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When we ponder on the world’s oldest types of beautifiers, often visions of rouge lipsticks and kohl liner comes to mind. While the foundation may seem like a brand new product for many, it’s actually been in play for centuries. In fact, these base beauty items have been a beauty standard since Roman and Greek times. Of course, the formulation has changed, pertaining to modern technology, but it’s still absolutely worth asking, what are they? And what they’re made of?

Makeup basics are essential, and the foundation plays a vital role in the process. That’s because it is the item that makes your skin looks flawless in any condition or occasion. Made out of oil, wax and filler like talc these beauty doodads evens out your skin tone. Besides, they also conceal any subtle blemishes or discolourations on your face. Generally, speaking they’re one of the imperatives if you want to do your make upright. In this article, we highlight everything that you need to know about foundation makeup, that’ll help you to assess the best makeup foundation to buy. So continue reading to become a pro!

The top foundations for all skin types and budget 

Being the base of your makeup, you want these foundations to be of the best quality. But, remember there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. When it comes to these beauty items, you’ll have to pick your winner carefully, as there are several options out there in the market. From powder-based to water and silicone, the possibilities are endless. But then, how do you pick the right one? Well, the key is to know and understand these products well. And the first step to implement that is to explore the popular foundations trending in the market these days. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a few significant ones here. Check them out below!

The two-faced foundation or the combination foundation

Combination skin, ah! Oily in some places, dry at some others. You’ll feel as if you’re stuck with the worst of both worlds, all on your one face. It can also make finding the perfect a bit more challenging. Surely, you could try to mix and match the formula, but that could consume a whole lot of your time during the busy mornings. Instead, go for that one product that isn’t too luminous or matte. Plus, ensure that one product controls oils, hydrates, and that will not disappear into the makeup Bermuda triangle. One of the best products of such kind is the Bare minerals matte foundation. It enables you to cover oily spots and use a lighter touch on dry skin.

The full coverage foundation and its benefits

These formulas are your best bet for covering blemishes and scars. In other words, full coverage foundations give you a photo-ready finish. With weightless, hydrating formulations, and clever light-diffusing particles, they give you that airbrushed finish without making your face fall off. One of the classic products trending in the market these days is the Westman Atelier Vital Skin Foundation Stick. It is one of the cleanest full-coverage foundations that covers everything from blemishes to pigmentation. Besides, it uses coconut oil that soothes any inflammation. Additionally, Smashbox Studio Skin Full Coverage 24 Hour Foundation ad product from L’Oreal is also great.

The best foundation for dry skin

When it comes to selecting the perfect foundation for flaky or dry skin, you need to pick one that provides decent coverage as well as the one that hit hydration on your face. Make sure that you select a product that gives you not only the much-needed boost to the moisture levels but also one that won’t settle into the lines. As this could make you look drier, older, and duller. For instance, Maybelline’s dream matte mousse foundation blends into your skin seamlessly and creates a smooth finish. Another one is the MAC studio face and body foundation. All thanks, to its buildable coverage and moisturising properties, it glides onto the skin seamlessly and doesn’t stick to dry areas.

The top foundation makeup base

You must’ve gathered by now that these foundations are prevalent because it allows you to cover imperfections perfectly. For example, the Nars Sheer glow foundation is one of the best dewy liquid bases that effectively hydrates your skin and creates a more radiant and youthful look. You can use them on dry to normal skin. Similarly, the glowy foundation from Sephora suits all and lasts for a longer period of time. Besides, it is best for the day and can transition to a full coverage foundation make up for the evening occasions as well. Apart from these, you’ll find many others like Maybelline Matt Fit Me, Givenchy matissime velvet fluid, and so on.

Tips on how to buy Foundations online

Whether you’re hiding those flecks, scars, or other imperfections, a hard-working foundation is a beautiful hero. However, you must’ve figured out that there are endless options out there in the market today. This makes it difficult for you to navigate through the sophisticated online stores and pick the perfect one for yourself. Well, fortunately, we’ve jotted down a few tips that’ll help you buy makeup foundation online in Dubai effortlessly.

