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Congestion, cold, and coughs send more people to the doctor than any other ailments. Besides, many spend a billion dollars every year to get the counter medications and suppressants to treat them. Cleary we rely a lot on cough medicines to handle any kind of coughs. However, what’s unclear is the answer to the question – do they work?

Even though there isn’t clear evidence on whether these cough medicines work, but the vast majority of us do feel better after having them. However, the key here is to know and identify the cough you have and then pick the medicine accordingly. But, even before that, you need to know what precisely a cough is? Well, a cough is an automatic response to the irritation in your airways in the lungs. And having them is the main symptoms of URTI (upper respiratory tract infection). However, a cough can also be symptoms of other medical conditions like asthma or other lung diseases. That’s why you need to be very careful while picking your cough medicines. Follow our guide below to become a pro in selecting the best cough remedy for yourself.

The best cough syrups and medicines to choose from

You’ll find several types of cough medicines out there in the market. Some aim to suppress your dry cough while others help you to cough up that extra phlegm of a chesty cough. The medicines usually contain one or more active ingredients. And how do they work? Even though there isn’t solid evidence that the cough medicines work, but if they do, they depend on what active ingredient they contain. For instance, if you have a dry cough, you need to go for syrup or medicine that contains an antitussive such as dextromethorphan or pholcodine. Similarly, various coughs require different remedies. Below we’ve listed a few prevalent ones among the many.

The dry cough medicine

So basically, a dry cough is a cough where you have no phlegm or mucus. Indeed, the cough is irritating and usually associated with a tickly throat. You could get the cough due to various reasons that include viral illness, allergies, or throat irritants. Often, coughs associated with a cold or flu tends to last for a week or two. It clears up within about three weeks. But the catch here is to have the ideal cough medicines and cure it soon. As we mentioned before, a medicine with cough suppressant to block the natural coughing reflex, such as pholcodine and dextromethorphan, should help. Covonia original balsam, Robitussin Dry Cough, are a few popular ones to cure dry cough.

The medicine for cough and cold

Cough and cold is a common phenomenon during seasonal changes. That’s primarily why can find cough and cold medications are available over the counter. However, quite often, consumers are oblivious about the ingredients of the cold medications. Makes sure that you’re familiar with the significant types of active ingredients such as Analgesics, Decongestants, Expectorants, Antihistamines, Cough suppressants, and combination medications. You see, each of these active ingredients helps you with different symptoms of cough and cold. Some of the popular medicines that you can consider for cold include Tylenol cold, Genexa, Mucinex sinus, and so on.

The herbal medicine for cough

Herbal or Ayurveda medicines are one of the most natural ways of treating a wide range of medical conditions. They’re safe, effective and free from any side effects. In fact, with such properties, today, a lot of people are increasingly opting for herbal medicines over the chemical formulations. This is the reason why you’ll find many manufacturers with several options of herbal medicines, particularly for cough and cold. Besides, it’s also a common ailment that we face most frequently. Hence, you need to keep the medications for them handy. Dabur honitus, Zandu Zefs, Himalaya Koflet, Tulsi cough, and many more.

The baby cough syrup

We know how awful it is to watch your kids being sick. Moreover, for new parents especially, it’s hard knowing if it’s something that you can treat at home or do you need a visit to the physician. This happens particularly in cases of common cold and flu. Well, there’s no need to be overwhelmed, as you’ll find several coughs and cold medicines out there in the market that cures the symptoms specifically in children. For instance, Boiron Coldcalm tablets can efficiently prevent the onset of any severe symptoms. Besides, your child can easily swallow them. Similarly, Mucinex, Maty’s organic, Nature’s Way Umka Coldcare, are just a few popular among the many.

Tips on how to buy Cough Medicines online

So, you now know some of the popular cough medicines trending in the market. So what’s the next step? Well, Shop! But wait. There are a few more critical factors you need to consider when you head out to buy cough medicine online in Dubai. They’ll help you to pick the right medicine for the kind of cough you have. Check them out below.

