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About Massage Oils

If you get a good massage on a rough and tiring day, it feels like heaven. In this regard, choosing a good oil is as important as selecting an experienced masseur. So, let us explore the best massage oils without further ado.

From your grandparents to massaging experts, everyone has an opinion when it comes to oils. Unfortunately, we cannot spot a neutral stance. Even quick internet surfing would bring a broad spectrum of results. Some soothe sore muscles and tendons, while others work on restoring the elasticity of the skin. Some even claim to work on acne, wrinkles, dry patches and a lot more common skin problems. Therefore, understanding various oils and differences between them is the sole key to selecting the best one. Read on to know about prominent varieties of massage oils used across the world.

All about choosing the best body massage oil

First of all, we want you to get over a misconception that oil used in different massage techniques are similar. Everyone’s skin and stress levels are different, and so are the massage oils they need. You have an assortment to choose from, from natural, chemical-based, medicated, and unmedicated to scented and unscented oils. Some would make your skin greasy, some smooth and others even end up smelling disgusting. Understanding oils save you or your clients, as a massage therapist, from discomfort, pain and even allergies during or after sessions. So, on this page, we will let you know everything you need to know about various massage oils.

Coconut oil for body massage to overcome weak muscles

Fractioned coconut oil is the distilled version of coconut oil. It is a non-greasy, light and odourless massage oil. You must have listened to the goodness of coconut from your parents and even skin experts. Well, it’s no lesser than that! Fractioned coconut extracts form a stable oil that stays in the skin for a long time. The same makes it a good fit for those who have weak muscles or tissues. Furthermore, coconut is abundant in vitamin E; hence it keeps skin moisturized and reduces ageing signs. So, it’s best for you if you want moisturized skin.

Olive oil for body massage to boost energy levels

It is known for its ultimate health benefits. It has been in use for past thousands of years in massage treatments. It is an important part of massages. A nourishing massage with this lubricant relieves strained joints and sore muscles. It is best at improving blood circulation throughout the body and boosting energy levels. The presence of omega-9 and omega-6 fatty acids in olive keep the skin hydrated and healthy. So, it is one of the popular choices among massage experts.

Lavender body oil massage for relaxing mind and body

This lubricant helps ease joint pain, muscles, and even sprains when applied to affected areas. It generally comes blended with several beneficial natural oils. Lavender is best known for its soothing fragrance that relaxes the mind. Moreover, it keeps the skin hydrated and healthy by supplying essential fatty acids. It works as a decongestant that promotes easier breath. It is popular for its soothing fragrances. Especially to people who are fond of good fragrances.

Tips on how to buy Massage Oil in Dubai

Whether you work as a massage therapist or plan to give yourself an effective massage, it’s essential to choose the best oil per the skin type. With so many varieties in the market, you can feel puzzled about which one to go for. While every seller claims to be the best, we on believe in educating people before heading them towards shopping.

  • Skin type – When it comes to skin, we can find a vast diversity in humans. Some are brown; others are near to whitish tone. Some want to get rid of dry patches, whereas others hate the excessive oil produced by their bodies. Well, massage helps up in a lot of ways of dealing with our stubborn skin issues. So, you should choose your oil as per your skin. For example, jojoba oil and grapeseed oil are the best for oily skins. Marula and almond oil can be an excellent choice for most people with dry skin. People affected by acne should choose rosehip and pomegranate oil.
  • Oil benefits – Massage oils come in a wide variety ranging from fractioned coconut and jojoba to almond, sunflower and apricot oil. Each oil has unique advantages to offer. Like, coconut oil has medium-chain triglycerides, due to which it is a stable oil that stays in the skin for a long. Jojoba has antibacterial properties making it a good fit for people with back acne. So, consider the oils that best suit your requirements.
  • Natural or chemical-based – Some oils are purely natural, while some have chemicals with antibacterial or preservative properties. Methylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben are some of the chemicals often found in the ingredient list of oils. However, they may bring serious health threats to people who are already dealing with some medical condition. For example, a person undergoing chemotherapy can get allergies to these chemicals and hence recovery effects. So, it is excellent to stick to natural products.
  • Age of user – When it comes to babies, avoid oils meant for adults use or adult massage. Coconut, olive and almond oils work best for babies. However, there is a wide variety for other age groups to choose from as per body and skin requirements, such as jojoba, sunflower, apricot, cocoa butter, and more.

Choosing any massage oil or massage articles can be a daunting experience as you have a range of options at the front. However, knowing the difference between various oils would make it a cakewalk for you. If you are still in a dilemma, come to us in We have products offered by trusted and reputed brands operating in the industry like Goutal Paris, Ghawali, Tom Ford, Aesop, Farmhouse Fresh, and Elemis, Kiehl’S. We are a one-stop store to find a variety of body massage oil for sale. You can easily browse through an extensive collection of oils and other health and beauty products here and use filters to narrow down your choices. Also, visit our testimonials section to know what our customers say about the quality of our products.

Question & Answer

Is oil massage good for your hair?

Oil massage for hair has plenty of benefits. It boosts the growth and strengthening of hair. It adds shine to hair and prevents them from turning grey. Not only hair but also oil massaging positively impacts the scalp by reducing dandruff and chances of infection. Massaging the scalp with oil soothes nerves and facilitates blood circulation. Hence, when you are tired of dealing with stress, massaging can relax your body and mind to a great extent. In addition to that, there are plenty of choices when it comes to picking massage oils.

Which massage oil is best for sensitive skin?

The massage oil for sensitive skin should be hypoallergenic and unscented. It mostly has soothing elements like jojoba or grapeseed oil that soft to the skin. Moreover, purely natural and organic oils produce good results for people with sensitive skin and non-sensitive skin. However, working with sensitive skin can be tricky sometimes. You never know how your skin would react to different types of oils. As a solution, masseuses operating with a new client should test the oil on a small skin area and then wait for some time if any reaction happens. In the case of a reaction, one should quickly switch the oil.

Is baby oil good for a massage?

The type of oil plays a crucial role in massage therapy. Coconut oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil are some of the oils apt for massage. In contrast, baby oil is petroleum-based mineral oil and therefore, it is not appropriate for body massage. The minerals in baby oil are absorbed by the skin that makes it unfit for adult skin. They are mostly comedogenic and come with a lot of artificial smell. Moreover, baby massage oil price can go to a bit higher side to be considered for full body massage.

Which massage oil is good for the face?

The best face oil is the one that gives you bright and clear skin and treats the skin tissues. It should stabilize and regulate the sebum production of your face skin. The choice of face oil for massage depends greatly upon the type of skin you have. For oily skin, grapeseed oil and jojoba oil are the best body massage oil as they are breathable and lightweight. With these oils, you will be able to maintain the shine of your face. Speaking of dry skin, marula and almond oil work best. They are rich enough in moisturizing and calming your dry skin all day. Rosehip and pomegranate oil are suitable for acne-affected faces. On our product search engine, you will find high-quality massage oils offered by the best online stores.