  • Consider the formula – Of course; it’ll be tempting to splurge on the industry’s best and latest, it’s best to do your research before you buy. Often, the language of beauty can be confusing, so consider the formula that works best for your skin. If you have dry or scaly skin, you must gravitate more towards foundations that add luminosity. Make sure the product you opt for also has moisturising properties. And if you have an oily complexion go for a mattifying or long-wear formula.
  • Think about the coverage – Do you love your freckles? Then let it show! Opt for the light-coverage foundation or a tinted moisturiser. But if you want a more airbrushed look, then go with medium coverage beauty bases. Further, the full-coverage ones help you tone down the redness or acne scarring. Besides, they also help you create that dramatic evening look. By the way, some are adaptable. In other words, you can use them for both day and night occasions.
  • Find your undertone – The difference in shades can be remarkably subtle. Often, the only variations would be warmer undertones and cooler undertones. Knowing which ones you need to make sifting through the endless array a much easier process. If you’re not sure, refer to the shade charts. Many online stores offer you a shades chart to make things simpler. Once, you’ve worked out your undertones; then it’ll be easy to select the colours.
  • If in doubt, go lighter – If you’re stuck between two shades and cannot come to a conclusion, always go for the lighter ones. You can still use a bronzer or a blusher to deepen the tone on your cheeks and forehead. Besides, you could also use a fake tan that you use regularly to get the right colour of your choice. And finally, you can match this to your foundation. Trust us; it’ll give you a far more of a professional finish to your make-up.
  • Go bespoke – Do you love your foundation, but wish could be a little more of a matte finish? Or wish you could just transform your beloved moisturiser into a tinted one? You could always go for a bespoke option. Many online stores offer you foundation blending options on their site. Here you can blend in your choices as per the colour and finish and choose the one that fits your skin perfectly. You can then order them for sampling.

So there you have it – the critical tips to consider when you’re buying the foundation online. However, remember to consider the foundation makeup cost and the quality. Make sure that you never compromise on the quality of the product, as it’s the base layer and comes in direct contact with your skin. We hope the above tips will guide you in the right direction and help you pick the best one among the endless options out there.

Question & Answer

Is the primer the same as the foundation?

No makeup is complete without the primer, concealer, and foundation. But how do they differ? To simply put it, a primer is something that gets your face ready for the application of makeup. But the foundation sets the base ground. While you apply the concealer to the end of the makeup to give it a finishing touch. Nowadays you’ll find different models of these in the market. But, make sure you choose each of these that best suits your skin type.

What is a makeup base or foundation?

As mentioned earlier, it’s the base of your makeup. They help you create an even and smooth look on your face while covering all sorts of blemishes and discolourations. These days, you’ll find several ranges of colours in the foundation. However, make sure that you choose only the ones that suit your skin tone. Besides, you can also find them in different densities. You could also find a few online stores that offer you bespoke options, where you can mix and match the shades.

Which foundation make is the best?

It’s a fact that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to foundation. Different shades suit different skin types. Some are best for dry skins, while others perform better for oil ones. However, the challenge is to choose the best one among the lot. That said, the quality is something that prevails, regardless of which type of foundation you prefer. In other words, you must always pick the best quality. And one of the easiest ways to pick them is to go for the branded ones. Brands like Revlon, Loreal, Mac, Maybelline, and Clinique are a few that offer you a line of exceptional products.

Where to buy foundation makeup?

No matter what your choice of brand is or the product, you’ll find them all in Indeed, a trustworthy platform, our product search engine brings to you the best of the bests. From foundation makeup without sunscreen to foundation makeup for sale, you can find a comprehensive collection from over 500 online stores and other popular brands. Not only that, but you can also explore and shop from a wide range of other health & beauty products on our platform.

It doesn’t matter if your skin is dry, oily, or acne-prone, finding the foundation can be tough. We hope this article serves as a companion in your foundation buying process and help you choose the perfect formula and shade for you.