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About Make-up Sets

The history of cosmetics is centuries old. It was Egyptian people who initially used different colours (make-up sets) to enhance their appearance. They were most fond of eyeliners and dark colour eye shadows. You can see excessive use of black, red and blue eye shadows on their drawings. And the ancient Sumerian’s were possibly the first ones to invest and use lipstick. Later years records many modifications in the make-up sets and use of make-up. 

Today we have an entirely different world of cosmetics that is full of surprising health and beauty enhancing products. You can find a wide collection of products and ever-increasing makeup demands; every lady must own a basic makeup set. Whether you are a makeup novice or have been experimenting with makeup for some time, holding some makeup essentials will help you create a flawless everyday look. A basic makeup set comes with all the makeup basics, which can help you be playful with your look. In this article, we will point out the essentials of a ready-to-use makeup set. The knowledge of these essentials will help you choose the best option from prebuilt complete makeup kits online.

Essentials of a full professional make-up sets

Most of us struggle to step up our fashion game but do not want to waste space or money on unnecessary items. To the fact, there are thousands of cosmetic products in the market now. Hence it becomes difficult for the user to decide what they need and what is not necessary. This is where a professional makeup kit gets your back. A fully-fledged makeup kit holds all the must-have cosmetic items – nothing more, nothing less. These kits are ideally perfect for newbies and have been a pro favourite too. Out of thousands of options, here is what you will need in your makeup kit for a daily look.

Cosmetic items for your face

The first thing you will need is the face mist that will hydrate your skin and prepare it for holding the makeup. It also takes part in protecting your skin from irritation or breakouts. A fine moisturiser is an option element based on your skin type but is always recommended by experts. For smoothing your face, you will need a face primer followed by colour correctors to hide dark circles or blemishes. You can find these correctors as a single shade or in a pallet of different shades. Next, you will need a foundation for smoothing skin, paired with loose powder to set the foundation. A blush and bronzer will help you add a natural look and highlight facial features. In the end, you will need a setting spray to secure makeup.

Cosmetic items for eyes

Like the face, an eye shadow primer is basic as it will make the skin ready to keep hold of the shades. The next thing you will need is the eye shadow palette. They come in different flavours and tones. When making customised make-up sets, you can choose a pallet based on your personal preferences. Natural or natural shades are in fashion, but it is never bad to hold some bold colours for occasional use. Later from cat to Smokey eyes, you will need eye pencils available in different shades, including black, brown, peach and white as basics. Later you will need liquid liners and mascaras to highlight your eyes, whereas a brow kit can help you highlight and shape the top of your eyes.

Cosmetic items for lips 

Lips are surely an important part of your face. You will need a lip balm to start by moisturizing your lips, making them smooth to keep the colour coat. Next, you can choose to use lip gloss to make your lips plumper and attractive. Using a lip liner can also make a huge difference in the shape and size of lips. However, many ladies prefer using lipsticks. You can choose your favourite colour in matte, cream or liquid lipstick, or settle for lip stains. Lipsticks should be selected according to your dress and eye shadow. Due to varying needs and options, an average woman holds more than one shade of lipsticks and uses them interchangeably. You can buy colours of your choice separately or go for lip pallets.

Miscellaneous cosmetic essentials

Wondering how you will be applying all these cosmetic products? To do so efficiently and professionally, you will need a professional makeup brush set. These sets have a variety of brushes for applying each of the above-stated items. In most cases, you will have to buy these sets separately, as they are not a part of most makeup kits available in the market. Another important product is a quality makeup remover. As most cosmetic products are waterproof, they do not come out with soap and water. These special makeup removing liquids or wipes help you take off the makeup easily and from deep skin cells.

Tips on how to buy Make-up Sets online in Dubai

When you head to look for make-up kit sets for sale, you will come to find a major variation in makeup kit box price. But if you are a true makeup lover, settle for anything less than branded and the best makeup kit. Although many cheap makeup sets to buy, branded products are always safe for your skin and can help you enjoy the true sense of flawless beauty. For those fed up with too many options in blushers, eye shadows and foundation, makeup kits are the only solutions. However, choosing a comprehensive set as per your needs is of great importance. Here we will share a word on how you can make the best of your makeup kit buying venture without risking your time and money.

  • Choose the brand – The first thing you will need to do is decide which brand you wish to buy. There are thousands of cosmetic brands available in the market. And hundreds of them are reliable and recommended by professionals. You can make a choice based on friends and expert recommendations or your inclination towards any specific brand.
  • Decide your budget – Not all brands are charging equally. The prices of products massively vary from one brand to another. A product that is expensive at Dior can be a bit more reasonable ay any other cosmetic brand. Hence, it is always good to settle your budget limitations and check which brand suits your limits the most.
  • Know your skills – Your makeup skills are of great importance to buying any cosmetic product. A foundation that works fine in the hands of a professional might not give the same results if you are a novice. Hence, choose products as per your level of skill. You can consult the seller to know if the selected item is ideal to buy or not.
  • Know your needs – If you are already into makeup, the chances are that you will have quite a collection of items on your shelves. If this is the case, it is better to look for a set to serve you with the necessary items. It can save you some money and protect you from stocking piles of makeup in your drawer.
  • Suitability to skin tones – It is always important to look for a foundation and shades that match and enhance your natural skin tone. Remember, cosmetic is meant to enhance your natural beauty. Trying to build a new personality with makeup will only end up as a disaster. Hence, always make sure that the kit comes with tones that are inclined to your natural skin colour.
  • Ease of mobility – One of the major reasons for using make-up sets is the ease of mobility. They are ideal companions if you are travelling somewhere away and want to keep a beauty kit handy. A kit with all the essentials and a particular set of shades will not only help you get your daily look but will also save a lot of space and cut extra weight while travelling.

Something more important than buying quality makeup is to have a sufficient amount of skills. Without basic makeup skills, you can take no advantage of any makeup kit. Today getting the skills have become much easier. You can visit video graphic platforms like YouTube or check the online tutorials to get skills on makeup. With basic skills and familiarity with your skin type, you can easily make the best of your basic colour pallets and cosmetic items on the list.

Question & Answer

Which makeup kit brand is best?

Speaking of makeup, quality makes all the difference. So for those who want to look good, last all day and be gentle on the skin, branded products are always worth paying for. Today the cosmetic industry holds a mainstay of top brands that are constantly delivering top-notch, high-quality products to satisfy the beauty needs of every lady on the planet. Some of the best brands you can never regret paying for include Mac, Victoria Secrets, Lakme, Maybelline, and Chanel.

What is the most expensive makeup brand?

Coco Chanel is found to be the one holding the most expensive makeup brands Chanel. It was founded in 1909 and since then trusted for its high quality and luxurious products. Due to its elite range of products, it is the topmost brand. It offers a high-end range of fashion accessories and cosmetic products. The core reason for the higher price is the unique manufacturing and high quality of makeup items and the unique shades it offers.

Why are make-up sets so expensive?

Makeup products are expensive because of the ingredients and the processing it takes. Later the packaging of the products adds up to the total price of the end product. All these elements are important in deciding the net price of any product you can find in the stores. Moreover, different brands have their secret ingredients and special processing that changes the price of each product while enhancing the product performance, look and feel.

Where to buy make-up sets online?

You can either visit online stores of the brands or explore what can be ideal make-up sets for you. Or you can explore a product search engine to find the possible variation available for your online. With you can find dozens of bestselling items in just one click. You are hence making it easier for you to compare the price of products from more than one brand at the same time. It can not only broaden your search but will also lead you to better buying decisions.