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Touche Éclat Blur Primer
Touche Éclat Blur Primer
The 1st illuminating blur primer by YSL: when the magic of TOUCHE ÉCLAT meets the perfection of a...
Couture Eye Primer
Couture Eye Primer
What it is: A 16-hour wear, waterproof eye primer that improves the wear and look of eye shadow. ...
Touche Éclat Blur Primer
Touche Éclat Blur Primer
The 1st illuminating blur primer by YSL: when the magic of TOUCHE ÉCLAT meets the perfection of a...
Couture Eye Primer
Couture Eye Primer
What it is: A 16-hour wear, waterproof eye primer that improves the wear and look of eye shadow. ...

About Primers

For those who want their makeup to look 100,000 per cent perfectly flawless and keep it long-lasting, a primer is the only magic potion.  But the question is how it can be so simple to deal with all your makeup problems with one potion? But honestly, makeup gurus have made it possible to achieve.  

Makeup primers are cream, gel or liquid formulae that fill in your tiny creases, flaky patches, larger pores and bumpy textures. And TADA! You are left with a smooth surface to try your makeup skills and let it glide smoothly. With a primer at the base, the foundation or concealer won’t stick to your dry patches or settle into the creases, making a bad cakier texture. And because the layers of makeup are not competing with the oily slicks and roughness of your skin, it will stay on your face for longer than usual. It also helps to keep makeup for long hours in sweaty and super humid temperatures. Apart from these few mentioned, a makeup prime helps fashion lovers in many ways.  

Reasons to use face primer before makeup  

There are different opinions about applying makeup primers. Many say it is just an unnecessary waste of time. While others believe it is a sure essential part of a flawless makeup application. Believe it or not, every woman wants flawless skin. And it is perceived to have the ability to create such skin temporarily. When we speak of these makeup items, the very first thing that one needs to know is the purpose they are meant for. The main function of these is to prepare skin for the application of layers of foundation and other makeup. Being more specific about the reasons or benefits of using it, we can quote the following points.  

Less money & time with the longevity of makeup 

The very first benefit of a face primer is the multi-purpose character that naturally comes with it. It can fulfil the needs of moisturizer, eye cream, and even sunscreen at times with a sensible selection. Plus, a minimal amount will be just fine and save a lot of time and money. The next important benefits are the longevity it offers to makeup products to stay. It has this remarkable ability to keep the makeup perfectly intact, undamaged, and unchanged for hours and hours. It keeps the foundation intact and absorbs the natural oil of the skin. However important is that it matches the type of foundation you are using and your own ski.  

Get rid of oil & work on pores 

Because of the functions mentioned previously, it miraculously absorbs the oil from the skin. As a result, it helps to get rid of annoying undesirable and excessively glowing skin. There are many quality options for dry skin and the only one that will definitely manage to serve a cool matte texture to any skin type all day long. It also helps to deal with the large pore problem that is a must-have problem with oily skin. Hence, if you have one, you probably have a second to apply it before makeup. It will smoothly reduce the look of large pores and leave smooth skin with closed pores. Here you can earn an additional benefit by using it with vitamins and anti-ageing ingredients. 

Even out skin with precise retouching 

Besides the diversity in functions and benefits a primer offers, we cannot ignore the possibilities in the types of primers available in the market. You can think of using a primer that enables you to even the skin tone and make the colour correction before moving to the main course of foundation and concealers. For example, you can go for a purple primer for yellowish tones, and red can be ideal for green types to even out the shades. Besides colour correction, you can use them to work on the finest lines, wrinkles and all other types of imperfections or damage on the skin. However, if this is the case with you, we suggest you pick it with natural healing ingredients to repair your skin during the day. 

A brighter and revived look 

Last but not least in the list of benefits is that a primer can help your skin look more refreshed and healthy. Some types of primers are a reliable substitute for highlighters and are effective for brightening up the skin. They also have specific reflecting pigments that help to create an impressively cute and healthy look on your face. So for those claiming a shortage of time, a high lightening primer can serve the purpose of both primer and highlighters in one go. They are a must-have in professional makeup lists. You can see almost every celebrity and makeup artist using these primers in their makeup drills.

