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About Tranquiliser

It is a drug that has been developed to treat anxiety, tension, fear, and certain disturbances of the mind. This term is popular as a sedative synonym; however, medical professionals use precise terms like major and minor tranquillisers. Let us explore in detail. 

This term was first introduced in 1953 to tell about a drug that had a calming effect on animals it was tested on. The word directly relates to tranquillity in a person, which means being calm, worry-free, and serene. These are the chemical compounds that find their uses to treat anxiety, stress, and some other mental diseases. They work by inducing a sense of well-being that in turn produces a calming effect. The best tranquilliser for anxiety releases the person from tension, stress, and irritability. There are many choices available, but they may have different modes of function. On this page, we will tell you some things you need to know about them. 

Things you need to know about tranquiliser

It comprises several classes of drugs that have properties like an antianxiety, muscle relaxant, sedative, anticonvulsant, and anti-agitation. Health care professional generally describes them with precise terms like a minor tranquilliser and major tranquilliser. Minor type usually refers to anxiolytics that inhibits anxiety. This medication is popular for treating anxiety disorders. On the other hand, the major type may refer to antipsychotics popular for managing psychosis-like hallucination, delusion, or disordered thought. Mood stabilisers may also be related to tranquillising agents. Read on to explore more details on the same.

Major tranquilisers

It may refer to the Antipsychotics or neuroleptics that doctors use to manage psychosis. However, it may also cause some side effects such as weight gain, involuntary movement disorder, and metabolic syndrome. This type of medication is generally in use to treat a range of bipolar disorder, psychotic disorder, treatment-resistant depression and more. It is not generally recommended to manage or treat the behavioural problems linked with dementia. Some studies have found that using this type of medication can bring some adverse long term effects.

Minor tranquilisers

This term usually refers to anxiolytics is a medication popular for inhibiting anxiety. The minor one is useful if taken under the careful supervision of an expert physician. However, overuse may lead to addiction and even side effects later. There can be many minor tranquillisers. Different medications may have different applications, benefits, and side effects. For example, Benzodiazepines are in use to treat conditions like insomnia, anxiety, seizures, agitation, etc., whereas prescription Opioids are popular for reducing severe pain. 

Natural tranquiliser

Most of the time, there is a natural substitute for medication. Similar is in the case of tranquiliser medication! For example, extracts like Passionflower, Valerian, Hops, Lemon balm, and California Poppy may have a tranquillising effect. They are popular for reducing nervousness and hence, inducing sleep. Many natural habits can reduce the condition of anxiety. For example, you should stay active by doing regular exercises. Smoking and alcohol consumption should be stopped. Get a good sleep and also indulge in healthy activities like meditation. Take a healthy diet, and you will find yourself free from tension and worries. However, in extreme cases, you should consult a doctor.

Tips on how to buy Tranquilisers in Dubai

When you cannot get enough results to improve your routine and habits, you might have to turn to specific medication after consultation with your doctor. However, you cannot rely on any random pill. All medicines are not the same. Some help you in conditions like insomnia and anxiety, whereas others may work towards relieving pain. If you are even a bit overwhelmed by the options you have out there, here is a small guide. The below tips would help you buy tranquiliser tablets online in the UAE.

  • Know if you need medication – The first step is to know whether you need medication or not. Most people have anxiety due to bad habits like stress at work, the stress in personal relationships etc. Even an improper diet can be the reason. So, if you can improve your lifestyle, habits and sleeping environment, you can get great results. However, if that does not help, you might have to consult your doctor to prescribe the appropriate medication.
  • Consult a doctor – You might consider certain the counter solution for cold, headache and even fever. But, inappropriate anxiety pills can bring serious health threats. So, always consult a doctor before you take them. About homemade or herbal solutions, there is hardly any harm in taking them. However, taking an expert’s advice is essential.
  • Brand – While purchasing any medication, you have to be sure about its overall quality. You should know how they are regulated and approved. A falsely advertised medicine can bring you numerous side effects. So, it is safe to rely on doctor recommended, trustworthy and reputed brands that have been around for the past long.
  • Source of purchase – You can purchase medication from any brick or click store if you have a doctor’s prescription. However, in the local pharmacy, you might not get a specific version due to limited stock. So, choose to order it from online medical supplies that bear an extensive collection. Moreover, you do not have to roam here and there. You can browse many stores through a few finger taps.

On, you can find medications that your doctor has recommended. On our Dubai product finder, we have brought together hundreds of online stores selling medicines. You can also use features like searching, filters, and sorting to find what you are looking for quickly. You can even search the product directly from the search bar. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and browse now!

Question & Answer

What tranquilisers do?

Tranquiliser is a drug that has been developed for the treatment of anxiety, tension, fear, and certain disturbances of the mind. Health care professionals generally describe them with precise terms like a minor tranquilliser and major tranquilliser. Minor type usually refers to anxiolytics that inhibit anxiety, whereas major type may refer to antipsychotics used to manage psychosis-like hallucination, delusion, or disordered thought. On, you can find many options offered by hundreds of trusted stores and brands like Clicks.

Where to buy tranquiliser in the UAE?

If you are looking for reliable options online in the UAE, you are in the right place. On, you can find an assortment of medication offered by some of the trusted brands in the industry. You can purchase it if you have a doctor’s prescription. Here, we have brought together hundreds of online stores so that you can find the exact variety. Keep the above details in mind while you shop for a tranquilliser for humans online. To narrow down the options, you can set your preferences over filters for price, brand, and sellers. You can also find other medication and health and beauty here. So, go ahead and initiate your journey!

How do tranquilisers affect the body?

It depends upon the type of medication you are taking. Some prescription tranquilisers can be a reason for euphoria. They may slow down the normal functioning of the brain. It might cause slurred speech, fatigue, lack of coordination for some time. For some days, the person may feel sleepy and uncoordinated, but these feelings may disappear as the body develops the habit. However, the positive and side effects depend upon the kind of medication. Also, an overdose may bring some long term side effects as well.