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About Massage Candles

Massage candles are a relaxing combination of a scented candle and massage oil. They are comforting, heart-warming, and will take your breath away with their sweet aroma. And that’s not all! Experiencing these candles will let you find new ways to astound every time.

A health & beauty product such as a massage candle is all about a soothing experience, which begins with the time you light up a massage candle. Unlike hot wax, these candles melt at low temperature, thereby suitable for human skin. The ingredients used are not skin-damaging at all. In fact, the contents that make these candles are all organic that care to give a healing retreat. Buying massage candles online in UAE shall put you in a dilemma of choosing which aroma and which brand.  All you got to do is explore the variants and see what interests you the most. Exploring and understanding the products before buying is the only approach that gives positive results all the time.

Working with organic massage candles

The best massage candles can work as a therapy for individuals wanting skin cells rejuvenation and nourishing session. Or it can work wonders for couples looking to add some sensuality to their dull evenings. The approach is really simple as you just have to light up the candle and wait for the wax to melt. The waiting time is not dull because the aroma can fill up your room with relaxing vibes. After the wax melts, you can take it on your fingertips or simply pour it over the body to massage. But do not forget to check the temperature first. You can leave the rest of the wax in the candle for your next session. After the massage, some people like to take a hot shower immediately, or some want to wait for some time. It all depends on you.

Candle massage therapy for couples

Lelo is one of the prominent brands for massage candles kicking in fulfilment to your relationship. The brand specifically targets couples by making products of their needs. The scent and ingredients both are titillating in nature. So, you can choose between flavours like Vanilla & Crème De Cacao, Snow Pear & Cedarwood, and Black Pepper & Pomegranate. The brand uses no chemical additives, and the oil is not greasy at all. Foremost, the oil can easily absorb into the skin, so you soak in all the goodness of the therapy physically and mentally. Even the wick is eco-friendly and long-lasting. These candles are worth their price tag, and if you are curious, you can check out massage candle price here. 

Organic massage candle for face

Not all candles are preferred to use on a face. You must check the specifications list before buying. If you are looking for such a product, then Oskia might be the brand you would fancy. We would like to highlight that the product of this brand mostly contains beeswax. Other than that, the product’s special ingredients include rose, soya & coconut oil, and the sweet fragrance of roses. As described by the brand, the massage session will leave your skin smooth and beautifully scented. Before applying, do read the directions and instructions written on the package. To add to your excitement, we have some massage oil candles for sale you can check out.

Candle massage therapy for wellbeing

Although the oil that you use plays an important role, the hand strokes of a healing hand cannot be ignored. So, if you want to de-stress yourself, wants a perfect night’s sleep, or wants to treat your skin with care, choose a professional therapist. And while choosing the oil, you can check out Neom as this brand has different ranges for skin intensive care. The combination of a perfect product and a good healer can ease you from the pain of aching muscles. It can also eliminate toxins, nurture you with the touch, and soothes away all the mental stress by restoring a healthy balance. No doubt a comforting massage can trigger your physical and psychological levels, leaving you with a new beginning.

Tips on how to buy Massage candles online

You will be more excited to receive the candle in which you have spent time researching and reading the ingredients. But during the findings, every massage candle that you see boasts of itself that it is enriched with healing properties. But do they? You cannot decipher the authenticity of the product without knowing what to look for. Here, we have put forth some logical points if followed can lead you to the right product.

  • Cheap vs expensive buy – First of all, you should understand why a specific product is expensive? It might happen that the ingredients used are quite rare, which makes the manufacturer invest in lots of resources. However, it can also happen that the oil is imported from another country so that is inclusive of importing and handling and other related charges. We can say that thinking an expensive product is best is not always the case, for which we highly recommend you know about the product before grabbing it.
  • Professional vs DIY oil – Well, if you compare the budget of buying massage candles and buying ingredients and preparing it yourself – the budget is the same. Moreover, finding ingredients and make them reach a perfect temperature is hard at home. If you are really enthusiastic about DIY stuff, you can have a mix of DIY and online-purchase items.
  • Type of therapy you need – You can choose your favourite scent for aromatherapy and your favourite ingredients to apply on your skin. For example, jojoba oil is an excellent moisturiser for dry skin, and grapeseed oil has regenerative properties. You can ask a therapist or check out the ranges mentioned as de-stress, skin treatment, couple therapy, facial massage, and more.
  • Properties to seek – Viscosity, purity, absorbing time, and scent are some properties of a massage candle that makes a product trustworthy. Any massage candle must not be too greasy to apply. The absorbing time should be less and not something that quickly dries. With all these properties, you can get the results inside out. Check out the specifications list to know about them.

We hope the tips will help you in grabbing the right product. Along with tips, we would also like to mention a few brands for your handy list. These are Lelo, Oskia, Dermastir, Neom, and This works, among others. You can find all these names and even more on our shopping search engine. We have a whole section dedicated to massage supplies that you will love.

Question & Answer

Where to buy body massage candles?

You can regret buying a fake product with harmful ingredients, not because of the loss of money but the damage it does to your skin. Therefore, you need a trustworthy platform to give your needs a healing touch. Here, can be your one-stop solution as it contains brands, shops, deals, genuine reviews, and product comparison feature all under one roof. No doubt, an amazing shopping experience prior to a soothing massage experience is guaranteed.

Are cheap massage candles bad?

No, any massage candles, be it expensive or cheap, cannot be bad unless the ingredients used are harmful or less effective. In the latter case, we cannot say the product bad but dissatisfactory. Sometimes it happens that you don’t like the aroma or the greasiness of the oil. Although they are the symptoms of a bad product, you need to consult a health technician or a professional therapist to know your needs. The job is not finished unless you buy the product from trustworthy shops that guarantee the originality of brands and thus the content inside. You can find some cheap massage candles to buy at our online shops.

Can all soy candles be used for massage?

No, not all soy candles are preferably fine to use in massage therapy. The product you are eyeing on must-have properties and ingredients massage specific. Typically, soy makes the ingredients melt at low temperature. Further, essential oils and fragrances are added to let them serve their purpose of healing, de-stress, skin rejuvenation, and many other benefits that massage candles provide. If you are looking to purchase soy candles for massage, only get them from shops made to sell massage items.

Can you use soy candles as lotion?

Soy candles are wonderful but using them as lotions after the bath has been a matter of debate. Some manufacturers sell their product as lotion candles, but they do use dyes and fragrance that is not skin-safe. If you are about to use a soy candle, be extra cautious and read the ingredients before buying. It would be better if you seek expert advice here irrespective of the brand that is expensive and fancy. Your health is foremost, and you should not sell it short by trusting any brand blindly.

Whether it is your everyday moisturiser or a massage oil that you fancy, every product must be researched well. Massage candles are although a fancy item, people often think every massage candle is suitable. It is noteworthy here that not every essential oil suit you and not every fragrance nourishes you. If you have medical conditions or recovering from any, it is important to tell your therapist beforehand. If a massage session relaxes your senses, it can also do the opposite if directions are not followed. Keeping the precautions and tips in mind, we suggest commencing your shopping drive at our platform that is