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About Make-up Brushes

Make-up brushes have become the most important beauty tools for women these days. This is why both sellers and buyers try to offer and access the best, respectively. For those who are not much known about this tool, here is a quick guide to help. 

Make-up brushes are of two types in the base, namely custom and synthetic. The selection of any type depends on how you are planning to use them. And the key to getting most of the make-up brush is to understand what each type of brush does. In simple words, natural or custom brushes are made of animal hair like goats, squirrels, or sable. You can normally find them in tan or light brown colours. They are fluffy, soft, and comfortable on the skin compared to synthetic brushes made of nylon, polyester, or other artificial materials. With a variety of colours, these brushes are ideal for liquid makeup like concealer or foundation. Moreover, they are flatter and stiffer with sharp angles. Here are some of the commonly used types of brushes (natural and synthetic). 

Types of face make-up brushes 

No matter if you are a diehard makeup fanatic or like to dabble in the cosmetic world, knowing about the basics of these brushes and their accurate use is important. It seems quite an overwhelming task to get familiarity with these brushes and learn to use them for first-time users. As there are dozens of different sizes, cuts and types of brushes for each function, we will be focusing on the basics in this article. Here we will assist you with the basic brushes that you must own and know the functionalities to take full advantage of. These brushes will help you polish your basic makeup skills and step out with flawless and spotless skin. 

A flat foundation brush 

Foundation is the basics of every makeup process. Considering the importance, the foundation brushes demand special attention. A foundation brush can be used for any wet base product, including light to the heavy foundation, BB, CC, DD creams, or tinted moisturizer. These brushes are also ideal to use for concealing larger areas. They facilitate a smooth application of base foundation, and the quality of the brush makes a huge difference. Opting for the wrong type or low quality can make the appearance cakey and washed over. Natural hair brushes serve better blend with smooth and even bluffing of the product on your skin, giving you are more natural look. 

The controlling, concealing and highlighting brushes  

The contour or controlling brushes are super soft, densely packed bristles with angled heads. These angles allow you to apply contour or bronzer without depositing excessive product carefully. You can use these brushes to shape or highlight your cheekbone, jawlines or around the hairline. A concealing brush is the same as a contouring brush and helps you apply the product with the most precision. The tiny size of hair helps you apply makeup on any part of your face, including around the eyes and nose or top of sit. These brushes can also wonder in applying highlighter and help you make the needs areas of your face prominent, more naturally and smoothly. 

The eye make-up brushes  

Today eye makeup is much more than just applying shades on the eyelid. Hence there is a wide variety of brushes for eye makeup. The eye shadow brushes are available in oval or flat shapes and must be soft with fine hair. It helps for the smooth blending of the shades over the eyes smoothly. Meanwhile, you can also find an eye shadow detail brush used to apply more confined and smaller areas around the eyes. They are ideal for working in tight areas like the inner corners of the eyes and helping to control the product easily. Whereas the liquid eyeliner brushes are angled and help get the soft and smudgy look and a perfect application of liquid tint near the eyelash. 

Lip makeover brushes 

Lips are an important part of a female face. A slight mistake in shape or colour in the lip can damage the entire makeup and hurt your personality. These are the tiny parts of the face and come with teeny tinny cuts and angles; the lip brushes are pointed, smaller and smoother than all other options available in the kit. The firm edge of the brush makes it easier to line the lips precisely. At the same time, the flat surface of the brush helps to accurately and quickly fill in the lips with the colour you wish for. Most of the brushes available in the market are equally effective for matt and liquid lipstick application. However, there are special types you can choose based on your personal preferences and needs.

Tips on how to buy Makeup Brushes online in Dubai  

When you visit a retail search engine online, there is a wide collection of cheap face make-up brushes to buy online in the UAE. However, finding branded and the best affordable make-up brushes is always a challenge. And this is where comes to help the users get reliable hands-on options in just a click. Here you can find more than 500 global cosmetic producer brands offering a wide range of brushes for sale. But such a wide collection can surely make you feel overwhelmed. Hence, we are here to help with some handy tips. These tips can make the selection process easier for you ensuring access to a reliable and long-lasting product.