  • Consider the age range – Nobody wants to have medications that’ll cause unnecessary complications or uneasiness. And one of the critical factors in avoiding that is by considering the age range of the medicine. For instance, you’ll find special flu and cough medicines specifically made for kids. Its composition and dosage instructions differ from that of the ones for adults. So keep the age in mind.
  • Check out the safety – Make sure that you know and fully understand your existing health condition before you buy any product. This is because the cough syrups come with different compositions and that might not suit everybody. Besides, some might even counter react with your underlying health condition. Therefore, choose wisely and be safe.
  • Look out for effectiveness – Well, after spending a whole lot of money, you do not want something that isn’t effective at all. You can make sure to have an effective cough medicine by choosing syrups and medicines that have an effective profile. In other words, you must choose a medicine that stops your coughs and increases your recovery period.
  • Check out the labels – Well, just like for any other health & beauty product, you need to be aware of the ingredients of the cough medicines too. Even though you’ll find yourself amidst the medical jargons, it’s still better to have an overall idea about what’s there in your bottle of medicine than being utterly oblivious to the product. That’ll make even the buying process much simpler.
  • Consider the cost – Of course, the cost is crucial when it comes to any product online. That’s because you’ll find several sorts of cough syrups ranging from herbal to a regular one. And each of them has different features and roles to play, and thus priced differently. Therefore, you can set a budget for yourself and explore some cheap cough syrups to buy.
  • Assess the quality – Indeed, everyone wants to go for a cheaper option, but remember, it’s your health that we’re dealing with. You do not want to end up getting severe symptoms by consuming something that’s of cheaper quality, and that doesn’t suit you. Therefore, make sure that you do not compromise on the quality of the medicines to save some bucks.
  • Go for the ones approved by doctors – Last but not least, ensure that your physician or a doctor approves the medicine you pick. This way, you’ll have an assurance of what you’re going to have and the effectiveness of it. Moreover, having a doctor’s prescription gives you more confidence in the efficacy of the medicine.

Now you see, getting a cough medicine is not all that simple. You need to know and understand several factors to get the best medicine for dry cough or a chesty cough. We hope the tips above will play a crucial role in your medicine buying process. We expect the guide to help you pick the right one among the endless list of syrups and tablets effortlessly.

Question & Answer

How can you cure the cough soon?

A cough can be very irritating, regardless of its reason of origin. You can have coughed for various reasons that include flu, cold, virus, or even allergies. Therefore, you need to treat each cough differently. That said, one of the fastest ways to cure your cough is undoubtedly to have the right medication for it. But, remember, this largely depends on the kind of cough you have. You could cure some even with simple home remedies.

Can cough medicine make you drowsy?

Apart from herbal syrups, most cough medicines contain cough suppressants contain pholcodine or dextromethorphan. These compounds tell the brain to stop the coughing reflex. Therefore, they can make you dizzy and sleepy. Well, this is fine if you are staying in bed. However, this isn’t good if you’re driving or performing any other important works. Highly unlikely, they can also make you sleepy, hallucinate and give you palpitations.

Is cough medicine gluten-free?

If you’re down with the flu or a cold, it’s best to follow the gluten-free diet. This also includes gluten-free cough, cold and flu medications. Fortunately, you can find a wide variety of options available in pharmacies and several online stores. For instance, Avid Cold and Sinus is gluten-free cough medicine. Similarly, Afrin, Alka-Seltzer Plus, Delsym, Mucinex, and Sudafed are a few popular no gluten medicines that treat cold and cough effectively.

Which is the best medicine for cough?

With the growing need of cough medicines, you can find several types in the market. But, as mentioned earlier, you must always pick the best one among them and make sure that the composition of the syrup or tablets suit your health condition. One of the easiest ways to do that is by choosing products from popular brands. Sambucol, Qarshi Pvt Ltd Laboratorios, Tegor, and Naturade are a few among the many brands that offer you premium quality medicines.

Where can you buy these cough medicines?

Vast knowledge of the medicines goes in vain if you do not have the right platform to purchase your favourite products. Well, if you’re in search of such a platform, then your search ends here on From cough medicine on sale to cheap and best options, you’ll find all that and more on our product search engine . What’s more, you can explore a wide variety of products from over 500 online stores and popular brands.

It’s essential to beware of a cough when it could be a sign of a more serious health problem. Therefore, make sure that you always consult a doctor before you have any medicines, even if you’re sure about their ingredients.

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