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With so many lip products on the shelves and in online stores today, sometimes it can be confusing as to which is the best for you. Either way, there is no replacement for some of the basics like a good lip balm, lipstick, lip liner and lip gloss.

A lip liner isn’t a new makeup product. However, its popularity has not diminished over the last couple of years. Women love to team a good lip liner with the gloss or lipstick they choose to wear. One of its advantages for new wearers is it helps to define the lips well. You also get a “guide” while applying the lipstick or gloss, making the outcome more appealing. Not everybody has a steady hand when it comes to application, so products like lip liners are a great tool. The significant bit here is to buy liners of the same shade as the lipstick you are wearing. Since it’s common for us to own many different shades of lip colour, you can choose to blend it too. This way, the liner does not stand out on its own and looks in sync with the shade you are wearing. If you have not used a liner until now, you are missing out! 

Different types of lip liners that you can find today 

A good lip liner is an essential part of any makeup kit. Even if you use a makeup travel kit, always have an everyday shade or two in it. It’s easy to see the difference between using a lip liner and not using it. However, for liquid lipsticks, using a liner is not required. However, if your applications skills are not perfect, you can use them to get the lip shape right. Along with making your lips stand out, you can use your liner in many different ways. Make sure to check the components and ingredients of the liner. The non-oil-based ones can also be used as a highlighter or eyeshade. This makes it easy to use for more than one reason, and sometimes it’s much economical than the original products. It’s also easily accessible. 

Lip liner pencil 

The most common choice is the lip liner pencil which is also very readily available everywhere. This one looks just like a regular pencil and comes in exciting shades. Using it is very easy since we are used to writing with pencils. They are inexpensive, and many brands have a pencil style readily available today. The best part is they don’t have the tendency to dry out, break or leak, which is very common with other makeup products. They are also safe to carry in your purse and take up very little space in a makeup pouch. Invest in different shades, so you can blend and create colours if you don’t have them. However, the best way to avoid such a situation is to buy lipstick and the liner together, so you always have a pair to enhance your beauty. 

Multipurpose lip liner 

For those who cannot bother to stock up on different makeup products, well, this one is the perfect choice for them. The multipurpose one is similar to the regular pencil liner. However, you can do a lot with it. You can use it as eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, and to fill in your lips too. They come in different shades, and it’s a good idea to mix and match the different ones. Make sure you buy of a good brand so it does not fade out on whichever part of the skin you’re using it for. Some lip liners have natural oils for nourishments; however, it’s not the best when you plan to use it on your face as well. Check for special multipurpose liners instead of opting for regular ones that won’t serve the purpose right. 

Waterproof lip liner 

Options like the Flormar lip liner are an excellent choice if you want a waterproof lip liner. These won’t fade or smudge when in contact with water. Here it is essential to go for a waterproof lip colour too, to match the purpose. They are an excellent option for everyday use and for dinner and parties that have food involved. However, making sure you eat correctly is essential to prevent your lip colour from fading. A lot of liners are naturally designed to be waterproof and are terrific for daily use. Choosing the right shades to match the lipstick is very important in this case. However, make sure you don’t use a base like Vaseline or any balm, which will not work well with the waterproof factor of the liner. 

Lip liner with shader 

The newest trend to hit the markets is a lip liner with a shader. This has the pencil on one end and a small, soft, rubber-like tip on the other. So, once you line your lips, you can use the other purpose to bend it inwards and then apply the lipstick. You can also use it after you put the lipstick on, for a better and more natural look. It’s an excellent tool for those who don’t find it very comfortable to use the liner well in sync with the colour. A shader is also a fantastic tool for eye shadow and eye pencils, so you can make it a multipurpose option. However, it’s essential to maintain high levels of hygiene in this case and use an excellent solution to soak and then wash the shader part.

Tips on how to buy Lip Liners 

A good lip liner is often underrated. There are women today who have completely forgotten the concept. The easiest way to determine its use is to wear lip colour with and without using one. It takes more time than regular; however, a couple of extra minutes to look fabulous is worth it, isn’t it? You will never go forth using lipstick without a liner. To make it easy to pick the right liner for yourself, here are a few easy shopping tips.

