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About Painkillers

Painkillers are one of those medications you can buy over the counter for short-term complaints like headache, body ache, or back pain. However, if the pain continues for an extended period of time, then it is a sign of some underlying issues. You must consult your doctor about that. We assume and hope that you consume medicines responsibly and understand the severity of their side effects.

The first question that pops up in our mind is whether to go for OTC drugs or prescription medications. Some of you may get frightened with the idea of OTC meds, as swallowing pills without having an expert take on them might sound silly to you. But that is why they have been named over-the-counter medicines, so any normal person with a little understanding can treat himself quickly. And that’s what you should do whenever in pain. Another reason to head to an expert is when you see a pattern. Pain-relieving medicine may make you feel better quickly. But if the same pain arises after a period of interval or so and you see a pattern in it, it might be a sign of an underlying issue.

Painkillers and antibiotics

Antibiotics kill the infection or bacteria invading your body, while painkillers cut you off from the signals that let you feel pain. So, the pain is still there, but you won’t feel it until the internal healing is all completed. When you are ready to lead the normal lifestyle again, then experts ask you to stop taking the medications, and the business is as usual. This is pretty much how these meds work when you are healing from a bigger medical condition. The need for antibiotics is purely up to the experts after your diagnosis.

Painkillers for back pain

The source of back pain says a lot about pain meds you are going to get. For example, most of the adults and older generation complain of back pain due to weak core muscles. However, it could be related to an injury or even depression. If you take the best painkillers for back pain and still the pain does not subside, and worst, if it’s accompanied by other conditions like leg weakness or fever, you should immediately see a doctor. Remember, OTC medicines help you forget about the pain but don’t heal it.

Painkillers for teeth

Dental pain is excruciating, and anybody who had one not going to deny that. The top reason for the severity of pain is because every teeth’s inside part has a lot of nerve endings that are sensitive to pain. Even a slight disturbance to that can cause you sleepless nights. You should not ignore any symptoms like mouth odour or yellowness of teeth because these painless symptoms grow more to painful teeth and even more painful treatment. If you are out now buying painkillers online in UAE, you can explore our online shops that can get you not just painkillers but every health & beauty you need.

Painkillers for migraine

Most people, when they have their first migraine attack, think of it as some stomach issues. In it, the headache is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light. So, they throw up, take a rest and think everything is going to be fine, which sadly does not happen. You might end up taking OTC medicines for headache, which helps until you see the pattern in your headache and other symptoms that grow severe. So, it is of utmost importance that you do not take your body signals lightly. If you are looking for them, you can get migraine painkillers on sale on our platform that is

Tips on how to buy Painkillers online

Do not make the mistake of buying the painkiller that your friend, colleague, family member, or anyone recommend. You can take their recommendation into account, read about the product and see if it fits your condition. It may or may not work, but the thing is, you must know what you are consuming, and that is the point above all. So, let’s make an informed decision by considering some obvious details, which we often overlook.

  • Know the active ingredient – Keep note that different pain-relieving medications can have the same active ingredients. For instance, cold and cough remedy can have the same active ingredients as a headache remedy or even your prescription medicines. If you consume them both, you might overdose leading to severe side effects. So, it is imperative that you check on the ingredients first.
  • If the medicine is for a child – Children’s metabolism is different than that of an adult’s. They may not be able to digest the dose and ingredients of the medicines, which is why doctors sometimes recommend syrups, chewable tablets, suspensions, suppositories, or others. It all depends on your child’s weight, body metabolism, or if he is taking any other medicine currently. When you give OTC drug to your child, do not continue after a certain period, say 48 hours. You should consult your doctor after that.
  • Consider the type of pain – Yours can be an inflammation like backache or headache. In that case, go for anti-inflammatory drugs like paracetamol. The example here is because paracetamol is a common medicine worldwide. You must consider other tips before grabbing it. In contrast, your pain can be related to a damaged nerve that is a little complex. You should consult your doctor about that.
  • Before taking soluble painkillers – Let’s give you hold of it first. These are also known as effervescent tablets – the one that is consumed by dissolving in water. So, the fact with them is they are high in salt. In case your medical condition is otherwise not fit to consume high salt, or you are advised so, you should avoid such painkillers. Just switch to some non-effervescent, and that would be all.

The sole objective of taking medicines is to improve your life. The pain you are having right now may or may not be related to another problem. If yes, then you must work on the main cause, taking pain relief on the side. If it is a normal headache or body ache due to an exercise regime or any other recent lifestyle change, then just pain-relieving meds would work. You can buy both types of pain meds on our retail search engine . Natural, Parodontax, and Orthodontic are some of the brands you will find upon your visit.

Question & Answer

Can painkillers cause hair loss?

No, just taking painkillers won’t be the cause of your hair falling out. However, if you overdose on the pills, then hair loss can be seen. And you see, both are the conditions you don’t want to happen. You should not try to subside the pain if it continues for more than an average of two to three days. This pain is a sign that something is wrong in your body, and when you don’t listen to it, you get another side effect like hair loss. Read these signs and act upon them by consulting an expert for the pain. The good news about hair fall is that it is completely reversible. Once you stop taking the pills to deaden the pain, hair fall will stop.

What is the strongest painkiller?

Any painkiller that works is the strongest painkiller for you. It varies from person to person. We see many of you wants to read it online, but trust us, it can deviate you from the right kind of treatment. There are some over the counter medicines that you should consume and then go see a doctor. No other way round would work here. The doctor may give you painkillers in the form of an injection, patch, or sometimes in a pump that you can control yourself. Again, this will depend on the condition you are in.

Which drug is used for pain relief?

Let’s talk about dental pain relief. For adults, the Dentek brand has the perfect solution for toothache, sore gums, and mouth sores. The product even comes with the packaging of multiple applicators, so you apply the solution in the targeted areas precisely. However, if you are looking for first-time teething pain relief products, then Chicco can be the go-to brand for you. Similarly, you can explore more over the counter products at our online shops. As the kind of pain varies, the drug dose, use, ingredients, everything changes. Take note of the specifications list before purchase.

Which painkillers thin the blood?

Anticoagulants and antiplatelets are the two kinds of painkillers that are blood thinners. However, they sound like these blood-thinning medications are negative. They both have been prescribed in special conditions where the condition of blood-thinning can save a life. Also, there can be severe side effects. So, you should know who and when to consume and under what conditions the consumption is forbidden. For instance, you should not take antiplatelets if you are undergoing any surgery within a few days. All in all, talk it out with your doctor and see what he suggests.

You may be aware that the prescribed and over the counter drugs both work when consumed responsibly. So, do your bit and research before you hit on the buy button. We have plenty of products that will suit your body needs and ingredients that will work positively. All you got to do is read the specifications list carefully, and when in doubt, ask your doctor. Take a look at our medications counter and see what all we have got.

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