick and mortar shops, you will get a limited variety to choose from. In contrast, online stores would let you browse through a vast collection of scar creams offered by various brands. You can get them in the form of lotions, creams, ointments suiting different skin types. Moreover, you do not have to roam here and there to search for a specific product. You can browse many shops in a matter of a few minutes. is one such store where we have brought together over 500 online stores that sell scar creams.

Scars are frustrating, especially when they are stubborn at a visible spot. Thankfully, we have scar creams effective in helping us get rid of those marks. On our product search engine, you will find products offered by the best brands in the industry. So, quickly go ahead and get the best acne scar removal products and other medication while stock lasts.