Tips on how to buy Primer online in the UAE  

As a ground rule, the skin type defines if you will need to look for an oily screen primer for sale or look for the best option for oily skin. No matter your skin type, buying a reliable option that suits your needs and skin demands the same amount of time and attention. With online stores like Shops, finding a variety of branded yet cheap options to buy has become easier than ever. However, most of these stores hold a bulk of products. The variety of options makes the buying process a bit overwhelming, especially for beginners. Therefore we are here to help you make buying smart and successful with some effective tips to choose a primer for your skin.

  • Consider skin type – First, your skin sets the base rules for choosing a makeup primer. If you have oily or patched skin, a dry primer will cause a disaster. It is important to know what your skin needs and which product is ideal for it.
  • Consider skin issues – As discussed earlier, they help you deal with many skin issues like wrinkles, fine lines, markets, open pores, and even colour correction. However, they can only serve well if you choose the right type that can deal with the matter.
  • Consider your environment – Your surrounding environment and weather conditions are of great importance when choosing makeup products. For example, if you are living in a humid environment, sweating is obvious. An oily primer will not work fine, and rather matte will work fine.
  • Consider your budget The price varies a lot. It depends on your need, the ingredients and other important features, and the brand they are from. Thus, it is important to set a realistic budget for primer as per your needs and search for the most suitable option from brands.
  • Understand your product Before you pay, reading and understanding your purchase is important. Read the product descriptions section and consult the customer reviews to assess the primer’s ability, scope, and performance.

Above all, finding the right supplier or store is of great importance when buying makeup products and accessories. This is why offers you access to nothing less than reliable global brands that sell quality products around the globe. These brands are known and trusted for the quality of their services and performance.  However, for pricing, you can take the help of price comparison tool to find the possibilities to choose from.

Question & Answer

 What does a makeup primer do?

They serve your skin and makeup needs in several ways. At first, it helps control the excessive oil that appears on your skin after applying makeup or as the day passes. As a result, it leaves your skin clear of the entire oily glow. With a matting ability, it helps to keep the makeup on your skin for long. Moreover, it also helps fill in the small gaps, open pores, cuts, wrinkles and other such skin issues. Further, some types also help correct skin colour deformities, giving you an even skin tone for applying foundation.

Can you wear a primer alone?

Yes, in some cases, you can do that. Technically speaking, they are designed to work alongside the foundations, powders and concealers. However, you can also wear it alone on a no-makeup day to invisibly perfect your skin. In such a case, a fine quality transparent primer should be your pick. You can take a pea-size amount of prime and apply it to your skin after moisturizer to create a smooth layer. It will cover up all the small pores and leave your skin smooth and oil-free for the day.

Which is the best face primer?

In general, an ideal face primer is always the one according to your skin type, conditions and deformities, if any. However, some of the bestselling items available in the market are Maybelline Rewind Prime Skin Transformer, NYX Pore Filler Prime, Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser, and the Smash box Photo Finish Foundation prime. Other options may include Stila One Step Prime, NYX Cosmetics Skin Elixir Balance Tea Tree, or Cover FX Mattifying with Anti-Acne Treatment.

Where to buy face primer?

Right here at you can find top quality face prime online. With more than 500 top stores on the panel, we are here to help you get everything that you need. Hence, no matter what skin type or issues you have, Shops has a solution for you.  Besides top leading cosmetic brands, we also help you with a unique price comparison tool that allows you access to the branded items specific to your budget limitations. Hence making your online shopping more convenient and quick.

Some cosmetic brands that you can explore and compare at include MAC, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Lakme, Glam’s Makeup, Sisley, Tom Ford, WetNWild Bobbi Brown, Catrice Cosmetics, Essence, and Laura.  Moreover, if you need to buy anything else for your Health and Beauty needs, consult a retail search engine for maximum options.