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About Blood Pressure Equipment

It is never too early to start following a healthy lifestyle. Keeping tabs on your blood pressure is an inevitable part of tracking the status of your health. It becomes even more important if you are above the age of forty. That’s why you need blood pressure equipment at home.

Having a blood pressure monitor at home can save more money in the long run. By avoiding occasional visits to the doctor, you end up saving a lot of money and time. It’s not only that. When you measure the blood pressure at the doctor’s clinic, it only shows the pressure at that moment. That won’t help in finding if you have an irregular blood pressure pattern or when you have occasional bouts of high blood pressure. But before you go shopping for blood pressure machines, there are more than a few things to consider. This article will give you a basic understanding of these devices and help you make a better shopping decision.

Different types of blood pressure machines

All blood pressure machines work on the same principle. All they do is measure the lowest and highest pressure in your arteries. But that does not mean all sphygmomanometers are the same. There are a couple of different varieties of them. It depends on where they measure the blood pressure from, the ease of use, and how accurate they are. However,  in any case, make sure you are buying products from trusted brands, only. Here is a list of all the basic types of blood pressure machines that you will come across. You can use this information to decide which machine is right for you.

Manual blood pressure monitors

This is what you would find in a doctor’s office. These are not the best choice for home use, though. Because they are designed for trained professionals, it is difficult for a layperson to get an accurate reading from these machines. There are two different types of manual sphygmomanometers; one that comes with a mercury level and the other one with a dial. The advantage of the mercury level is that they do not need recalibration. This means the accuracy is always high. But because of the possibility of mercury poisoning, the machines with a dial, also called aneroid sphygmomanometers, are more popular these days.

Ambulatory blood pressure machines

People who require constant monitoring of their blood pressure require an ambulatory blood pressure monitor. They are designed to be worn throughout the day and make a continuous measurement at regular intervals. You don’t need these machines unless your doctor recommends otherwise. People who experience white coat hypertension will need this to find the correct blood pressure as they get anxious when they meet a medical professional in uniform. When there is a large difference in the blood pressure readings taken at home and a doctor’s clinic, and if no other method works, doctors might recommend the use of ambulatory monitors.

Digital blood pressure machine

Because they provide a decent level of accuracy and are very simple to use, most home users prefer a digital sphygmomanometer. You can use it anywhere without any prior training. Of course, they are not as accurate as manual blood pressure monitors, but a high level of accuracy is not necessary for most users. Nowadays, you might see even professionals using this when the accuracy of measurement is not vital. But one downside is that these won’t work on people with conditions like atherosclerosis, pulsus paradoxus, arrhythmia preeclampsia, etc.

Blood pressure machine for wrist

The main benefit of a wrist blood pressure machine is its small size. You can easily carry it in a bag or even in your pocket. There are some models that are so small that you can wear them on your wrist like a watch. But there is one main reason why doctors do not recommend the use of wrist monitors; they are not accurate. It is not that they never show the correct measurements, but it is easy to mess it up. Measuring the blood pressure from the wrist is highly susceptible to changes in position. In order to get an accurate reading, you have to keep your wrist at the heart level. And even then, it can be wrong for some people.

Tips on how to buy Blood Pressure Machines

So, you have decided to purchase a machine for your home. But which one should you buy? Machines come with different functions, usability and prices. In fact, there are hundreds and thousands of different blood pressure machines out there. It might be tempting to buy an expensive high-end machine; do you really need one? Here are a few tips that you can follow when you are shopping for a blood pressure machine.

  • The position of eth measuring – Machines that measure the blood pressure from the upper arm is more accurate than others. While it is possible to get accurate measurements from the wrist, the result can vary too much with a slight misalignment.
  • The size of the cuff – The cuff of the blood pressure machine should fit your arms. When the fit is right, you should be able to slide two fingers underneath the cuff without any difficulty. In most home blood pressure monitors, the cuff will be of medium size.
  • Proper certification – Make sure that the machine is certified by the UAE health authority. Machines having the certificate will generally be within the acceptable range of accuracy and will be safe to use.
  • Seek advice from your doctor – This is really important. Firstly, your doctor will tell you if you have a condition that makes it necessary to have a blood pressure machine in your home. Also, the machine you should use depends on the condition.

Finally, proper maintenance is important to ensure that the machine keeps working properly. Like every measurement device, blood pressure monitors also need regular servicing and calibration. Service them every two years. You can usually do this by sending it back to the manufacturer. It is imperative to use a clinically validated blood pressure monitor to measure blood pressure. Also, don’t forget to check out other amazing products from medication , and health and beauty .

Question & Answer

Which blood pressure machine is the most accurate?

When it comes to accuracy, it is manual sphygmomanometers that take the cake. But that does not give the whole picture. More accurate does not always mean better. Generally, home blood pressure machines do not need to be accurate down to mmHg. If you can get an approximate range of your blood pressure, even if it varies a few units up or down, would suffice. Furthermore, human errors are the main culprit for inaccuracy among home users. Using the wrong size of cuff, drinking caffeinated beverages or partaking in intense activities before taking the reading, and incorrect positioning will affect the measurements.

Does blood pressure vary with the time of the day?

Yes, blood pressure follows the circadian rhythm. Your body experiences the lowest blood pressure when you are sleeping at night. But it is not because you are resting. A few hours before you wake up, the pressure gradually increases. And once you wake up, the pressure continues to increase until the middle of the afternoon. Afterwards, it keeps dropping. Doctors take this pattern into account when they measure the blood pressure. If you experience an abnormal blood pressure pattern, that might be indicative of an underlying health problem.

Are blood pressure watches reliable?

These watches are a type of wrist monitors. And they have all the pros and cons of a wrist monitor. They can potentially give accurate readings if you use them exactly as you should. But a slight error in its positioning can cause a huge difference in the readings. Apart from positioning the monitor at the exact right location on the wrist, you should also keep your wrists at the same level as your heart. But even then, there is no guarantee that the result you are getting is reliable. These blood pressure measurements taken from the wrists tend to be higher than the actual blood pressure in some people.

What is normal blood pressure by age?

Normal blood pressure of the average healthy person is between 120 and 80. The higher reading also called systolic pressure or ‘the first number’, is the pressure in the arteries when the heart pumps the blood. The lower reading, diastolic pressure or the second number, is the pressure in the arteries when the heart stops between the beats. The second number will be always lower than the first number. But even though 120 and 80 is the normal range, blood pressure varies with a person’s age. According to Dr. Piette’s guide for blood pressure, the normal first reading for men is 100 plus their age. For women, it is ten less than men.

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