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About Anti-Snoring Products

Everyone likes a good night’s sleep after a hectic workday. But for snorers, it’s literally a nightmare. Snoring affects the quality of sleep and, in turn, the quality of that person’s life. Anti-snoring products are a great blessing for such people.

It is estimated that 1 in 4 people suffer from snoring. When you take into account the remaining people with occasional snoring problems, that figure climbs to 1 out of 3 persons. And out of these, the majority of them are men. But there is no reason to despair if you are one of them. While there is a slew of reasons behind snoring, anti-snoring products can help you improve your, and your partners, quality of sleep. But before you go shopping for anti-snoring products, having a basic understanding of the different types of them will help you make a better shopping decision. This article talks about the most popular types of anti-snoring products out there.

Different types of anti-snoring products

Ideally, the air is supposed to move through the airway unobstructed when you breathe. But for some people, due to a variety of reasons, the airway is constricted. This increases the pressure and causes the tissues to vibrate. The sound from a snorer can be either due to the vibration of the nasal tissue or the tissue in the throat. Depending on the underlying reason, the method to stop snoring also changes. There are dozens of different types of anti-snoring products in the market. But you have to know how each of them works and will it help you reduce snoring. Here is a list of the most popular anti-snoring devices that you will come across.

Anti-snore chin strap

Like the name says it, it is a strap that goes around your chin and head. There is a Velcro strap that lets you strap it around the head. The working of this product is quite simple. It stops the wearer from snoring by holding his mouth shut. The strap material uses a breathable and soft material. Large cut-outs on either side ensure that your ear is not pressed against the head all night. Although it is generally easy to wear, some people might find it irritating. It forces you to breathe through the nose and stops you from snoring. But like all anti-snoring products, it might not work on everyone, nor will everyone find it comfortable to wear all night.

Nasal strips for snoring

This is probably the simplest product among all of them. Nasal strips are just adhesive straps with a little bit of tension in them. Similar to a sticking plaster, it has a peel away layer that protects the adhesive surface. When you wear it on the bridge of the nose, the spring action in the strip will help you keep the nasal passage open. This will work for you if you are trying to stop mouth breathing but will improve your snoring greatly. Originally, it was meant to help the people with cold and allergies to help breath, but then people found that it can help them reduce the snoring.

Nasal decongestant

Similar to the nasal strip, a nasal decongestant is also an anti-snoring product that helps you keep the airway open. But these are basically medications and take a direct approach to solve the problem rather than a workaround. People with allergies and recurring cold generally suffer from chronic snoring as well. For those people, keeping the airway clear of excess mucus helps a lot. But you should consult a doctor before using such products. Moreover, it might not be good for pregnant ladies and people having a cold or flu.

Anti-snoring sprays

These sprays work similar to nasal decongestants but in the throat rather than the nose. They lubricate the tissue in the throat so as to reduce the vibrations that cause the snoring sound. To make it more palatable, they come with peppermint or menthol flavours. So, you feel like you have eaten a cough drop when you spray it. It is the glycerin and water in the spray that lubricate the throat muscles.  But because it will only make the breathing process smoother, you will still experience dry mouth. But this anti-snoring product does not claim to stop the snoring completely; rather, it will reduce it to an extent.

Snore pin

While nasal strips work outside the nose, a snore pin does the same thing from inside. These are tiny plastic inserts that will keep the nasal passage dilated. You have to insert them in both nostrils in order for them to work. One main advantage of Scorpions is that you can reuse them. That means you have to invest in them only once and also less waste. Even Though Snore Pins are more effective than nasal strips, some people might find it inconvenient to sleep with a plastic device in their nose. And also, they might not work for everyone.

Tips on how to buy Anti-Snoring Products

Shopping for anti-snoring products can be too overwhelming. There are so many different types of them that work in a variety of different ways. Figuring out which one of these is right for you can, oftentimes, be challenging. It is also essential to use only the products that are right for you. Well, this is true for all kinds of medical products. But it can get a lot easier if you know what to look for in a product. Following these tips can help you choose the right products.

  • Consider why you snore – The reason why people snore is different. Some people snore because their nose gets blocked when they lie down. While it can be due to cold or allergy, genetic anomalies can also cause this.
  • Comfort – Some anti-snoring products are uncomfortable to use. And some are more than others. While some are okay with mouthpieces, for others they cause pain in teeth and jaws. Some people won’t be able to sleep with a chin strap.
  • Get advice from a doctor – You should seek help before using anti-snoring products like nasal decongestants. Furthermore, these products will not solve the issue of snoring completely. It will require further medication and changes in your lifestyle.
  • Don’t expect them to cure – More often than not, anti-snoring products do not stop you from snoring completely. Rather they will improve the problem to a certain extent. If you expect them to magically stop the snoring, you will be disappointed.

It is easy to confuse the anti-snoring products that actually work with those that make bogus claims. Some are outright quackery as well. So, you should take time to distinguish the good one from all the fakes. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, they are probably trying to rip you off your money. You can find all kinds of products using our shopping search engine. So, don’t forget to check out other medication products from and Health & Beauty .

Question & Answer

Does the chin strap really work for snoring?

That depends on the reason why the person is snoring in the first place. If it is because they breathe through the mouth when they sleep, then a chin strap might help them stop snoring. But it can also make it difficult to breathe in some people. Especially if they are prone to a blocked nose because of cold or allergies. But because they are a noninvasive device, there is no problem in trying them. Some people dislike the feeling of the strap around their heads while sleeping. Because you don’t have to insert it into your mouth, there is no risk of jaw and teeth pain.

Is snoring bad for your health?

Studies show that snorers have a higher rate of cardiovascular disease. This is also true for people with sleep apnea, a disease in which people experience sudden pauses in breathing while they sleep. Snoring itself can be a symptom of some other health issues like physical abnormalities or large tonsils in children. People with snoring usually find it difficult to get a night of continuous deep sleep, and this can affect their overall health. Another major issue with snoring is the effect it has on their partner. Those who sleep next to snorers might experience insomnia as well.

Do skinny people snore?

Snoring can result from many different conditions. Yes, it is true that being overweight does cause some people to snore, that is not the primary reason. For overweight people, the extra weight of fat around the neck can congest the airway and cause vibrations when they sleep. But throat also gets narrower due to age and has the same effect. Men are generally more likely to snore than women as they have a narrower air passage. Alcohol consumption and smoking habits relax the throat muscles. Relaxed throat muscles are more likely to block the airway and cause snoring.

If you are looking to buy anti-snoring devices online, look no further as you are in the right place. You will find all kinds of anti-snoring products from the best anti-snoring devices to an affordable and cheap anti-snoring device. Just use the product search engine to and search what you wish. You can compare the product features and their prices against each other and find out the best one for your needs. There are more than 500 shops and brands on offering anti-snoring products. These include brands like. Walmeck, Demana, Sleeprite, Pharmadoct, and Volwco.