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From fields to the inside of our home and office, insects and pests exist everywhere. We can never take enough measures to stop them from coming in and spoiling our stuff. We can use insecticides to let them leave out the place without causing any damage to our belongings.

Insecticides are chemical substances used for killing insects at home, offices or in open fields. They include Larvicides and Ovicides and are used against larvae and eggs, respectively. Insecticides are massively used in industry, medicine, and agriculture. Moreover, the domestic consumer also uses them to kill the insects, roaches and flies in the house. Overall, insecticides are classified into two major categories: systematic insecticides with residual or long-term activity and contact insecticides with no residual activity. Let’s explore some of the benefits of using synthetic and natural insecticide for plants.

Benefits of insecticide and fertilizer on agriculture

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) define pesticides as any substance or a mixture of substance that helps in preventing, destroying and controlling any pest. These may include vectors of animal and human disease, unwanted species of animals and plants that can cause harm in the production, processing, storage, marketing or transportation of different products—these medicines effectively secure products like wood and its commodities, food and agricultural commodities, or feedstuff. Today there is a wide range of pesticides available in the market. And each of these works differently on securing goods. Speaking of agriculture, here is how insecticides can help you.

Natural insecticides aid improved productivity.

Humans have earned massive benefits from these chemicals in forestry, the public and the domestic sphere. Similar is the scenario with the agriculture section where these chemicals are used to boost the productivity of cropped lands. These results are also associated with a high-yield variety of irrigation technologies, seeds, and other agricultural chemicals. The insecticides play their role by reducing the losses from weeds, diseases and the attack in insect pests that can reduce harvestable produce.

Yield reduction and disease control

Insecticides have proven benefits and effectiveness in weed control practices to prevent the reduction in crop yield like rice. At the same time, another major reason and benefit of using these insecticides are their effectiveness in tackling by killing the vectors. Insecticides are often a practical way to control insects that spread deadly diseases like malaria. Back in times, such disease has led to taking more than 5000 lives. But today, these insecticides help take over any infectious situation before it gets worse. Hence, making insecticides an effective part of life on earth.

Insecticides and food quality

Many studies claim that insecticides have a positive impact on the quality of food. Specifically, in first world countries, it is observed that the diet containing fresh fruits and veggies far outweigh potential risks from eating low residue of pesticides in crops. At the same time, other studies claim that regular intake of vegetables and fruits can reduce the risk of diseases like high blood pressure, cancers, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and many other chronic diseases. And to achieve the required amount of dietary for the world’s population, herbicides and insecticides play their role.

Insecticides in random life support

Pests and insects can be anywhere. And no matter the place, their existence is a threat to human life and health. This is why insecticides are among the most extensively used products. They can be seen as a part of the healthy agricultural process and other races of life. The transportation sector extensively uses pest control chemicals for sanitization and keeping the environment healthy. Likewise, herbicides are often seen in use to maintain the turf on sports pitches, golf course or cricket grounds. Moreover, they protect the building and other wooden structures from damage caused by insects and termites.

Tips on how to buy Insecticide online in UAE

Both insecticides and pesticides are important tools in pest control. They are crucial at both commercial and domestic levels. But by their nature, they are toxic. Hence it is important to pick the right type to ensure minimal harm to the surrounding life. But the overwhelming amount of options available in the market makes the buying process much draining. Thus, a ground-rule for wise decisions is to read and understand the product before paying for it. Knowledge can lower the chances of having problems with pesticides once you spray them. Here are some handy tips to help you make a wise buying decision when you head to look for insecticide sales online.

  • Know the pest – First of all, know the type of pest you need to deal with. You will need professional help to know what is causing damage to your property.
  • Ask for recommendations – These experts can also give you hints on what type of insecticides can be helpful in your case. You can take the idea to initiate your product search online.
  • Look for pests on the label – Read the product description section on the website you are buying from. If you can find your pest in that section, the product is probably the best option to use.
  • Consider treatment areas – The indoor insecticides are always different from the outdoor options. Also, make sure the product you choose cause lesser harm to surround areas.
  • Look for that specific word – Every product labelled with “CAUTION” are with low toxicity. These products are comparatively safer to use.
  • Read about safety equipment – Make sure you have all the safety equipment required to use the product. This may include goggles, gloves, chemical resistant clothes and others.
  • Don’t buy bulk – It is important to buy material that you can use in this season. For the next time, you can order again. Insecticides have a minimal shelf life and stored one is dangerous.

Even if you wish to find cheap insecticides to buy, reliability on brand and product is a must. Always trust names like to access genuine products from top brands. is an efficient retail search engine that gives you access to more than 500 top global brands, manufacturers, and sellers with thousands of products at your fingertips. You can use the price comparison tool to compare and find products that suit your budget limitations and make a smart buying decision with just a few clicks.

Question & Answer

Are insecticides harmful to bees?

In many cases, pesticides and insecticides have been recorded to cause harm to the bee colonies. However, if you can make a wise selection, the problem can be avoided. This is because most fungicides, miticides, and herbicides are relatively nontoxic to honey bees. Moreover, they can be used in and outside without any serious harm to their surroundings. Here you can consider buying the biological insecticide Bacillus thuringiensis as it exhibits the lowest toxicity to bees.

Which insecticide is most effective?

Some of the bestselling and highly effective insecticides available in the market are Talstar Pro 96 ounce (3/4 gallon) jug, Suspend Sc, Ortho Tree and Shrubbery, and Demon Max. Other options to consider are Bifen I/T Insecticide, PyGanic Gardening, and Monterey Garden 32-ounce Insect Spray with Spinosad Concentrate. However, you can consult the experts to help you with the effective products to get in time and efficient results for any special case.

What is the best indoor insecticide?

The indoor pesticides and insecticides are always different from the ones working well on the outside. Some of the bestselling items you can consider are Ortho Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Spray, the Eco Defense Organic Home Pest Control Spray, and the Wondercide Natural Indoor Pest Control Spray. You can consider searching for products like Talstar Pro Multi-Use Insecticide, Raid Ant & Roach Barrier, and Raid House and Garden Bug Killer for a price or product comparison.

Where to buy insecticide?

Right here at, you can find global brands offering top quality insecticides online in the UAE. The products from these brands have better results than any other product search engine . This is the reason why these brands hold a long list of reliable and returning customers. Luckily, with, you can get access to all these brands with just a few clicks. Explore not to make your reliable shopping easier and successful from brands like Pif Paf, Raid, Harbo, Advion, and Sefromas.

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