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About Massage Mats

A sore back often stops us from accomplishing our daily regime. But, no matter how fatigued we may be, a moment with massage mats can turn the whole pain into a warm bliss.

Massage mats are not magic but not any lesser than that because a massage mat provides a massage or acupressure feel as you lay on it. In the busy lives of today, back pain and stiffness have become common problems. However, you could backtrack this pain if you got a massage pad and a moment for yourself. Massage mats relieve pain, alleviate stress and even restore blood flow. Not all the massage articles or mats are the same. While the basic pad helps you get rid of back pain, heating and vibration pads have added benefits like increased blood flow and muscle relaxation. So, let us explore how massage mats let your pains and strains go.

All about prominent varieties of full body massage mats

If you are tired and sore after a long way at work, a soothing massage is all you need. However, going to a masseur every day is a bit of a task and an expensive affair. The good news is that a massage pad can do a whole lot for you in such a scenario. Like manual massage, massage pads bring many benefits, too, such as pain relief, muscle relaxation, and improved blood circulation. They come in a wide assortment, with each type offering wonderful benefits. Some pads even have timers to make sure you do not take extended sessions mistakenly. Let us understand in detail.

Massage mattress pad with heat and vibration

Advanced massage mattress pads come with massage motors and heating pads. Massage motors ensure a soothing massage that helps you get rid of aches, stress and fatigue. You can set the vibration intensity of the pad to different levels as per your requirements. Some pads even have shiatsu nodes at some areas where we place heads had shoulders. These nodes target some specific conditions like muscle pain, headache, stiffness and even sleeplessness. Heating pads help dilate veins for a smooth flow of blood throughout the body.

Massage mat with rollers

Apart from heat and vibration, some massage mats even have independent rollers. They travel up and down the back or any specific area like the neck or calves. The remote control can control the movement of these rollers. Rolling helps reduce back pain and muscle soreness. In steady-state, these rollers work as nodes with multiple pressure points corresponding to the acupoints of our body. Acupressure provides immediate relief from neck, shoulder and sciatica regions.

Massage mats for beds with pillow and neck support

Some massaging mats like a soft duvet have headrest and neck support. However, the pillow does not include the vibrating mechanism generally. The primary function of such massage pads is to provide the necessary support to the head and neck and keep them aligned with the spine. You can place bedding massage pads on the bed for comfortable resting. Some pads are even equipped with vibrations motors and heating pads to improve blood flow and relieve muscle soreness.

Tips on how to buy Massage Mats in Dubai

Massaging mat comes with a multitude of benefits like stress relief, relaxation and pain relief. Although choosing the right mat is as important as having one. There is a wide variety of materials and brands you can choose from when massaging pads. However, considering the below factors would help you streamline your purchase and buy massage mats online in the UAE.

  • Features of mat – A massaging mat can have many benefitting features ranging from heating pads and vibrating motors to massaging rollers. The heating pad is most effective in increasing blood circulation, whereas vibrations help relieve pain and reduce stiffness. Some mats even have shiatsu massaging nodes that target various acupoints in our body to treat headaches, fatigue and more problems. So, while purchasing one, look for the required features.
  • Massage requirements – Massaging equipment also vary based on your massaging needs. If you want relief from neck stiffness and backache, full-body massage mats are great. The acupressure mats are useful for reducing tension and stiffness in sciatica and neck area. Pads with heating and vibration facilities work well for backache and overall fatigue. For foot or hand massage, there is separate equipment you can find useful in the market.
  • Portability – Massaging mats are generally lightweight and easy to carry. However, if you go towards highly equipped mats like heating pads, vibration, nodes, rollers and everything, you might find difficulty carrying them. So, for frequent travellers, light pads are recommended.
  • Quality – Quality is the next important consideration while purchasing a massage pad. You can rely on a good quality massage mattress. In contrast, a wrong pad can worsen your ache and stiffness. A low-quality mat can have wrong placements of nodes and even poorly working heating or vibrating pads. So, it is essential to choose trusted brands as their products are rightly regulated and tested.

Now that you have gone through much information about massage mats, you must be eager to purchase one. However, with the number of options out there, you can feel overwhelmed. If you are unsure of where to start the journey, come to us in You will find the best massage mats to buy offered by reputable and trusted brands in the industry on our product search engine . Moreover, it is easy to narrow down the choice with the help of features like price comparison, filters and sorting. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pick the best mats before it’s too late.

Question & Answer

Which is the best massage mat?

Massage mats come in a wide assortment ranging from acupressure and heating pads to mats with vibrating motors or shiatsu nodes. Each variety has different benefits to offer. Mats with plastic nodes have multiple pressure points corresponding to various acupoints in our body. Heating massage pads help relax the muscles, whereas vibrating mats improve blood circulation, alleviate stress and reduce back pain. If you have a hard time selecting one, Relaxzen, Belmint, Soozier, Beurer and Xiaomi are some of the brands that would never disappoint you.

How much does a full body massage mat cost?

The cost of a massage mat with decent quality can start from $800 and can go up to several thousand dollars depending upon the features you are looking for. Simple acupressure would cost you cheaper than the advanced counterparts containing heat, vibrating pads or rollers. As the features add up, the massage mat price keeps on increasing. Also, the cost of a massage pad depends hugely upon the brand you choose. Mats offered by reputed and trusted brands might cost you a bit higher than local ones.

Where to buy a massage mat?

You can find massage mats on any department store in local malls or online stores. Most sellers bear different types of mats, including basic foam-based to acupressure, heating pads and vibrating mattresses. However, in brick stores, you will have access to limited variety. Over online stores, you can choose from an extensive mats collection as per your requirements and preferences. Moreover, you can browse through many stores through a few finger taps without roaming here and there. You can log on to You will find more than 500 trusted online stores selling high-quality massage mats and other health & beauty products on our product search engine.

Is roller massage mat expensive?

A roller massage mat is costlier than basic foam-based massage mats as it has some automated functions. Roller mats have independent rollers that travel up and down the back or any specific area like the neck or calves. This movement can be controlled with the help of a remote controller.
Massage mats are our all-time companion. You can rely on them when you are sore or achy. However, choosing a high quality and tested mat is essential. Else, everything gets wrongly treated, and the condition worsens. If you are unsure where to find a mat of decent and satisfactory quality, log on to Here, we have brought together hundreds of trusted online stores having cheap massage mats for sale. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab the best product while stock lasts.