  • Pick the best brands – Don’t skimp on the quality when it comes to any makeup products. Since you are going to be using it on the most sensitive part of your face, it helps to be extra cautious. They also help to ensure fantastic results, so it’s worth the amount you shell out.
  • Don’t buy too many – Although it’s a good thing to have a specific liner for each time of lip colour, don’t buy them all at once. Pick a standard colour and use it for a few days. Once you find it suits your purpose, go ahead and get it in different shades to suit your lip colours.
  • Take the lipstick along with you – When you are shopping for lip liners, it’s essential to get a shade to match the lipstick very closely. So, always carry the lipstick to be entirely sure. Another thing is to buy them together, and of the same brand if you can.
  • Easy to carry and use – The liner should have a suitable applicator and should be easy to use. It might take some time to get it right if you have never used it before. But of course, it’s not very challenging and watching some videos always help.
  • Read the label – Check for natural and herbal ingredients. It’s best to stay away from brands and products that have a lot of chemicals in them. You can understand this with a closer look at the label. Try to check what they mean by browsing online, especially for those with confusing names and terms.
  • Check for additional features – It helps to have a liner that has SPF, high in moisture, glossy and other add-on features. You can check for these aspects depending on your need. Some even have a different and easy applicator or come in travel size.

The best way to shop is online. Plus, these days, online stores have amazing deals and discounts. They also have the perfect match of shade so that you can buy without a concern! Before trying it for a big event, practise wearing it a few times. Don’t rush and line out your lips perfectly. For the best results, using a small brush to apply the lip colour is a fantastic idea. This way, you don’t end up ruining your pencil application while filling in the shade. Newer options like permanent lip liners, lip liner with olive oil and Vaseline lip liners are gaining a lot of popularity.

Question & Answer

Which are the best lip liners today?

It should suit your purpose. You might like one because it’s easy to apply, has the right shades or has SPF included. Either way, it helps to know which are the trending choices today so you can make your pick if you haven’t found one already. Check out – NYX Professional Makeup Slim Lip Pencil, e.l.f. Cosmetics Lip Liner and Blending Brush, Rimmel Lip Liner, Victoria Beckham Lip Definer, Chanel Le Crayon Levres, Chantecaille Lip Definer, YSL Dessin Des Levres Lip Styler, Dior Rouge Dior Ink Lip Line, Lipstick Queen Invisible Lip Liner, Clinique Quickliner for Lips Intense, and Covergirl Farewell Feathering Lip Liner.

Which waterproof lip liners are the top ones?

Waterproof liners are a hot favourite because many women consider them a saving grace! They make it easy to eat and drink without the worry of fading away or the trouble of reapplying. A lot of lip liners are generally waterproof, but it helps to be sure about this fact. Some of the best ones today are – BH Cosmetics Waterproof Lip Liner, Lancome Le Lip Liner, Lipstick Queen Lip Liner, Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Lip Pencil, Kat Von D Everlasting Lip Liner, Chantecaille Lip Definer, Pacifica Magical Multi-Pencil Prime & Line Lips Eyes & Face and Stila Stay All Day Lip Liner.

Should the lip liner be lighter or darker than your lipstick?

The universal makeup rule here is that the liner should be an EXACT MATCH of your lipstick. Yes, don’t make the mistake of using a lighter or darker shade, as the results are usually very hideous. The right pairing of matching them as close as possible gives the best outcome. If you, however, cannot find the perfect match, which is a common concern, pick the next best shade. Using a smudger, you can always blend in the two, so they look alike. The trick here is not to make it noticeable that you are using a liner but adding to the charm of the lipstick. A lot of lipsticks today come in a set with a liner to match, which makes it the best combination.

Where can you buy lip liner pencils online in the UAE?

Dubai today, thankfully, is home to some of the very best cosmetic brands from around the world. So, it’s straightforward to get your hands on the best makeup products in the country. You can also choose a shop online. Finding swatches are smooth, and the shades are almost the perfect match. If you love shopping, make sure you take a look at This brilliant product search engine is one of the very best ones and will give you some fantastic deals too.

Brands such as L’Oréal, Laura Mercier, IsaDora, Nars, Prestige Cosmetics, Make Up ForEver, Gosg, Bojouris, Rimmel, Flormar, MAC, Maybelline, Clinique and NYX are some of the best one’s today. Find them on Also, do not forget to explore other health & beauty products here.

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