  • Decide on synthetic VS natural fibres When it comes to fibres, you have two options to choose from. Hence you can either consider buying a natural fibre or opt for a synthetic one. Most professionals recommend using natural fibre that is a bit expensive but helps to get a perfectly natural look with the makeup.
  • Look for reliable brands – There is an overflow of cosmetic product manufacturers. Remember, all these products come in direct contact with your skin. Hence important is that they are of high quality and cause no harm to our delicate skin. For this reason, we recommend choosing reliable brands like Huda Beauty, Mac or Channel to ensure the safety of your skin.
  • Know your needs – There are chances that your precious make-up brushes are in good condition, and you may need to replace only one or two of the damaged brushes. In that case, it important is to know your needs and check if you need a single piece, or you will need to buy a complete set of make-up brushes for you.
  • Know the budget – Brushes are comparatively a cheaper cosmetic product as compared to foundations or shade pallets. However, the price massively varies based on the type, aesthetics, size and brand. Hence important is to set your budget limits and search for a product accordingly to make sure that the product you get holds of is economical and of high quality.
  • Read the product – To know if the selected product is as per your needs and doesn’t harm your budget, read the product in detail before paying for it. In an online store, you can do this by visiting the product description section. Here you can read about the material used, the make and the specifications of the make-up brushes.
  • Get Customer review – Customer is the best reflection of the products. While buying online, you can read what previous customers have to say about the products? You can read different customers reviews about the material, use and other details that can give you an insight into the performance of the brushes. It helps decide to settle for the existing product or search more.

Buying online is an ideal option when it comes to buying health and beauty products. It helps you explore as many stores and brands as you want. The more you search, the better you will have an idea about the possibilities. It can broaden your insight and can help you decide what can be the ideal option for you. But with the right price comparison tool and a comprehensive store online, you can get the best of your online shopping venture in just a few clicks. Be smart and shop online now!

Question & Answer

Why are make-up brushes expensive?

The combination of time, craftsmanship and the sourcing of exotic material seriously sum up the prices of make-up brushes that you can find in the market. In most cases, the price of these brushes majorly depends on the material, the make and the brand. However, not all make-up brushes are expensive. Hence, if you choose to buy from a reliable seller like you can get hands-on a list of economical yet reliable options in the online stores.

Are cheap make-up brushes good?

An unbelievably cheaply priced make-up brush means the material is not made of good quality. Plus, there will be no professional craftsmanship in making these brushes. As a result, the brush’s hairs will start coming out soon, and it will fail to deliver the required finish in make-up. In any such case, you will soon end up buying a new brush for your needs. While on the other hand, a quality brush may cost you a few extra dollars, it will be long-lasting, saving a lot of money again and again buying.

Which make-up brushes to buy?

Brands are always the best and most recommended options when it comes to using make-up brushes. Here are some of the bestselling options that you can easily find online. Marc Jacobs, The Bronze Bronzer Brush, Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer, E.L.F Angled Blush Make-up Brush, Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki Brush. Also, you can consider Morphe M310 Large Soft Fan, Bobbi Brown Concealer Blending Brush, Sonia Kashuk Tools Domed Blusher Brush No 29 or Fenty Face & Body Kabuki Brush.

Which make-up brush is best for the foundation?

An ideal foundation make-up brush is one made of natural hair and is soft. Only then it can blend the foundation well into your skin, giving you a natural look. Some of the bestselling options include Sephora PRO Flawless Airbrush and IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush #7. Other options include; Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, Sigma Beauty Flat Kabuki Make-up Brush F80, and Clarisonic Sonic Foundation Brush Head

Here at, you can find some leading cosmetic product manufacturers and sellers online. Some are Chanel, MAC, Morphe, Zoeva, Sigma, Nars, Sisley, and Marble.

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