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About Massage Stones

A soothing massage is a dessert to aching joints and tensed muscles. However, if you are looking for immediate results, nothing can beat the magic of massage stones. Let us explore these little gems in detail with further ado.

Stone massaging is a technique in which little smooth rocks are placed at key points of the body. These stones can be Basalt, sandstone, limestone, jade, or even popular gemstones like pearls, garnet and turquoise. Massaging stones are one of the popular massage articles. Stone massage seems new, but this therapy has been in use for centuries to treat ailments. The one given with special heated or chilled stones is effective in several ways. Hot stones treat health conditions like relieving stress, arthritis, and even stiffness, whereas cold stones help heal injured muscle and inflammation. They are best known for their smoothness and mineral qualities. If you want to buy massage stones online in Dubai, continue reading to understand them in detail.

All about various hot and cold stone massage therapy

The therapy aided by stones helps you relax and ease tensed muscle fast. Your masseur can put these stones along your spine, on cheat, palm, feet or even face. Furthermore, he will use various massaging practices like circular movement, long strokes, vibration and tapping with stones. But, you should not pick these stones randomly. Each stone has unique properties and benefits to offer. For example, hot stones are the best massage stones to buy to reduce stress levels and anxiety and promote sleep. On the other hand, cold stone massaging heal injured muscles and reduces inflammation. Read on to understand in detail.

Hot stone back massage with Basalt

Basalt is the most common stone that people use in hot stone massage therapy. These stones are heated in boiling water until 52-54 degrees Celsius. Basalt is a popular choice among therapists as it can retain heat for a long span of time. It is non-porous and smooth. Basalt has natural oil due to the presence of micronutrients like iron, manganese, and magnesium. While a hot stone technique, your masseur will put these stones along your spine. Some therapists hold the stones in their hands while they work. It helps them get deeper into muscle without having to put much pressure. The hot stone technique not only relaxes the back but also promote better sleep.

Portable hot stone warmer to ease the massage process

Suppose you wonder how you will keep the stones heated while massage, then there is an excellent device for that. A portable stone warmer is a perfect pick for heating stones for body massage, pedicure, manicure etc. Usually, these devices come with a capacity of 10 stones so that you can quicken the process. High-end models come with a digital temperature controller through which you can see the temperature on an LCD. If you want to buy one, get a wide variety of warmers right here.

Mineral and gemstone massage to energize the body

Some therapists use minerals such as quartzite for the cold stone technique. Incorporating cold stones into therapy aids in healing and energizing the body. Quartz, topaz, obsidian, tourmaline, and amethyst are common stones for massage therapy. Cold stones also speed up blood lymph exchange and help to decongest the body. Some masseurs even select gemstones corresponding to energy chakras. Gemstones such as diamond, pearl, turquoise and garnet have different therapeutic properties. For example, white blue stones bring cooling; black stones are apt for healing and pin quartz for energizing the body.

Tips on how to buy Massage Stones in Dubai

Massage using stones is quite common these days. Basalt, marble, sardonyx, jade, diamond, topaz and turquoise are widely used massage stones. Many of us take hot or cold stone massages to rejuvenate bodies and souls. However, a few of us know the real powers of stones used in massage. So, here we have put together a brief guide on how to select an appropriate stone.

  • Hot or cold stones – There are two main types of stone massage- hot stone massage and cold stone massage. So, your choice of stones depends upon the type of massage you are expecting. Stones like Basalt, sandstone and limestones are used for hot massage. These stones can retain heat for a long span of time. So, while the session continues, your body keeps getting the required amount of heat. On the other hand, therapists use marble, slate and jade for cold massage to hold low temperatures well.
  • Bodily requirements – There are many massage techniques used to treat various problems. Like, massage using Basalt or limestone reduces stress and anxiety level. Stones such as marble and jade help heal injured muscles and reduce inflammation. Stone massages are also effective in relaxing facial muscles, maintaining energy levels, reducing anxiety, and promoting sleep. So, your choice of stones depends upon your body’s requirements.
  • Brand – Picking stones for massage is much more than grabbing a bag of rocks. You cannot go for random stones as they can negatively impact your bodily functions. So, choose trusted brands. A right stone would have the right texture, weight and ability to hold heat or cold. Solaris, Zabrina, Himalayan, and Zenstone are some of the best brands in the industry that sell genuine stones across the world.
  • Several stones – Generally, you cannot go for a single stone. Massage stones come in a pack of 6, 10, 16 and can go hundreds in number. So, if you are a home user, stones in a limited number can work for you. On the other hand, you might require many stones to meet multiple requirements for massage experts or spa centres. Sometimes a pack can even contain differently shaped stones so that you can use them for a variety of massage techniques.

Choosing stones can be a daunting process for you. You will find a wide variety in the market. However, the best set of stones for you depends upon various factors. Considering the above tips would help you much in streamlining the purchase. Still, if you are unsure of where to start, log on to You will find a wide assortment of massage stones offered by trusted brands on our product search engine. If you feel overwhelmed with the range of options, you can use filters and price comparisons to narrow your choices. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab the best stones while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

What are the massage stones?

Massage stones are little, smooth and flat rocks used for massaging therapy. These stones are placed at key points of the body while massaging sessions. Some masseurs hold the stones in their hands while they massage. The movement of stones helps the therapist get deeper into the muscle without having to put much pressure. Basalt, limestone, marble, jade and turquoise are commonly used stones in massage therapies. Stone massage helps relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, and even reduce cancer symptoms.

What is hot stones massage therapy?

A hot stone massage is a massage therapy that uses little, smooth, and heated rocks to relax and rejuvenate the body. It uses special massage stones that are capable of holding heat for a long span of time. For example, Basalt, limestone and sandstone. Hot massage therapy is beneficial in several ways. It relieves muscle spasms, pain and muscle relaxation. Improving skin appearance, reducing stress, and better sleep are other benefits of hot stone therapy.

Where to buy massage stones?

You can find massage stones in any local health and beauty store or through online shops. However, at physical retail stores, you might not find what you are looking for. You will have a few options to choose from. On the other hand, there is a huge number of e-tail stores that sell massage stones. The best part with online stores is that you can browse many through a few finger taps. You do not have to roam here and there to look for something specific. Come to us in We have massage stones offered by over 500 trusted online stores operating in the industry.

What does hot stone massage do?

Hot stone massage has several benefits. It relieves muscle spasms, alleviates pain, improves skin appearance, relaxes the mind, and reduces stress. Several studies have even shown that hot stone massage relieves painful conditions like fibromyalgia. Some therapists hold the stones in their hands while they work. It helps them get deeper into muscle without having to put much pressure. The hot stone technique not only relaxes the back but also promote better sleep.

Massage stones aid different massage techniques wonderfully. Ranging from Basalt and limestone to marble, slate and jade, you can get them in a wide assortment right here at To stop you from overwhelming over a vast range of choices, we have powered our search engine with features like price comparison, filters and sorting. Massage stone prices may vary as per the quality. But, if you have budget constraints, you can also get cheap but quality options at So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab the best stones and other health and beauty products here while stock lasts.