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About Massage Tables

Nowadays, people spend eight hours for five days of the week sitting down in front of their computers. Thus, it gets into imbalance which affects the lower back. However, this imbalance can lead to postural stress that presents itself in the form of pain. That’s why just laying down on massage tables, ready for a masseuse to work their magic, is one of the best solutions. Moreover, they will press the affected painful areas, increasing and improving circulation. Hence, it relieves the pain.

Massage tables might look like an ordinary piece of equipment, but it is one of the vital tools for the massage therapist. However, the massage session is done on the spa bed to offer you the best service in relieving stress and body pain. Moreover, the tables can be stationary or portable, depending on their intended use. However, a conventional table has a cleaned, heavily padded surface and face cradle. Thus, it will allow you to breathe while lying down on your face. Moreover, the customised tables include a powered centre section, variable position armrests and adjustable head section. Thus, it will make better body mechanics for the therapist to give you a pleasant experience. So, are you looking for the best massage table to buy? Then, be assured you are on the right page to seek help. Read on.

Different types of portable massage beds at home 

The portable massage bed is a useful spa table. It’s constructed with beech hardwood which is durable and stable during the massage session. However, it has a removable facial cradle and arm support. And the best thing about this product is the low price waterproof and oil-resistant materials, which make it an ideal choice for commercial purposes. Moreover, along with the product, you will get a sheet and other accessories. Therefore, before you move to buy a wooden massage table online in UAE, learn about the different kinds of massage beds to make an easy pick.

Thai massage bed

Do you wish to have a Thai style of massage? Then, the Thai massage bed is a must in your shopping cart. Moreover, it has a comfortable bed cushion with premier PU leather which is easy to clean. And it is constructed with kiln-dried teakwood and has a two-folded mattress. However, the unique harder compression mattress is manufactured exclusively for the Thai style of stretching massages. So, if you are seeking the Thai massage bed price and wish to buy it, then choose to purchase it from popular stores.

Used massage tables

With time, more people got attracted to massage therapy. And it means spa owners get to need more tables to accommodate their clients. Moreover, you can choose to buy used massage tables to save your pocket. Thus, make sure it’s durable and made with high-quality materials. Additionally, a useful table should be well-constructed, so it lasts longer. And try to make sure the weight of it. So, are you looking for cheap massage tables to buy? Then choose to shop from eminent brands. Some of them are Saloniture, Earthlite, Soges, Addcool, Master Massage, and much more.

Folding massage bed

Do you wish to use a foldable massage table? Then, you need to check out the folding massage bed. It’s built with premium quality with folded massage bed which is easy to carry. Moreover, it has a sturdy frame topped with a 4-inch thick sponge cushion. Thus, it gives you a soft and comfortable feel. However, the frame made with beech wood and the hardwood legs in the sturdy feet gives stability. And you can easily adjust the height of the table via knobs in the legs. Moreover, you can easily clean as well as operate them properly.

Wooden massage table

This massage table is constructed with an ergonomic design with a face hole. However, it has a comfortable bed cushion with premier PU leather. But there is no deformation after a long time as padding is done with a pure sponge. And the best thing about this product is ample storage space under the bed which is convenient for storing items. Moreover, you can adjust the position through remote control. However, it has a smooth round edge design which is safe to use. So, are you seeking the best massage table to buy? Browse We have a massive collection of massage articles with the best deals.

Tips on how to buy Massage Tables

For a massage masseuse or therapist, the massage table is the single most crucial tool. Thus, the right massage bed will increase the comfort and effect of your massages. It will allow you to practice at your highest potential. Therefore, whether you wish to buy for your home or your parlour, the massage bed is a significant investment you will make. With so much diversity in style and quality, it is hard to choose the best massage bed. However, with certain factors in mind, you can make a proper choice. Thus, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to make your job more comfortable while you look to buy a wooden massage table online UAE.

  • Choose the type – There is a variety of tables available in the market- stationary, portable, static, or dynamic. So, while shopping for the massage table, decide on the type of massage bed that will match your practice. 
  • Decide on the material – While shopping for the massage bed, look for the professional-grade tables, foam construction, and vinyl. However, the table needs to be made with sturdy material to take the constant pressure of the body.
  • Look for the weight – If you have the plan to travel with your massage bed which is common for all massage masseuses, then choose a lightweight table. But the weight wouldn’t matter if you are purchasing it for your home or office.
  • Plan your budget – You need to do little research on the price of the massage table to make a realistic budget. So, consider purchasing a professional grade table with a superior ergonomic shape, padding, and level of comfort as a long-term investment.

Therefore, choose a high-quality massage table for home or parlour with the help of the guidelines. We hope you will pick the right product as per your need. So, start filling up your shopping trove with We are the best shopping search engine in Dubai, with more than 500 brands and shops. And you get to explore the massive collection of massage supplies, along with it, enjoy the exciting offers exclusively for you. Go & grab the offers. Good luck!

Question & Answer

Which massage table to buy?

A right massage table allows you to truly relax and gain the full benefits of massage or chiropractic therapy. However, it provides to relief stress improves body posture and blood circulation. Thus, while looking for a massage bed to buy, you can check out the Earthlite massage table. It is portable, attractive, and sturdy. Moreover, the table is constructed from hardwood maple and reinforced with aircraft-grade steel cables. Thus, it provides excellent stability and is easy to clean. Furthermore, the table comes with a spa-grade cushion filled with triple-wrapped foam and a face cradle with an adjustable pillow. And the best thing, you can get the table in various colours. Therefore, while looking for purchasing the table, you can check out other popular brands products too. They are Saloniture, Soges, Addcool, Master Massage, and much more.

How do you set up a massage table?

A massage table can help you to indulge in luxury as well as the healing power of therapeutic touch. However, a perfect balance, clean, and well-organised massage table creates a welcoming environment for your client. Thus, setting up a massage table is vital for your client’s comfort and the therapist from bending down during the session. Therefore, while setting up a massage bed, you need to adjust the height, headrest, padding and placing sheets. And, your massage table is ready to use.

Where to buy massage tables?

A massage table might look like an ordinary piece of furniture. But it is one of the vital tools which massage therapists use. However, a massage session is more than just a relaxing time. And scientific studies have shown that many physical and emotional benefits come along with this therapy. However, there are a wide variety of tables available in the market, like stationary, portable, and electric lift massage tables. Thus, if you are wondering where to buy a massage bed, then you can choose to buy it from renowned stores.

What is the lightest massage table?

A massage bed comes in handy if you are a masseuse. Moreover, it helps to provide clients with the perfect massage that they are looking for. The traditional massage table used to be heavyweight and used to take lots of space. However, the lightweight, portable massage table is one of the trendy massage beds in the market right now. And its design with the lighter materials from wood and smaller size than many tables. Moreover, most of the models of these portable massage beds are durable, professional, sturdy and reliable.

To sum up, with the option of using a professional or do it yourself a massage, purchasing the correct massage table is one thing you can’t miss. Moreover, it allows you to gain the benefits out of it and flexibility on more than one level. So. What are you waiting for? Explore It is the best shopping search engine with more than 500 brands and shops allied with it. And explore the outstanding collection of health & beauty products from top-notch brands and shops. Moreover, you get unbelievable deals and discounts with every shopping. So, hurry! Happy shopping!