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About Infrared Lamps

Infrared light is invisible to the human eye, but the feeling is warm as it radiates heat. Due to this phenomenon, infrared lamps in the online marketplace claims to provide you with loads of benefits. They are relaxing, pain-relieving, and therapeutic, but not every product contains all these benefits. You can explore them all and see what suits you the best.

Infrared lamps refer to commercial as well as personal applications. Some examples include medicinal use, factories, animal husbandry, sauna baths and health & beauty needs. Another product that you might compare it with is an LED lamp. Both are equally effective and performance-wise worthy to invest in. But your choice of purchase entirely depends on your purpose. And for that, you can go through the rest of this page and find the products’ variations.

The types of infrared heat lamp radiation

Let’s go to some basic science to make yourself understand the product better. Radiation is a type of heat transfer that does not require air, liquid, or direct contact with the surface to make it warm. There can be short, medium, and long waves of radiation wherein short waves are the most efficient in heating as they heat the source within 1-2 seconds. Medium waves are good as a lamp when you are sitting close to it, such as under a restaurant parasol. The third one that is long waves are typically cooler and take time to heat up – perfect for indoor applications. Now, you can contemplate the choices and pick the best-infrared lamp to buy.

Infrared lamp for physiotherapy

First of all, physiotherapy is all about maintaining the patient’s mobility, function, and well being. The functioning and effectiveness of an infrared lamp in this arena is not new. Using them can reduce cholesterol levels, relieve muscle, and even help with migraine. Skin rejuvenation and deep facial cleansing are some other benefits you might know. You can check out the Beurer brand for such applications. They equip themselves with deep penetrating heat features and allow the healing process smooth and performance-wise great. You might want to check out the infrared heat lamp prices on our online shops before you hit the buy button.

Infrared light for pain

There are variants of these lamps surprisingly effective for body pains. If you are wondering about their work, let us go through it in a broader brush. So, the overall functioning involves the transfer of heat from the lamp to the surface of your body. And when the skin tissues absorb the waves, the inside molecules began to vibrate, creating heat in muscle tissue, connective tissue, and organs. All of which together induces relaxation followed by reducing pain signals. If you are looking for something like this, you can check out Banggood products. They claim to have high efficiency, long operating life and are easy to operate.

Infrared heat lamp bulb

Personal applications of these bulbs are surely therapeutic, but there are some commercial purposes as well. These can be installed in multiple numbers for food warming. Also, the pet brooders use it because it neither interferes with animals’ natural rest nor with people roaming around. They even serve as beauty salons’ heat lamp. Well, the applications commercially are indeed endless. You can start to explore with some cheap infrared heat lamps and go on further adding up until it reaches your needs. For that, our tips section may help you with that. Do give it a read.

Tips on how to buy Infrared lamps online

There are ample differences between a normal bulb mounted at your home and having an infrared one. As the infrared lamp serves commercial as well as personal spaces, you should be extra cautious while buying one. Price tag becomes an important aspect to scrutinise. Industry products tend to be more efficient as they have to cater to bigger needs. For example, a restaurant parasol or food warming counter is even bigger than just a small spot heating product. Other than prices, there are points to consider for which we have created a list for you. We hope all these will make your purchase a smooth ride.

  • Adjustable screen – Infrared lamps provide a flexible screen on purpose. So, you can radiate the light on different spots without having to move the whole product, which is inconvenient. It is a vital characteristic of a product when you are buying for therapeutic purpose.
  • Efficiency check – The watts and volts of the product must be compatible with the application. There are 250watts and 100watts products available for far heating and spot heating. Other than power, you should also check the number of hours you can operate the product – this is one of the important aspects of the efficiency parameter.
  • Mounting options – You have two options while buying infrared light. The one option is to have a bulb that you can fix on the wall. The second option is to buy a free-standing unit. If your application can fit either of them, you can contemplate by thinking about the space variations. If you have less, then it is the bulb. Otherwise, a free-standing unit will also do the job equally effective.
  • Safety parameter – Touching the front portion of the bulb is forbidden completely. You can invest in products with an external metal frame to avoid such mishaps. You should also have eye goggles not to let the rays get in touch with your eyes. Not all the time goggles come with the original product unless you are buying combo products.
  • Check the warranty – Always keep in mind that local and international warranty differ. It happens that you are buying from a specific brand outside of the UAE, so the warranty may become void or remove specific clauses.

We hope the tips would help make an informed decision. You can begin exploring products online at our retail search engine , showcasing brands like Trixie, Hobby, Philips, and many more. You may also don’t want to start your shopping drive with a specific brand. In that case, you can hop on to our discount section and explore infrared lamps for sale. Well, the search criteria have a lot more features than brand and discounts. You can just hop on to the platform and check it out yourself.

Question & Answer

Are infrared lamps dangerous?

If you are using products with authentic certificates regulated by appropriate laws, then the danger intensity is close to none. The common safety measures like keeping it away from eyes and following the steps religiously still count as necessary. Otherwise, you may get fatal injuries. If you are under the light and find it uncomfortable, you should consult an expert and seek the necessary help. It isn’t a sign of excessive danger but a precautionary step for future interactions with the product. The range, power, closeness to the skin – all characteristics play an important role.

Will infrared light cause cancer?

Infrared light is not directly associated with cancer cause. However, speaking of skin cancer, it can promote the cancer agents already present in your skin by overheating the body surface. Likewise, the IR light can lead to cataract formation with direct exposure. All in all, it is your stable health condition and precautionary steps that matter a lot. Some of you may think that far IR light is safe and doesn’t require much attention towards safety. However, that’s not the fact. You should equally consider taking safety measures, whether under far IR light or spot heating.

Is infrared light the same as red light therapy?

No, both of the therapies are different, but there are a few similarities. Red light therapy is also an infrared light conducted by putting the object under an infrared lamp. The same steps go to infrared therapy. However, the difference is that red light is visible to your naked eye, but infrared light is not. Red light is like low-level laser therapy that claims to treat dementia, dental pain, hair loss, wrinkles, and other similar conditions. On the other hand, you can use infrared light as a food warming counter, under restaurant parasol, beauty salons, and many different places.

Where to buy an infrared lamp?

There are many brands you can rely on, such as Trixie, Hobby, and Philips. Trixie products are known for applications in animal husbandry. They provide a continuous heat source, necessary warm areas, and even heat regulation features. Similarly, the hobby brand is also one of the premium names amongst pet brooders. However, the purpose of an infrared lamp is therapeutic, then Philips is the brand you can switch to. Not just that, there are more brands for similar and different purposes that you can explore at our online shops.

You can begin your shopping drive at our shopping platform – The features underneath can make your drive as seamless as it should be. If you are right now on a shopping spree for your relaxing time, you will enjoy our dedicated section of massage supplies . It equips nearly everything you need and positively demonstrates a visit once.

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